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Home splits is an interesting observation. That's definitely something to watch.
Ellis, I was were Coozie was. I thought they were beatable, but if Georgia plays the way they did against us the rest of the season I don't know who will be able to beat them until the SEC championship game.
Fromm was fantastic, and I would stick with him. Whoever Smart picks he needs to give that QB a long leash. The only thing that can derail a Freshman QB (really...a college QB) is have them worried about getting yanked. You can't play against SEC defenses and your coach.
Yep. Pettway killed us last year. I'm a little worried about him next weekend.
Thank God I was on vacation with the family this weekend and didn't watch the State v Georgia game. Congrats UGA. Your team is a lot better than I thought. And, I think Kirby isn't getting enough credit as a coach. Every defensive call, preparing freshman QBs to play, and balance run/throw game was ideal. I thought State was a year away until I saw the LSU game, then I watched the UGA game yesterday. I still like our chances to fight in the west, because I think it's possible Georgia is top 5.
Ha! There does seem to be a lot of people jumping on the State might be really, really good bandwagon. I don't think that ride is moving until at least after we know the outcome of this game. It's a toss up.
Yep. There are a few unanswered questions and this week will reveal a lot.
Yep. I agree with everything you wrote. Especially the "on the road" part.
Aeris Williams always performs when he is given the football. He is Vick Ballard 2.0, and the perfect foil for Nicky Fitz. He will continue to rise because people will load up on Fitz.
Hurts is good. Fitz is good.I'm not sure Fitz would do better than Hurts if they switched places. I'm also not sure Hurts would do better than Fitz if they switched places. People forget Hurts led the Tide to a go ahead TD in the championship last year in the last minutes.All that said, I personally would rather have Fitz because his ceiling is higher. Fitz is getting praise right now because he was a 2 star QB that no one wanted except State and UT-Chattanooga. He threw about 17 total passes in high school, and now has become an extremely dangerous player.
Hahahaha! (If your tone is the way I read this...then well done sir.)
I'm not sure we are as well rounded as that team was. We don't have the proven receivers that team did. That O-Line was probably better too.
Huh, look at that...I disagree with you too. You know this...if your team loses a game against S.Alabama last year, and your team beats Louisiana Tech by +40 points this year, then your team this year is better.Missouri is not a fair comparison because their defense isn't helping their offense. This is not true for State.The only thing you said I agree with is...this weekend will be good competition and I think LSU and State will learn a lot about themselves.
I disagree. We have performed a lot better against weaker opposition this year. Last year, we mainly had one possession wins and a losses against weaker competition. This year State has created room on the score board to give players experience in real games. Last year, we allowed a lot of points. This year, our defense has been a lot better. It's really night and day.As far as this weekend is concerned, we are going to see a better LSU than last year and a better State team. So, the outcome will probably be a one possession game again.
The most unsurprising: Peter Sirmon was a bad Defensive Coordinator and Grantham would prove it.
Most Surprising to Me: Auburn's lack of offensive production. I thought they would be much better. I wasn't sold on Stidham, but I thought he would be better than White. Also, I thought the run game would be unstoppable.
Key is scary. He played us better than Miles Garret.
This is what I wrote in the first Running Back rankings. I don't believe this is a surprise to many State fans although most SEC fans focused on Nicky Fitz. He will move up the rankings."Aeris Williams is going to surprise people this year just like Josh Robinson did the year he was finally made the starter for a full year. Look at the last few games when Brandon Holloway was hurt and Aeris got the start. This looks similar to LaDarius Perkins graduating and Josh Robinson taking the reigns."
Yeah, you can't have a better game as a nose tackle than the one Jeffrey Simmons had. Everyone else got tackles because they had to double Jeffrey.
This is the only write up I can find acknowledging the Mississippi State vs Louisiana Tech game. Am I missing something? Usually there is a "rapid reaction" article and "what the coach said" write up.
Maybe I should have said "prevented a momentum shifting sides" play.
Everyone was talking about Brantley in the game, but one of the best plays (maybe the best) was when Deebo broke up the interception on the bad throw by Brantley in the 1st or 2nd quarter. SC went on to score and keep pressure on NCSt to keep up. That was a momentum shifting play.
I expected that kind of offense and hoped for that kind of defense.
Sweet Tea with Dak, and a beer with Fred Smoot.
Aeris Williams is going to surprise people this year just like Josh Robinson did the year he was finally made the starter for a full year. Look at the last few games when Brandon Holloway was hurt and Aeris got the start. This looks similar to LaDarius Perkins graduating and Josh Robinson taking the reigns.
I think you misread "starts" for "stars."
BamaFan86, you deserve an answer since you are asking an honest question. Meaningful to us is a pretty different than Alabama in football. Here are some of the things I think are meaningful. Prior to Dan Mullen we were last in the western conference almost every year. I believe we have never finished last since he has been here. His tenure also coincided with the most dominant era of the SEC west, so games were tougher. Below is his record verses SEC teams. He only has a below .500 record against 5 teams in the SEC, so he has elevated our game day experience and product. He rarely loses games we are favored in, so that is a change for us as well. And, we have played in more meaningful bowl games (2 Gator, 1 Orange, 1 Music City, 1 Liberty, 1 St. Petersburg). Prior to Dan we played in 1 bowl game (Liberty) in almost a decade.The answer is...he is elevating the floor of our expectations, and giving us a glimpse and taste of what our future will look like if we continue on that path. Hopefully, State will be a regular top 10/15 team playing for meaningful bowls. And...this seems possible now, because higher ranked QB's are signing with us.Dan's Record in SEC (I think these are correct): Kentucky, 7-1 Vanderbilt, 2-0 Tennessee, 1-0 Missouri, 1-0 Ole Miss, 5-3 Arkansas, 4-4 Georgia, 1-1 Florida, 1-1 Auburn, 3-5 Texas A&M, 2-3 LSU, 1-7 South Carolina, 0-2 Alabama, 0-8
I hope Nicky Fitz doesn't break Anthony Dixon's record. If he's a better passer (like I expect him to be) there will be less yards on the field for him to run. He had a lot of 60 and 50 yard runs for TD's last year. If he throws better then there won't be as many of those long scores because the field will be shorter.