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Oxford fans have gotten a lot more hospitable since my time in Starkville.
There are plenty of baseball players to go around. Arkansas will be fine.
I went and checked it out. It's really nice, but there is nothing Arkansas is building that State doesn't already have, and we are expanding our facility. Have you ever seen the Dude and the Palmero center? There are about 5 baseball programs/facilities that are above all the rest. Arkansas is one of them, but State is leading the group.
Texas was a founding member in those other conferences. They don't have that kind of pull in the SEC.
Emmanuel Forbes is worth mentioning. If he continues to pick passes like last year, he will be in the running.
I'm a "coach should embrace who they are" person. If you are a trash talker, talk trash. If you are an intelligent, thought out person, be that. If you are high energy, be high energy. Coaches get in trouble when they try to fake who they are in order to please their base, media, and others. It comes off as corny. So, if that's Eli, good for him. It's worked so far.
"a bit?" He's auditioning for a Bill Simmons Grantland article.
I bet if you convert Negan's post to an audio transcript and select the Morgan Freeman tone it would feel different.
That belly flop in the Cotton District fountain is the mood.
HAIL STATE! Also, I didn't realize State is the 8th different SEC school to win a national championship ins sports this academic year. Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, LSU, State, and Ole Miss all won championships this year. Kentucky won 2.
Sometimes it's difficult to describe such a beauty with words. They just need a little time to write the masterpiece SDS has been prepping us for all this time.
Wishful Thinking: 4 out of the last 5 champions went all three games. 3 out of the last 5 champions lost the first game.
I get your frustration with the "if", but to say Leiter wouldn't have pitched against State is a certainty. It's not Vandy's fault NCST was disqualified, and it's not Vandy's fault that they probably get to pitch Rocker and Leiter in the best of 3. To deny its fortunate is also disingenuous. All that to say, I fully expected Leiter to pull this one out. And, I'm grateful our most likely worst inning was against him and not tonight.
I was hoping MacLeod would have been pulled after the second hit batter. You could tell he was shook early. I hated his approach to the first batter too. You have to make that dude hit. I wouldn't even pitch a ball to him. Strikes only and hope he strikes out, flies out, or grounds out. I wouldn't have been mad about pulling MacLeod earlier, but once he hit the second batter there was no saving him.
Betting favorites and favorites are two different things. I will not count our Vandy until they are gone for good.
You didn't even include the best defender on our team. You should look into Emmanuel Forbes.
This is due to people betting while they were down. People are trying to get rich on a State run. It will even out now. They aren't the favorites, but the betting favorites.
I'm proud that State helps support the SEC at this tourney. We've ridden on the back of other tourneys in the past.
We've knocked on the door a few times, but it just didn't open. I'm grateful we seem to be knocking a little more often than when I was in college.
I have some nominees: Brent Rooker won the National Player of the year in 2017 and led the SEC in eight offensive categories – batting average, hits, slugging percentage on-base percentage, hits, doubles, home runs and total bases. Became the first player in SEC history to record 20 home runs, 30 doubles and 75 RBIs in a single season. Hunter Renfroe had a heck of a run in the college World Series. He had a huge 3 run blast to put us in the championship. Jake Mangum - He's on Miss. State's Mount Rushmore (Dak Prescott, Will Clark, Bailey Howell, and Jake Mangum.) Rafael Palmerio - Lightning of the Thunder and Lightning.
Come on down. Next year is Baum, so I might have to return for my second trip to Fayetteville.
First sentence should read, "As always Dudy Noble Field was a special place on Saturday..." It's always special and the best sports venue in the world. The Dude absolutely won that game for State. The least error making team in the nation made four or five errors due to intensity. Hail State!!! The Dude abides!
Weagle99 perfectly wrote the official not for public job description, and Emmert fits that role perfectly.
Kamren has been raking at the plate since being placed in third-field.