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I hate losing in state guys...especially to other SEC programs. However, I find your comment laughable about Tennessee being so unattractive. I mean, Arkansas absolutely sucks right now and has for longer than Tennessee. Not sure that your class is ranked as high as ours is currently, either. Morris is selling his idea just like Pruitt is selling his.
I couldn’t agree with you more. Now watch every Gator fan get their hackles up as evidenced by Gatorboy below. This is a game between two struggling programs trying regain significance. Most of these guys were on recruiting trips together at some point so the smack back and forth is probably friendly fire to some point.
Urban Meyer is an arrogant, self serving man. I thought better of Gene Smith up until the time he became AD at Ohio State. He, too, is an arrogant man and the two of them fit the profile for that University very well. I’m glad that the president stuck to his guns on the suspension. The reading of the statement by Meyer was a joke...not contrite and extremely petulant. His wife should also be fired from her role at the university for not reporting the abuse when she knew about it.
Couldn’t agree more. He is a self serving, arrogant ass. Same as he was at Florida.
meant the above response for the Cade Mays comment...
Who cares what you guys have Dooley...
I have to say that I chuckled out loud at this one. I am still disappointed that he left his home state. I wonder if he is embarrassed about his foolishness afterwards...I would be. Hope that he has a good acreer in every game except against Tennessee...especially his first back to Neyland.
Hey Debo...I believe the you meant “ As many HAVE posted...”. That grammar is a tricky subject.
I’m not sure how so many of theses kids make it in an educational system. Between these tweets and interviews, I sure hope football works out for them, because a professional work environment will be a stretch. Welcome to Rocky Top young man. Hit up the English tutor as soon as possible.
All involved are guilty of poor judgement and making poor decisions. My guess is that there is ugly truth on both sides of this story with 4 lives irreparably harmed.
That’s a fine looking floor! Better get some weights in there Coach beef those boys up.
What a $hitshow! Who gets run first...Barry Odom or Derek Dooley?
For me, I am reserving judgement on coach Pruitt until he has a chance to prove himself...not that my opinion really matters. He seems to be honest and is about as “good ol’ Boy” as it gets. My only suggestion....never, never, never say that anything ALABAMA is a favorite! Aight!
Don’t get too righteous there friend. Kind of funny how you get a good year under your belt and now you feel the need to be the morals police. Poor move on Gaulden’s part, but to claim that UT is all bad and Georgia players are all saints is a joke. Plenty of arse holes to go around and you seem to be filling one of the spots in Georgia.
Butch wold get roasted because he wasn’t considered as good a coach as he was a recruiter. I don’t have a problem with it if they can deliver on it...AIGHT.
It’s the NIT! Clown show bruh. Will Wade need to chill a bit. You should beat that team. Why all the bravado? Is there history between the two schools other than the obvious in state connection?
“We’ve complied enough to be here.” the key word complied or ENOUGH? I love Bruce, but something tells me that there is more trouble ahead. There as a time in Knoxville when he thought that he “complied enough” and it didn’t work out so well for him.
What does the ATD signify? Congrats on a great year, but this is a mediocre ring design. Herff Joes makes cheap crap. Georgia’s deserves better.
Albert Haynesworth is an embarrassment to the University of Tennessee. For some reason, people have given him a voice and act as if he is a credible representative of the University. He is a moral degenerate who never misses an opportunity to embarrass himself and his family. He was a great player on the field in college, a joke as a pro, and a clown in his retirement.
Dooley is a turd. He didn’t develop anyone at Tennessee or Dallas. How he hung on with Dallas for so long is beyond me.
As I have said in the past, he is most valuable in a press conference because he has nothing to offer in the coaching arena. To zoucat’s point, he told you nothing because he has no real plan. He is a fish out of water in his new capacity. He has talent to work with at Mizzou currently, but my guess is that he won’t further develop what is there nor will he be able to recruit new talent. Sad for the guys who choose to stay. Wish Barry Odom had made a better choice.
Let me start by saying that I am a Mizzou supporter. I have a child who is a student at Mizzou and I made it to more games in Columbia than I did in aknoxville (3/0). I think that they have great potential and I was glad to see the season turn around. My issue is not how much they are paying Dooley. That is a fair number for a corrdibnator...maybe even cheap in these crazy days. My issue is that they even hired him in the first place. He is an abrasive personality who can’t/won’t recruit. He pissed off everyone in the building at Tennessee and they couldn’t wait to see him leave. He may actually be a knowledgeable X’s & O’s guy, but he is an ass. Some at UT say he was a better strategist than Butch, but people didn’t like him. Neither did a good job of developing talent. Coaches made lateral moves to get off of Dooley’s staff and Butch hired guys who didn’t threaten him as a head coaching replacement. He gives an entertaining interview, and that is about it.
Just a Tee Martin a capable candidate or just a hot name full of fluff? I’d like to think that he has some substance and the ability to run a program, but he seems to a lot of teams “second” choice.
Great post. I hope he makes it back to a major program in time for Saban to kick his ass before he retires. What a puke.
Well, sir, I have a daughter who is a student at Mizzou and I attend many of their games...not that that is any of your business. I thought that Mizzou had a pretty good team but not very disciplined. Too many foolish penalties and offensive skill players taking plays off/lack of effort. That got better later in the season. Just because you are raised by a coach, that doesn’t make you a coach muck like being raised by a super model can’t hide an ugly kid. I thought Dooley might bring some of the Alabama success with him. He was an entertaining interview, and a better strategist than a Butch. However, he had a toxic personality and was lazy as a recruiter and an a-hole to those he worked with. I’d like to see Mizzou pick up where they left off late in the season and I’d love to see Barry Odom have success. I just don’t think that Derek Dooley is capable of helping that program move forward.