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^Yep. One is coaching careers he respects most. The other is the ranking of best coaches today.
I thought Ealy's speed would have put him there. I feel Hill could have been in any of the categories.
Man, I should have used the sarcasm font. I thought the boxscore comment was clear enough.
Believe it or not they haven't. In fact, Ole Miss has never had a winning season, but people seem to overlook this by only depending on box scores for all their information.
I'm not an Ole Miss fan, but you can't compare Matt Luke/Rich Rod running a version of the air-raid to Mike Leach whose run it for years and found offensive success against better athletes in each conference he's coached in. Rich Rod hasn't been successful since WV and Matt Luke was never successful. Leach coached TT to #1 and WSU to top 10. If it works in the SEC it's because of Leach's concepts.
What I like about Leach is he has a chance to beat better teams, because he will take more risks. We can't go toe to toe with everyone in the SEC west. We need to take a chance or two within the offense. I feel Moorhead took chances outside of the offense too much. The record might not be too different, but you won't be able to write off State early in a game due to the way he calls plays. I knew when we would lose based off the first series the last two years.
It's crazy how close there was to three this year: Dak (they should have signed him last year), Darius Slay, and Chris Jones.
I didn't realize Alshon Jeffrey played at State.
Dak Prescott - 2014 Auburn game. But, what if it wasn't just football? Will Clark - 1985 last home game.
^I buy it, and you can only order scallops at places where you expect the food to be quality.
Mississippi State and Ole Miss both quit flying the flag on campus years ago.
I think Moulds is the best receiver in State history, but doesn't fit criteria.
Him, Walt Harris, Slay, Banks, and Abrahams are above all the rest of the DBs. However, I don't think Smoot and Harris fit the criteria of recent for the "bring them back" article above.
I would probably put Bennardrik McKinney on the short list too.
^100% agree. I don't think Fred Ross would make as big of a dent as one of our big middles on D. I would rank them as 1a. & 1b. Fletcher Cox/Jeffrey Simmons, 3. Chris Jones.
I would have loved for them to stay, but they were unhappy with the coaches. I'm personally glad they didn't end up at Ole Miss. The players that typically caused the most troubles in the Egg Bowls were the ones that had a vendetta against the other school regardless of how talented they were.
This argument over grammar is my favorite part of this story. You both win!
This isn't easy to base off of experience, because the opponent really matters. The loudest and most intimidating stadium I've ever been to is LSU. I've been to every west stadium except A&M, and I've been to Georgia and Florida in the east. The best entrance and pregame is Auburn's war eagle circling the stadium. I think Arkansas' stadium is underrated because they haven't been good for a while. Back in the Houston Nutt era it was pretty cool. I didn't really get Florida's feel. They had a rule that we had to sit down and could only stand during at the end of a play to cheer. I genuinely enjoyed every venue. Ranking my experience: 1. LSU 2. Auburn 3. Alabama 4. Georgia (probably my favorite SEC college town.) 5. Arkansas (not Little Rock) 6. Florida (I know my experience wasn't accurate, but it wasn't as loud as I expected.) 7. Arkansas 8. Ole Miss
I'm not even sure Florida picked the gators. I think people just shouted it on campus as a warning and it took. "Florida...Gator! Look out!" - Florida student, probably.
Les just couldn't go to the top level often enough, but he had them in the conversation every single year.
I agree with him being worth considering. I just can't say Urban didn't do better. Both exceeded expectations by winning two NCAA championships and Spurrier winning the east.
You must have forgotten that we hired Mike Leach and his quaff.
Yeah...and chicken is delicious!
It reminds me of when people talk about how good looking Alabama's uniform is. It's not good's just traditional and inspires nostalgia. Everyone had that uniform. Alabama was the only team that didn't change it.
I'm actually with you on Georgia. I just don't understand why so many people like him more than the unique mascots. I mean he's cool looking, but far less interesting than Florida's gator, Carolina's Gamecock, Arkansas' Razorback, Tennessee's hound, Auburn's (eagle + Tiger), LSU's live tiger!, and all the unique relevance to the school (Aggies, soldiers at Mizzou, Tennessee, and Vandy's)
Cobb is a much better choice than players who are still considered great like McFadden and Percy.