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Tennessee let's a player that's facing the Grand Jury for hitting a guy so hard that he knocked him down that stairs and unconscious. So TN needs to sit down and stop throwing stones in glass houses.
How long have you been an idiot? Innocent until proven guilty. It's called the justice system you should study it sometime.
Heupel didn't kick McCollough off the team or suspend him for rest of year for felony assault when knocked a man's teeth out and knocked down a flight stairs and unconscious. His own girlfriend gave man aid and gave a statement to the police that he followed the guy out of the apartment and assaulted him. That guy left Jaylen apt w/o incident Jaylen didn't have to go after him but he did.
It's called reviewing the multiple video footage taken. Kinda like instant replay. I'm sure Kirby would want all the facts and say the same thing.
If he did do it he should be made an example of. On the hand the athletes and coaching staff should have been allowed to exit the field safely before a bunch of drunk dumb asses do stupid sh*t like jump infront of opposing team players not allowing them to walk off the field. That is exactly what one of the girls did in a video I seen. So TN finally has a start to a glory year 20+ years that doesn't give fans the right to be destructive and act like animals, and they say Bama and LSU fans are the worst. I'd TN has hit #1 on that list.
If you are referring to the UT Vols, if they have such deep pockets they should used that money years ago to get a decent coach. How many coaches have they had since Fulmer? They are on their 7th coach since 2008. Manning will not chose an unstable environment like UT.
Bless your little heart. Seems you should worry about your own coach and put a leash on him to keep him from on the field after every play to whine to the ref
Seriously. It's amazing that Bama fans are the only ones that don't see the real problem here with officials while playing at Bryant-Denny Stadium.
Not trying to being ugly but Bama fans have made Saban the way he is by putting him up on that high horse he rides on and giving him the control over everything. He was only at LSU for 5 years, yet was a totally different man with a different attitude, yet still a great coach.
You might wanna check schedules before you start throwing words out. LSU has 11am kickoff just like every other SEC team in the conference. The only difference, there’s only one SEC coach that needs a hankie over it. 11 other coaches, not one has mentioned the early kickoff. If you look at temps at 11am, 3pm and 6pm you’ll that the later in the day it gets the hotter it gets because the humidity rises and so does the heat index. So yes an LSU fan has a right to open their when a Bama fans facts are wrong! September 21, 2019 11am LSU vs Vandy
Worship Kiffin all u want but USC was not the only team he screwed over looked what he did to UT and then ran like a wuss in the wee hours of the morning. I'm not taking up taking up for Bowman I just think kiffin is a jerk and don't trust him he'll screw Bama over eventually.