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I have trouble thinking this guy would go anywhere other than Maryland.
I'm glad Tolu is back. He started slow last year, but really picked it up by the end of the season. However, that video is the slowest and most anticlimactic hype video I've ever seen. It reminds me of how slow the Jarvis Varnado block hype video was. State was a high energy, epic, hype inducing marketing video department during Scott Stricklin's reign. I hope they aren't reverting back to slow moving and dated.
It's a pretty bold move to not have Arnett first.
Tolu will be in Europe. I loved him at State, but he doesn't have the skill set for today's NBA.
Hunter just missed the Mount Rushmore for State baseball. Had he won the World Series against UCLA he might have bumped Tanner Allen or Jake Magnum. The others are Will Clark and Rafael Palmeiro.
"It'll always be my first team at Mississippi State" is my favorite quote. This will always be my first post from this article.
I like naming them after legends at State. Can we name the next one Smoot?
Sounds like it. Unless he waits to say something until the end.
Finally, a guard with a smooth stroke. I could care less about the dunks in his highlights. The quickness, balance, and smooth stroke remind me a little of Lamar Peters. State needs this exact type of player.
I'm super interested in earning "11000 dollars every month gb10". I've never owned gb10 before.
Jans has been super impressive. I love the way he uses his bench too. I can't help but imagine how much our shooting is the only achilles heal, and if Iverson Molinar had returned we would be incredibly dangerous. I understand why he went pro, but he could have benefitted from Jans.
They will do it, and then they will vacate it if more info comes out.
The Vandy block leader might be a good defensive player, but I choose Cam Matthews over anyone else in the league to get a game winning defensive stop.
I don't think that's true anymore. The quality of wins State has are better than anyone in their position in the bubble area. Also, based on the last 5 years conference tourney games don't matter unless you win it all. The selection committee doesn't view them with significance.
Forbes' lower grade is 100% based off of his weight. They fear he is around 175 lbs. CB's under 190 are considered risky. The one NFL scout I know said if he was 190 lbs., he would be a top 15 pick.
Zach Arnett is one of the few young and inexperienced coaches that most seem to think he is a good hire. He's built a lot of credibility in the last few years with the players, program, and SEC community. I'm looking forward to him leading State.
State baseball winning again. Whew! All seems a little more right in the world.
Oh, I don't doubt that's the norm for most teams. But, this team is EXTREME when it comes to missed free throws. You can almost single Tolu Smith out. If he makes free throws we win. If he misses free throws we lose.
State is a bad team for NSJ to work back in on. He needed some reps, bumping around, etc. I still think Ark is one of the scariest teams on the nation.
Miss. State is simple. If they make free throws they win. If they miss, they lose. They are good enough to hang or beat any team at every other aspect of the game. But free throws are the key. Threes are just bonuses.
That's my pick. I was pulling for the Titans and was certain they would win on the last play.
Eli over Peyton? Peyton played in four Super Bowls, Eli two. Peyton beat Brady 6 times in the playoffs to Brady's 2. I do agree Peyton's Super Bowl performances were better than Peyton's, but there is a much better argument for Peyton than you laid out in the article.
This list...Chris Jones and Fletcher Cox, Turner’s coached Preston Smith, Pernell McPhee, Josh Boyd, Kyle Love and Gerri Green. Turner barely missed out on Jeffery Simmons and Montez Sweat. Hopefully, he can help bring back those types of names.
He didn't run out. He will be a grad transfer that has to graduate before transferring.
Friend and Turner better be awesome, or another transition season is going to be frustrating. Those lines are the only way to keep the wins from dipping this year.