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Quieted critics? Who are these critics who are quieted?
Also, Kylin was fun. The weird part is...I think he was injured because he seemed to pull up on the long sprints a couple of times and he still shredded.
It wouldn't have mattered if we even had a QB on the field for that game. However, Tommy Stevens finally made decisions with decisiveness. My knock on him was always how hesitant he's been and that's why he was getting injured and losing yards on plays. I'm not willing to believe he's turned the corner, but I was glad to see what they see in practice out of him.
Yes, and your offense will break every single offensive season record this year.
How come an Auburn grad didn't catch this? The author's nail in the coffin ending was based on this very point. He even wrote, "Boom. Mascot changed."
I'm sure he was trolling, but I'm glad he did because that was an awesome reply. I enjoyed that more than the article. Well done Grover!
They won't make a move until the LSU/Bama game. Then, if LSU wins they will write something like, "Burrow finally receives his ranking at #1 on our list. Honestly, it's probably overdue for weeks, but...blah, blah, blah..."
Everyone should know you can't just break-in the house of a country boy from Yazoo City.
Yeah, you didn't watch the game to guess they "let off the gas." The game was 9-7 in the 2nd quarter. It wasn't until the third when LSU went nuts and they didn't take their foot off the gas.
That's a weird point to make in your last two sentences. You might not know this as a Clemson fan, but...State beat UK head to head, and UT lost to UK head to head, and UT beat State head to head. So what's the right order? There isn't one.
They certainly tried today and it was more enjoyable to watch. I just wish they would have tried like this all season. Maybe we would have won a couple more games.
"Our teams don’t look prepared or ready, even in the games we win." is absolute truth and a non-negotiable for a team at State. We don't have enough horses to make up for mistakes with talent, and our teams make too many mental mistakes due to lack of discipline. Out of bounds hits, celebration penalties, personal fouls, etc...
If we go 7-5 from here that would be a miracle equal to that of Moses separating the waters.
The most disappointing part is watching the regression week to week. It's painful to watch.
I'm looking forward to moving on from Tommy. I hope KT gets a redshirt and redo next year.
If I could bring 1 player back to the team this year. This guy would be it.
Moorhead has some magic to do. He's going to need to be bold the rest of the season and not stubborn. Every other play should be Osirus Mitchell or Kylin Hill the rest of the season.
While he was at AD we've ever had. It's true even if you don't like what he did when he left. The only misstep he made was Rick Ray.
I didn't say I didn't like Croom's character, but the record speaks for itself. We were a scheduled win.
Personally, I would offer the LSU offensive staff first. He turned that thing around fast!
^That I can get behind. He needs a great offensive coordinator from a small school that puts up points.
I have no idea how you called it that early and I thought you were crazy. But I have to admit you did. My sincerest apologies for all the rolled eyes I've directed at your posts. I wish your family nothing but prosperity and health for 3 generations.
Who said that? If they did it was reactionary because they were upset the best head coach in State history left them for Florida along with the best AD we every had.
Dude, it's worse than that. This coaching staff has almost sent us back to the Croom years.
Ditto. Tennessee deserved this game. Our coaching staff deserved to lose.
I've personally defended Moorhead and wanted to give him time, but the speed of regression this team has had since he's taken over is incredible. They've never clicked. Also, I think he was way too stubborn with the Keytaon Thompson/Garrett Schrader/Tommy Stevens QB battle. I always thought Keytaon should have started the season. He's been a gamer and never got the chance to get better. Tommy has clearly lacked playing time and probably only looks in practices and poor competition games. But, to ignore the Garrett is clearly better than Tommy was enough final evidence for me to say...he's not a good head coach right now and definitely not ready for the SEC.
Up and comer...definitely. Also, I don't mind a coordinator from a championship school. Nobody from Alabama (they are always exposed when they go out on their own. Coordinators that turn around top programs are the key. Top of my list...LSU's offensive coordinator, Steve Ensminger. I would consider a wildcards like Kellen Moore or Khris Richards.
It's hard because tradition is one of the most beautiful things about college football in the SEC. I've settled being fine with it and accepting this a new tradition for students in the last 15 years. They will fondly remember being excited about the uniform reveals and remember that is a part of their SEC weekend. Also, if it is one more thing that helps State get better recruits so we can hang with the big boys of the SEC...I'm for it.