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Damian Harris is a good back. But, I thanked God when they took out Jacobs and put Harris back in.
I don't think there is a former State A.D. for Auburn to hire. That will make it a little tougher.
Strong is only on the list to satisfy the criteria for searching. He's currently in spot, so you have to talk to him. The reason they listed other Stoops and Kelly is because they aren't currently coaching a team. I believe they are starting with this list, but I don't think they will comment on or interview current coaches until the bowl season starts.
You have a good case for Fromm, but where did you get "Fitz is a decent runner at best?" You have to be basing this off of one game. Fitz is the all-time leader in 100 yard games for QB in the SEC with 13. 2nd place is Johnny Manzel with 9, Matt Jones 8, Josh Hobbs 7, Tim Tebow 5. And, he still has at least 16 to 17 games to be played at State. He's only 650 yards short of becoming the all-time leading rusher as a QB in the SEC, again, with 16 to 17 games left to play. I think you said "decent" just to strengthen your argument for Fromm.
"Game winning" and "game deciding" are two different terms. "Game winning" is the score that puts you ahead. It could be a "game deciding score" if it's the last one. I used the term "game deciding" on purpose. It was the score that put the game out of reach for UMass. Yes, State should have beaten them worse and played better, which is why I am grateful Deddrick played well on Saturday. We didn't have our best wide receivers, and he played good. We needed his return.I'm sure I'm not giving J.K. Scott enough credit, because I didn't watch the game. But, I know Deddrick was solid. He was our 5th string punt returner.
I think the bowl season for B1G is going to be rough.
I'm sure JK Scott was good, but Deddrick Thomas had 4 punt returns for 104, with a game deciding 84 yard punt return for a touchdown. He should be the Special Teams player of the week.
Can we borrow some of your wide outs for the bowl game this year?
That's an interesting discussion: Ranking the most realistic fan bases... #1. Alabama (They think they are going to win the national championship every year, and they almost do.) #2...
I’m willing to put Hurts ahead of Fitz because of the drive he put together at the end of the championship game against Clemson. He got Bama in position to win and the D lost it. Clemson’s Team was equal to better and Hurts showed out. Fitz doesn’t have receivers and a pass o-line, so there is no way of knowing what he could accomplish in Bama’s offense.
It was a scrimmage which is what State needed. One thing I know for sure...we will either score 40+ or less than 9.
What argument? I get that most people are combative in the comment section, but I don't do that. I never respond to or engage in ridiculous comments. All I did was ask a question. I never said Harris wasn't as good as Johnson. In fact, I think Chubb is the best running back in the SEC. I'm not sure who I would put after him. So, I was curious if Darviathar thought Johnson would be as good as Harris behind the Alabama line. That was my sincere question.
Do you think Kerryon Johnson would get 3 ypc more behind Alabama's offensive line?
We just need to quit making mistakes. False starts, dropped passes, missed assignments, etc... If we don't hurt ourselves then I won't mind if we get beat by better teams. But, with the mistakes we are making we will keep games close against inferior teams.
No one needed a bye week more than we did right now. Especially for our offense.
I'm excited to see how Fitz bounces back. We should be able to actually run the ball against our remaining opponents except for Alabama. I still think he is good, but we just don't have a top 20 team right now.
Also, it's been a steady climb. Dan has taken a few players and put them in the NFL (good NFL players). That has led to better players coming in. (i.e. Chris Jones, Dak Prescott, Gabe Jackson, Darius Slay, Bennardrick McKinney, Fletcher Cox...) Some of those players weren't recruited very hard (2 stars and 3 stars). This has led to 4 star players becoming interested in State. Like I said it's been a slow climb, and that's the only way to build it if you haven't been a historically great team. We still don't regularly out recruit the Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, LSU, and Auburn, but we can beat out other SEC teams. Maybe in 4 more years we continue to get better and beat out a few on that list too.Ole Miss looked different. They went from Oregeron/Nutt teams to Freeze getting the number 1 or 2 recruiting class in the nation the very next year. It drew attention. Ole Miss out recruited all the teams except Alabama, and Ole Miss beat them on a number of recruits. It looked fishy. Honestly, I was hoping it wasn't fishy, because Hugh seemed like a good guy.
Interesting. So, when we are ranked and playing a ranked opponent...I should start betting.
Good question. Not the OLine, but our receivers haven't been great the past 2 games. This is by far the worst OLine/Receiver game we've had this year. We didn't give Auburn our best shot, but even if we did I don't know if we would have beaten them. Auburn has gotten better every game. The good news is BYU is next and we are at home. We have a lot to clean up this week.
I thought Williams would have a good game (especially a good 1st half), because I thought UGA would focus on Nick Fitzgerald. But, UGA shut down the entire run game.
Home splits is an interesting observation. That's definitely something to watch.
Ellis, I was were Coozie was. I thought they were beatable, but if Georgia plays the way they did against us the rest of the season I don't know who will be able to beat them until the SEC championship game.
Fromm was fantastic, and I would stick with him. Whoever Smart picks he needs to give that QB a long leash. The only thing that can derail a Freshman QB (really...a college QB) is have them worried about getting yanked. You can't play against SEC defenses and your coach.
Yep. Pettway killed us last year. I'm a little worried about him next weekend.
Thank God I was on vacation with the family this weekend and didn't watch the State v Georgia game. Congrats UGA. Your team is a lot better than I thought. And, I think Kirby isn't getting enough credit as a coach. Every defensive call, preparing freshman QBs to play, and balance run/throw game was ideal. I thought State was a year away until I saw the LSU game, then I watched the UGA game yesterday. I still like our chances to fight in the west, because I think it's possible Georgia is top 5.
Ha! There does seem to be a lot of people jumping on the State might be really, really good bandwagon. I don't think that ride is moving until at least after we know the outcome of this game. It's a toss up.