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I have to see Kentucky do it 2 years in a row before I give them the edge over us. They lost some of the best players in the SEC last year too.
I've got to see Kentucky do it two years in a row before I put them ahead of Miss.State. They lost key contributors just like State did.
Super telling answers about the QB competition. It's clearly KT vs. Tommy and he didn't lead anyone on. However, the reporters seem to be pushing Tommy in the lead and not the staff. So, I'm all but certain Jared Mayden will transfer. Also, if Tommy wins out KT transfers. The smart move if it's close would be to start KT, Tommy will stay, and keep Garrett Shrader with a redshirt. However, if Tommy is clearly better start him and wish KT luck.
Kylin Hill is going to have a good year due to Nicky Fitz not stealing his carries. I liked Fitz a lot, but one of the few things I didn't like was he depended on himself too many times. He wasn't comfortable in Moorhead's offense, he misread the D, and pulled the ball too many times instead of giving it up.
I didn't realize they didn't have a QB the first half. I just knew they started off poor. State's was hit or miss. We didn't have a game that was average. We either scored 40+ or 14-.
Homerism Alert: If Joe Moorehead took a hit shouldn't Scott Frost have taken a hit too?
My thoughts are wherever you put Gundy you should probably put Leach. I think they are pretty similar in offense w/no defense. They had similar Big12 impact. Leach is probably better due to proving he can resurrect programs (TTU & WSU). I think Stoops has been good (better than I expected), but maybe too early for a top 25 list. But, I can't think of anyone to replace him. Also I Fitzgerald at Northwestern is a super hard job. I think it is harder than Stanford or Vandy, so I actually like where you put him. The rest of list make me think...yeah, okay.
It's probably between Dantzler, Errol, and Willie Gay. I don't think any D-Linemen will shine more than those.
That was funny. 1. He didn't say anything. 2. He handed her the keys and book and walked off. 3. She was talking to the camera and didn't even say thank you. 4. No hugs, no conversation, no eye contact. 5. I'm not even sure she knows she has a car and he gave it away. 6. Even so, I can tell he loves her and she's proud of her son.
If this guy takes a big step forward this year...I'll be excited. I felt he was a little heavy-footed, but he has a lot of grit, power that we've needed, and rebounds like a champ. Our bigs next year should be strong between Reggie, Woodard, and Adu. The key will be our backcourt and shooting. Tyson and Nick need to be special to make a strong run.
What do you know? From the outside looking in...they are a legit program, great coach, have great facilities, dominate their conference, close to Atlanta and other good recruiting areas, etc... What they are doing looks possible.
Mizzou did have a good team. The east didn't have a dominating power to overcome at that time, but it doesn't mean Mizzou wasn't a good team.
Arky and SC joining: South Carolina was more of a natural fit. Most people thought, yeah, that makes sense. It was already heavily recruited by SEC schools. Arky was a little different. Not many players came from Arkansas and not to mention they recruited most of their players from Texas and OK. They still cared more about beating Texas than they did anyone in the SEC up until even 2005. They were a much better team than SC and won the west a couple of times after they got Houston Nutt. That helped them settle in. But, people used to talk about the drive negatively all the time. There wasn't a good road/hwy to Fayetteville until later.
Look at who the runner's up were in this decade too. Arkansas 2018, LSU 2017, Vanderbilt 2015, Miss. State 2013, South Carolina 2012, Florida 2011.
I'm all for the player choosing to play at whichever school will accept him. I'm even okay with immediate eligibility. I don't like the recruiting of signed players at another school. I'm not sure how that can be prevented.
He is much needed this year, and probably is the difference between the NCAA and NIT.
This is where it gets difficult. They are trying to take the best at that particular skill for a corner and not the best corner. I admit, I don't know who Jaycee Horn is and he might be a better all-around corner than Cam Dantzler. But, the question is, is Jaycee Horn better at Versatility than Cam Dantzler? Is Horn better at ball-hawking than Thompson? Again, I don't know the conference corners very well, but I'm sure a well rounded guy at a position that's 2nd in the conference in most everything will be left off the lists.
Of course. This is make-believe. They are building a team of Avengers to play football against the most evil of offenses and defenses. I wouldn't take it too serious, but instead, let it be fun.
The only one that really stands out to me is A&M at 10. For me, that's a little higher than I would think.
I’m looking forward to it too. I have no idea what to expect from you or us.
This is not a snappy reply, but an honest question. How do you know that about Tommy? He never threw. Also, are you sure Key isn’t a better passer now?
I wasn't a believer in Jordan Bone at first. Someone on SDS posted something about how he was overlooked and it caused me to pay a little more intention. He finished the season pretty strong and really jumped out during the SEC tourney. I'm a believer now and I think N.O. got a STEAL with this pick.
The only thing slightly confusing in this article was when you led with Tommy Stevens over Keytaon. Everything I've heard is Key is in the lead. However, I'm also thinking Tommy came here to coach and get into the Moorhead pipeline. This is just me trying to read the situation and not anything I've personally heard. It just makes sense for a backup QB who never started to use his last year at a place where the QB depth is pretty deep. The only thing that makes sense to me is the coaching opportunity as a grad student. Also, I hope the running yards decrease this year, but yard per carry increase. That means the passing has improved. I like our RB group.
The Mayor is doing his Mayor thing. I wouldn't be surprised if he's going to run NCAA Baseball one day.
The strike zone was weird in the bottom of the 9th based off the way they called it up until that point. But, Louisville made the hits. We've been on the right side of that 9th inning many times this year. This was an easy team to root for and one of my favorites over the years. But, I have a hard time believing anyone is beating Vandy this year.