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He's doing about as well as he can with the fan base and player's by in. John Cohen looks smart right now. Hopefully, we will all be saying the same thing at the end of the year.
We are only good when we have a strong D-Line and a strong O-Line. These are the ones I like.
I just want to see what the NFL clocks his 40. There are rumors of 4.2 at State. I was hoping to see him at the combine.
I hear Gary Henderson doesn't really want the head coach gig. He wants to specialize with pitchers. There is a growing sense that Cohen will hire a head coach, but require he keeps most of the staff that's in place.
It's good to see Eric Moulds get some love. I think he beats out Chad Bumphis for #1 at State WR.
This team is getting easier and easier to root for. They are fighters.
I bet it was an assistant, but not a coordinator. Nobody that's been in the game long would ever say anything like that.
Starkville's biggest obstacle is the location.
I don't think it is that bad. It's like a Math and Science school or a Performing Arts school. If the students are smart they can take what was taught and use it to work in that industry. They will be a step ahead in that field of anyone brought up in public school or private school environments.
The only thing going for Fitz is what Dad, Watson, and Lamar Jackson might do. If Lamar kills it this year then the NFL will trend more towards QBs like Fitz. And, his completion percentage needs to rise a lot this year.
I'm pretty sure Simmons will go in the first. If he doesn't, it is due to his high school incident.
Chris - "Next pick ____ goes to the Raaaaaiiddaaghs! Phew, Phew, Phew!" Gruden - "I tell you what. I don't know if I've ever seen a better player. What a time to be alive!"
This is what I'm most excited about seeing this year. More so even than the Joe Moorehead offense.
Is this "longest road" and Fletcher's name a little tongue in cheek?
I get your confusion. 1. We scheduled a game in 2022 and 23. 2. We also named an offensive and defensive captain. Those stories were both written based off of tweets. There is no story. Just a tweet. They wrote a fine story about predicting this upcoming season. You will find a lot of State fans commenting on it.
Fair question. Honestly, nobody knows. He should be 100% by June, but there is no way of knowing how confident his cutting will be. His straight line speed will be fine, but what sets Nicky Fitz apart is he plants hard, cuts once, and runs. That initial plant hard is going to be what hinders him if he doesn't have confidence in his ankle. FYI: The coach said he could have played on Saturday, but they didn't want the possibility of a lineman falling back and rolling his ankle.
Eli should have left last year. They talked him into returning for this past season, but he was unable to break the lineup. Nick W, Q, Lamar, and Tyson were just better at what they do than Eli was at what he does. I have mixed feelings about X. He will do one thing great and one thing horrible. He is the reason we came back in the Vanderbilt game, and the reason we lost too. He always gets a weird technical that hurts our team at the end of the game. But, he plays hard and can hit big shots. It's probably a good thing he is leaving since we are bringing in 2 guys that are better players. So, this is a weird good move for all parties involved.
News sites and sports sites are covering the story and drawing interest from readers. All he did was direct his retained lawyer to send a letter.
He is using the legal system to increase traffic to an already aired and completed product. This is a strategy to obtain views on his site from an unreached/unaware market. It's not about the copyright infringement. He's making money.
Let me share what is really going on as a marketer. This is simply a letter, so the news outlets will pick up the story and advertise for his online barber shop videos and uninterrupted site. It's kind of brilliant.
I actually think State and LSU should be about the same on the list wherever that may be. Both seem to have comparable teams coming back.