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It's like having a rowboat with a paddle. Except the rower is swinging the paddle in the air to make the boat go instead of paddling through the water.
I figured I would check in after about 3 weeks to see if a new State article came up. I had low expectations. Sure enough the latest article is about a backup center who ran out of eligibility and has one season of football eligibility remaining who is leaving State to go to place where he might be able to get playing time. There is literally no ongoing story related to State and it's sports programs. This story offers zero benefit to the fan. So why would SDS spend time writing this one instead of writing a story that might draw followers from an entire area? It logically makes no sense. What's the point of a blog site if it doesn't encourage the reader to return?
You have the best coach and the most promising women's program for the next 10 years, but I haven't heard one conversation about Dawn Staley in the last two years. However, I've heard people talk about Caitlyn Clark more than any other women's player in the last 15 years.
I'm glad Matthews is coming back because they will need his defense for our tiny backcourt. 5-11 and 5-10
Perfect example of why State fans aren't coming by this site anymore. They beat the #1 seeded Tennessee and nothing is written.
Fair question. Many of us from years ago kind of quit coming here for State content because of what you are seeing now. You can look at my history of comments and see what I mean. And you are right, if LSU won they would have had comments. When one article a month is written about your school you quit visiting a site.
This story had everything: The Google, The Bad, and The Ugly
This story had everything: The Google, The Bad, and the Ugly.
So true. The head coach hire was okay. It was an important time to secure recruits and he was a promising coach. But, when he hired Barbay, he committed an unforgivable sin. Radically changing an offense with a senior QB, jr. running back, and two senior starting receivers is flat out ignorant.
^Agree whole heartedly. Barbary really struggles to identify what is working and what isn't during a game.
I'm glad Tulu is on our team, but I almost wish he was on a better one so people can see how dynamic he is. Our team will turn around when we lean on Tulu Griffin and Zavion Thomas more. They are the dynamic players that can break games open. This will allow Mark more holes. I doubt Barbay will recognize that he has a senior QB that can get them the ball, because he seems so devoted to implementing his scheme. I hope he will.
100% CORRECT! It's insane how rapidly they changed.
I think you have Gundy 4 spots too low. What he's done at OKSt is at least as good as anything Kelly has done at ND.
I'm someone that gets frustrated with Gary Danielson calling games, but it isn't anything you've mentioned. He's knowledgeable about football. My biggest gripe is when he's calling a State game, he won't reference the current game or players in the game, but many times he brings up Alabama players and Nick Saban. And when you play against Alabama with Gary calling the game, he only references Alabama. I'm sure UGA is similar now that they've grabbed the reigns too.
Who is "we?" I haven't been asking. However, I do like the script "State."
I think you are right, but I know people tend to think Will Rogers was a product of the pirate. That dude is accurate and either the second or third best State QB of all time.
Oh, I should have read the article. I didn't realize why he got fired. I was just taking a friendly dig at Ole Miss.
I'm guessing Ole Miss will make an offer tomorrow.
I would add Tulu Griffin and Zavion Thomas as a kick/punt returners to this "explosive" list.
It's Southern Miss's turn. Ole Miss did it last year. State did it the year before. I'm rooting for a Mississippi three-peat.
I have trouble thinking this guy would go anywhere other than Maryland.
I'm glad Tolu is back. He started slow last year, but really picked it up by the end of the season. However, that video is the slowest and most anticlimactic hype video I've ever seen. It reminds me of how slow the Jarvis Varnado block hype video was. State was a high energy, epic, hype inducing marketing video department during Scott Stricklin's reign. I hope they aren't reverting back to slow moving and dated.
It's a pretty bold move to not have Arnett first.
Tolu will be in Europe. I loved him at State, but he doesn't have the skill set for today's NBA.
Hunter just missed the Mount Rushmore for State baseball. Had he won the World Series against UCLA he might have bumped Tanner Allen or Jake Magnum. The others are Will Clark and Rafael Palmeiro.
"It'll always be my first team at Mississippi State" is my favorite quote. This will always be my first post from this article.
I like naming them after legends at State. Can we name the next one Smoot?
Sounds like it. Unless he waits to say something until the end.