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Garrett Shrader, HJ, Mississippi State Taking his first serious action as a QB in college football Garrett Shrader was faced with 4 and long. He chose to run around the right side and risk running for a first down to keep the Bulldogs in the game. When he realized he was going to run into two defenders on the sideline he made the decision just to jump for 7 yards and over the top of two 6ft. defenders. It was clearly a good decision that led to him accomplishing the highest Helicopter Jump in football this year. This is Garrett's first appearance on the list this year receiving the Helicopter Jumper of the week award.
Yep. We played like we were expecting to win instead of playing to win.
I think my mindset on what success will look like this season needs to change. This is now a transition year. Play the young ones and get them reps. I just hate Kylin isn't getting a team that truly compliments him this year.
Somethings amiss on this team. It's just not clicking. Talent is there, but there seems to be a lack of leadership on the field. The team has played like they don't think they will lose instead of thinking they will win.
It could have been a trap game if it wasn't so obvious Moorhead made a bad call going with an injured QB that can't seem to hold onto the ball when he's running and throwing. I'm not sure what's wrong, but he is drastically different since the sack against USM. Also, the handling of the K.T. situation is terribly confounding.
I had that same weird feeling watching the beginning of the game.
I would like to add: 1. Someone needs to help Kylin Hill. 2. Shrader has grit, but he will limit the team based off of experience. 3. Osirus Mitchell is good. If we throw a ball he can catch he will show out. We didn't use him or Farrod Green enough. 4. Defense doesn't look like they even enjoy football. I didn't realize how much we would miss Simmons, but man do we miss Simmons. 5. Tommy has good QB skills but lacks a lot of game playing ability. 6. Where is the world is Keytaon? Why did Moorhead convince him to come back if he doesn't use him? Didn't he say "We are going to need K.T. to win us a game or two this year."? This was clearly that game.
The maroon top with grey pants are my favorite look. I would rather a normal maroon helmet because I'm not a fan of matte colors.
Of all the QBs to pick on...Joe Burrow is the worst choice.
His legend is growing beyond his ability. And...I love it! If he plays this right he could actually get a national endorsement with a little $ in his pockets. *Note: he was my favorite player to watch by the end of the season.
That's true. Somehow LSU unintentionally has the advantage of the "Death Valley Night Game" mystic. And, the networks want to televise that. I can't even remember a daytime LSU home game.
Brad Logan, Real question...what did you mean when you wrote, "The season, for the most part, was over." after the Kentucky game?
Defensive Line - not better Linebackers - better* (If Willie Gay Jr. gets on the field) Secondary - the safeties aren't better, but corners are. Offensive Line - better (maybe?) Wide Receivers - way better Running Backs - better QB - better thrower for sure, but Nick's legs were awesome against good teams (for example: A&M, Auburn) Coaching - better (more familiar) All in all...I think the defense was better last year and the offense is better this year. The defense kept us in games against superior opponents last year. I don't think our offense is good enough to keep us in games against superior opponents this year. So, my guess is we had a better team last year even though I expect a similar record.
Welcome! We need someone to back up Witherspoon next year.
Man, I missed your question. My bad and it's probably too late for you to see the response, but you deserve one because it's a fair question. You caused me to go back and look at the stats as well as the opponent. And, I have to say you are right. They did have similar quality games. Duke is better than GSU and I should have taken that into consideration. I was just blown away that LSU could have such a good passing attack.
I'm glad they didn't split the vote again. Burrow was the obvious choice again.
I've always liked his game. I still can't believe he chose Ole Miss over State, but I secretly hope he does well in the NFL. I feel like he gets every bit out of his ability.
Oh, I hope you are right. After what I saw on Saturday night I don't know if we have the horses to stop LSU from explosive plays even in a trap game.
I hope you are right, but not having pads on is a big tell of what it could be.
They are scarier for sure. I'm not sure how you stop them with 62 different wide receivers catching passes every game*. *Obvious sarcastic remark for emphasis on their ability to spread the ball around.
Texas offense may be great. But, the defensive performance to win the game last night didn't look like a top 4 team. The LSU offense looked unstoppable. They beat a BIG12 team playing a BIG12 game.
I like the weekly rankings because it's fun. And I realize it's hard to rank them right now. LSU was great, but I don't buy the whole "just because they played a harder opponent, on their field, etc..." to demote a team that did exactly what a top ranked team should do to a lesser opponent. It's not like Georgia was going to keep their 1st team (and even 2nd team) in the whole game to score 100. Tiered rankings are probably best in the early season until SEC play starts. 1st Tier (Bama, LSU, UGA) 2nd Tier (Auburn, Florida...maybe A&M) 3rd Tier (State, UK, Mizzou & USC) 4th Tier (Ole Miss, Ark, Vandy, UT).
I'm hoping it's largely precautionary. And, I'm glad Keytaon will be active next week. We need the defense to bring this one home today.
Is Alabama the standard in playing football? Yes. Is Alabama the standard in uniform and design? Not even close. Easily the worst helmet in the SEC.
I've never been a fan of the white helmets. It was a huge move by the university when Croom was coach to move to white helmets at home. That's probably why I don't like them since it reminds me of Mike Henig* as our QB. *I'm sure he's a great guy, but he shouldn't have been an SEC QB.