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I hope his mom is right. He's the best receiver we've had since...Bumphis? Moulds? Sky's the limit on him.
^Yes. It's a possibility now that Mullen isn't running off DC's. I'm pretty sure DC for Leach is pretty nice. He probably let's him do whatever he wants.
^This post has more information worth reading than the entire article and comment section. If you understand understand NCAA basketball.
Actually, Bama didn't make the final four. I was off on them.
Fun team, but didn't quite have the horses in the end. Losing Tolu during the tourney showed up a little in the final game.
I don't think so in the NCAA. I have no idea about the NIT prior to the NCAA. A number of teams have made the final 4 (State, LSU, Auburn, Alabama, South Carolina, and Georgia). I thought Vandy and Tennessee would have made the final four, but I couldn't find them. Also, LSU was in the final four a bunch, but never finished the tourney with a championship.
He didn't really fit with State's lineup. He had a good hot streak early in the SEC season, but just didn't defend, rebound, or play the floor game that matched what Howland needed. He's a solid player, but with Molinar and Stewart on the floor he wasn't going to get the shots he wanted. Best of luck! (Additionally, I really wish Devion would have stayed. Someone is getting a good player.)
I could never figure out if Bo was good or Ole Miss surrounded him with awesome talent. I’m curious what Ole Miss people think?
Fitzgerald was incredibly dangerous for other teams and for ours. His gifts were every bit as good as Dak’s, but his head was different. I loved watching Fitz, and Mullen was perfect for him.
He had a strong career. He was a key part of the teams that turned State around when Mullen came in. I have a lot of appreciation for that group of men. Congrats on a good career and good luck!
Congrats Hogs! I have you going pretty far in my bracket, so let's pick it up a little next game.
I actually nailed this one on my bracket. I never knew which Tennessee would show up all season.
I feel like would have had them if we had scored about 50 more points.
Impossible to remain like this, but weekends are going to be as good as anything we will see in Omaha this year. Buy your local team's tickets!
I disagree. It actually helps him build the team. The cap hit is only lose 22 million this year instead of 38 with the tag. They use the tag on another key piece, and have an extra 15 million to spend in free agency for the defense. They should have gotten this done before Zeke. And after this season, there is scheduled to be 5 QB's who will be paid more. Possibly 7 if teams jump on it early.
I know. On top of that, I figured every team has had no hitters in the last decade. We play so many mid-week teams that would make it easier.
I actually think both players made the right decision last year. Devante needed to play and all Chase could have done was get injured or hurt his stock (which he didn't). Smart move by both.
I'm pretty sure Palmy was sampling in college too. Will didn't care too much and held it against him. It was a little testy in the clubhouse. They've since gotten over it.
We are a year away if everyone comes back, but "everyone comes back" doesn't happen these days.
Yeah. State fans will say Will Clark, but you really can't go wrong with Palmerio.
And they were true freshmen without an spring, so they should take a huge leap in productivity next season.
For what Marks and Johnson are asked to do, I like State's RBs. They are got better at blocking which is very key under Leach. They are more capable runners than they will ever get to show.
In all fairness I know nothing about Robertson. I'm was very impressed with how Rogers developed chemistry with wrs, rbs, and got the ball out quickly without turning over the ball. He led a team on an away game to beat a ranked team. I like his moxie, movements in the pocket to avoid sacks, and quick decision making. My thought is he will just be better with an offseason and working with Leach. Robertson might be more talented, but I fear sometimes talented people will work against the offense to make a big homerun play instead of with in the offense. It's unsubstantiated since I've never seen Robertson, but I felt that way about Tommy playing over KJ too.
That's precisely what his frustration is about. He thinks the staff and security guards were a part of it.