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I didn't. But, I'm not doubting your D-Line again this year. Those linebackers are killers. I kind of like your team.
Pumping the brakes is the right phrase for State. I'm honestly not sure who we are. We certainly don't travel well. Our O-Line might be talented, but they beat themselves often. Also, we don't seem to do well with edge rushers and good linebackers which is Kentucky D.
It's not YPA. It's Attempt per Touchdown. Meaning Fitz averages 1 touchdown for every 8.3 throws.
He's my pick to be the TE drafted by the NFL from a basketball team.
His twitter title is "Mr Snell ya later". That's what he came up with.
I haven't watched much Kentucky. But, the addition of your QB seems to pose a completely different threat than we've seen in the past. I think our offense should be able to move the ball well, but we didn't bottle up the running QBs very good these past two weekends. I like our chances, but this one does feel different.
We are going to learn a lot about Kentucky and Mississippi State this weekend.
^Yep. Also, the best examples aren't even used in the article. 1. Chris Leake - he wasn't recruited by Dan, but Dan helped him play efficient while preparing and using Tebow. He managed the qb's confidence well. 2. Chris Relf - (This is by far the best example). Chris Relf wasn't recruited by Dan Mullen, but he took over at the end of Dan's first season and the following season he won 9 games. Dan may be treating Felipe Franks like Tyson Lee while developing Emory Jones until he's ready. Then Emory will breakout when he can catch everyone off guard. I would trust Dan with qb's. You might not like his defense, but you can trust his tailbacks, OL, and QB choices.
Although, I care very little about uniform combination releases...the idea/visual of players sitting in a locker room in multiple uniform combinations until one stands up is kind of a clever way to reveal. Here's to the marketing team.
Adam, you wrote, "I’d add the caveat of looking into the other car and giving them a dirty look as you pass by, just so they know how much they’ve inconvenienced your day." My preferred method is to give a stern look of disappointment accompanied by a subtle head shake of disapproval followed by a slow exhale as you pull away while returning your attention to the road.
I have a hard time believing he will stay a 40% passer. He can at least throw for 55%. Imagine that game hitting 55% of the passes and rushing for 150+ yards. Fitz will be better. It was a new offense and throws he never tried with Mullen. I don't expect a 65% passer, but I also don't expect a 40% passer again.
Osirus Mitchell beat him out. And, from what they mentioned during camp it wasn't even close. Then, Stephen Guidry came in at 6'4", and Austin Williams at 6'3" outplayed him all spring and camp. It wasn't happening for the Junior. Not to mention, before Reginald Todd left he was ahead of him too.
Between, Dan Mullen, Ben Howland, and Joe Moorhead and their acceptance at State...the comment about a northerner wouldn't be accepted at State doesn't make sense.
Kylin's go me excited. We had a good back in Aeris Williams last year, but I think Kyle might be top notch. The thing I keep thinking about is last year when Nick Fitz ran for 150 yards in a game he was working his tail off. Last Saturday, Nick's yards were easy, because Kylin was such a threat. They wanted Nick to run instead of Kylin. We haven't seen that in 3 years.
These next two games will tell us a lot about Nick's improvement. He didn't get the at home warmup before going to Kansas State.
I haven't seen Dear either. These smaller receivers in the slot don't seem to fit Moorhead's system. It seems like our coach would rather have Austin Williams and Guidry in the slot and our tight ends running toward the sidelines. Also, those quick slants to Dear, Thomas, and Mixon are becoming Kylin's routes out of the backfield. I wouldn't be surprised if we have them pretty much only returning punts and kickoffs.
A&m is going to get better and be a contender, but I don't see them dwarfing the SEC West like Alabama anytime soon. 1. I think Saban at Alabama is a once in a lifetime situation. It won't be repeated no matter how big the Houston metroplex is. 2.The 5* Texas high school thing is good, but it's not the secret sauce. I've lived in Dallas for 9 years and the thing about Texas high school football is they are almost finished products when they get to college. Most of the players have to downgrade in facilities at a college from their highschools. Where a rural Alabama high school player gets to college and he finally has a weight and nutrition program. They blow up and come out of no where. Look at your Houston Texans (starting linebacker Benardrik McKinney 2*s, starting TE Jordan Thomas 3*s). 3. No player is coming off the bench anymore. The 5*s transfer if they don't start. I think it is going to be harder and harder to build deep teams. A&M will be tough and win the SEC every now and then...but they won't dominate. Also
I've been the biggest Aeris doesn't get enough respect drum beater for two years. But, after two games...I've already moved on. Kylin offers something Aeris doesn't have in multiple phases of the game. The only thing Aeris does better is block, but that will probably change with experience.
^That's the best reply on thread. It's a rouge kid. No Arkansas fan would do that.
That was the last school I expected to do that. Twist ending!
I think everything written is fair. Personally, I'm not concerned with Fitz's throwing yet. It was his first game on the road since the injury and I think he was too juiced. He was throwing 100 mph bullets instead of just leading the receiver. His deep throws were too much of line drives instead of putting air under it. His first pass of the game was thrown so hard it bounced off of our receiver. I expect a more poised Nick on Saturday. But, if he can't find the range Saturday, it will certainly cost us a game or two this season.
This is one of the easiest fixes in sports. Put two cameras at the top of the posts angled upwards. Then you could track it. Lasers shooting out the top of the field goals. There are all sorts of options.