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It's interesting since in the past they have stopped people from working out at the combine when they saw a heart issue. They let Montez complete every drill which I think indicates they weren't that worried about it.
Is Moorhead and Howland 6? I would bet on their future over SCs.
I'm so glad he graduates. He's caused us more problems over the last two years than anyone else in the SEC.
Lamar loves tournaments. I don't know why he plays so much better tournament times and can't keep it consistent during the season.
Well...they can't undo what was done anyway. Vacated wins don't really mean anything anyway.
This doesn't make any sense. LSU is worse than College Station?
They will be good. But, not like last year. I think Simmons and Abrams will be the biggest losses. They affected so much. Sweat was ridiculous, but less of a difference loosing him.
That's the part I don't understand. How does a school know what to do? How can they not participate this year (go all in)? They are almost certain to have to vacate the wins and will have future ban on post season play, so this is their last year. And, there are students on the team that never took anything. This is their last chance to play for something. It's a weird situation for them. I think LSU should sit Smart, but there is no advantage to it for LSU.
I agree. In fact, that's what I was saying. Or, at least what I tried to say.
I believe Mark McLaurin will make a team (at least for special teams).
There was so much talent in the SEC this year.
I agree with half of what you said. I think Brown is going to be far better. The cone drills worry me with Metcalf. I hope he proves me wrong because he and his family seem like great people, but the NFL is all about creating space quickly. We don't have many down field, big, go-get it type of plays. The most successful receivers are quick Antonio Brown, Tyreek Hill, Stephon Diggs, and even Hopkins. Other than for Julio (who is incredible) I'm not sure there are many plays for a guy like that. He's going to be go route, post route, and corner - end zone and that's it. I think Brown's skill set will be much better. (The half I disagree with...Ross doesn't have near the size Metcalf does.)
I would take Breein Tyree and Waters (and last year's tournament playing Lamar Peters) ahead of Bone.
I think Franks will be better this year, but his numbers might not improve. Mullen likes playing the older guy. He's loyal (sometimes to a fault). If Jones gets a chance he will probably look better in games.
The AAF is trying to become a reputable league for people trying to make the NFL. I don't know how Johnny Football fits into that. If the AAF was just trying to become an alternate league looking for flash in the pan news...sure sign him up in San Antonio. But, they are trying to cuddle up to the NFL and not oppose them.
It was a smart hire. He's completely different and Nick wasn't a good fit for what he likes to do. I'm excited to see him get his guys in his system. It's probably more like year 3 when we see the development. Additionally, Nick missed the entire spring and the summer with his ankle. He never got to practice the offense until the season. It wasn't really fair to him either.
If they let him call LSU games again it's going to look really bad.
What can they do other than not let that official call games?
Once State started playing team defense the games changed. That's the key to our team. We were playing pickup ball defense earlier in the SEC season. I wish we had played with that defensive intensity the entire year. Also, the missing piece from last year is Reggie Perry and Robert Woodard.