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Awesome story. I’ll be pulling for this young man to have great success in the NFL. He is already a “champion at life.” As a father to a college daughter, i always am concerned about her well being and safety. Dre sets the bar of how all college m n should behave.
If Albert Haynesworth is involved, I would allow my child to attend. He is a cancer and a terrible role model.
I love a Rick Barnes...but...I don’t agree on the foul call. I’d be interested to see if he still believes it was foul today after having a chance to look at it a few times more. Tennessee should have hit their free throws, could have played better defense especially on the back door screens by their big man, but that foul call was horrible. Plenty of bad calls throughout the tournament with a number of teams and games. Sad way to end it.
It would be a good pickup for Alabama and open the door for Hoiberg to return to a iowa State.
That is odd...I think that is the same thing he used to say to his hookers...breathe, breathe, breathe...
Might as well play him. There’s a good chance that you end up forfeiting all of the games that he has already played in, so you might well win as many as you can and let the dust settle later.
Davenport was a mess and when she was fired it became public knowledge how grossly unprepared she was to hold the position that she had. She connected well with the students and hired Phil Fulmer. Those are two good things, but her tenure on the hill was less that heroic.
Yes...there is ample history that had the Haslams pushing Schiano. He was once considered a potential hire in Cleveland in 2014. Plenty of news services reported on this relationship during the fiasco.
Congratulations to John Currie and his family. I hope that he has a better Uviversity President to guide him than Beverly Davenport was at Tennessee and I trust that he has learned a lesson about letting boosters (Haslams) run the program. Best wishes to the Curries.
Jason Brown comes across as a caustic and egotistical dolt on this show. I am not sure who has less intelligence. jab or half of his team. It’s a wonder how most of these kids get degrees. They are lazy, petulant an not in touch with reality. It’s sad that they have so little direction in life that they take the verbal abuse that Brown doles out. Just onc, I’d like to see one of them drop him. Then again, they bring some of it on themselves.
I’ve never been a Coach Cal fan and really that hasn’t changed. I do have to,say that his actions to stop th chant...for whatever reason...was a class gesture. His team played a very had, physical game and earned the win. I think that there were a lot of fouls missed in that game and at times and t looked more like street ball. In the end, Cal and his team get the win and coach showed some class as well. Hoping for a different outcome in a couple of weeks. Might end up being a wake up call for the Vols.
This is a great observation. Easy to defend against the Vols since Mizzou has owned us recently. He’s not going to mention a program that has had success against him.
I am worried. As flighty as young people are, this is the type of thing that my push a kid over the edge. I’ll quit being nervous on NSD.
Why leave? There isn’t a really strong chance for Mizzou to make a big bowl as stated in the article. If he feels like he can succeed in Dooley’s offense, then play the season and rest yourself from an inconsequential bowl game. I was surprised that he choose Mizzou in the first place, and don’t think that Dooley or Odom will have long term, sustained success in the coming years. Having said that, Tennessee sure has made them look good. I hope he stays for amizzou’s sake.
Seems to me that every coach & team in America will enjoy whipping his whiney ass every chance that they get.
Not a wise comment to make. Nobody will remeber the opening about “not knocking anyone els”. But they will use the rest as motivation to get after the Vols.
At this rate, I expect to see Lyle Jones get a full time staff position on Nick’s staff.
He should already be in jail. He is a thief and a sexual predator. A true piece of §hit.
Perfect fit...Preach em up, Hugh. Then call a hooker. He may be an offensive genius, but how can we be surprised at the actions of young men who are influenced by the likes of Coach Freeze. I’d rather loose without him than win with his m.
Not sure Mizzou admin will do much to keep Odom.he better be careful in playing games for a raise.
I can’t find too much of an argument here. Mizzou will,have some turnover, in particular at QB, and that may open an opportunity. Florida was better this year than I thought that they would be. Vandy has certainly handled us over the past few years, but they loose some big pieces as well. Shurmur owns UT. Kentucky will be changed with Benny Snell potentially gone. uT has a lot of holes to,fill especially up front on offense and some coaching improvement is needed as well. This is a 3-4 year turn around...not 1-2.
Why would you pipe in other than being an inbred Kentucky idiot. The fact that we beat you with such a subpar program should make you hold your tongue.
While Derek Mason has had recent success against Tennessee, it says more about the poor state of the Tennessee football program than it does about the coaching abilities of Derek Mason. He may get another win this year as well, but I believe that his window is closing quickly. He can go back to his punk rhetoric and mediocre performance as a head coach. Be careful about “anchoring down” Mason. That anchor is tied around your neck and the water is getting deep.
I hate losing in state guys...especially to other SEC programs. However, I find your comment laughable about Tennessee being so unattractive. I mean, Arkansas absolutely sucks right now and has for longer than Tennessee. Not sure that your class is ranked as high as ours is currently, either. Morris is selling his idea just like Pruitt is selling his.
I couldn’t agree with you more. Now watch every Gator fan get their hackles up as evidenced by Gatorboy below. This is a game between two struggling programs trying regain significance. Most of these guys were on recruiting trips together at some point so the smack back and forth is probably friendly fire to some point.
Urban Meyer is an arrogant, self serving man. I thought better of Gene Smith up until the time he became AD at Ohio State. He, too, is an arrogant man and the two of them fit the profile for that University very well. I’m glad that the president stuck to his guns on the suspension. The reading of the statement by Meyer was a joke...not contrite and extremely petulant. His wife should also be fired from her role at the university for not reporting the abuse when she knew about it.
Couldn’t agree more. He is a self serving, arrogant ass. Same as he was at Florida.
meant the above response for the Cade Mays comment...
Who cares what you guys have Dooley...