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SEC media day tournament has a strong field this year.
My point is...Cohen knows the Minshews and they could have connected them to if Leach was looking or not.
Eh... You might think that, but the Minshew family is kind of known.
So, far no one has mentioned the Gardner Minshew Mississippi State connection. His sister plays volleyball at State. There was probably an inside connection in the athletic department. Also, it could give Leach an inside track to the Jackson area for recruiting which is really good. All I know is the Dak and Minshew Magic QB camp at State is going to be awesome!
I think you're alone on that island. He's a proven coach that makes lesser talent competitive. Here's to hoping you end up where I am and enjoying the hire and direction.
Why not Arkansas? Then, the west will have the weirdest collection of personalities in the nation.
I do love this. Starkvegas is kind of already everywhere, but why not. I guarantee the Strangebrew sign is going to have great 1 liners on it all week.
Is Orgeron now the most normal coach in the SEC west?
Some people have suggested the service academy coaches, but I haven't heard that from State. It's worth looking at.
I don't think State should be a destination job for a good coach right now. Hopefully, it will be come that, but anyone who calls the football program a destination job at State probably isn't that good of a coach. I think if Mullen had stayed and built it up to ongoing stability it could have come close. I would rather have a guy who is going to be a good coach, but he needs a chance. I think Mullen was that and Moorhead was supposed to be that.
He didn't set us back 3 or 4 years. He might have if we kept him though.
Would you suggest using it in moderation, so that it's only used between transitions and to emphasize points? It might work better. It might not work at all. But, that's writing.
I don't know what to tell you. I knew Memphis competed well and had a great season. I know getting good recruits from Memphis is a positive for State head coaches and I thought the 2019 coach might take a position in the SEC over being at Memphis. So, I included him without looking up what happened. That's the best explanation I can give you.
This is a tough article to write up. Personally, I would have State a lot higher (I'm a homer). But, the way we played in the tournament and almost beat Villanova (No.10) without Nick Weatherspoon plays a huge role in my belief. We lost a game we probably shouldn't have trying to figure out how he fits back into the starting lineup, but since then everyone seems to have been playing well. I think Adam slid us down because we've only played like 2 games in a month and 1/2.
I've literally never read the words, "pinch of monkey dung" until today.
^This. 8-4 and 6-7 didn't get him fired. The way they played and the way they carried themselves off the field is why he got fired. Discipline - goes all the way back to Nick Fitzgerald's suspension all the way to the recent team fight. There was so much drama in the organization between coaches and players on the field. The in-game discipline was just as bad. The amount of giving up on the field, playing down to competition, and stubborn coaching decisions was a stark contrast. He didn't have to be Dan Mullen, but he did need to be early Dan Mullen. Dan famously ran out on the field to teach his QB before halftime. Moorhead yelled at refs and opposing players.
To say people sign with a school and don't sign with a coach is ridiculous. Maybe that used to be true, but there is no way that's a majority. A few kids sign for the school, but more sign with the coach.
Cool story. And a few years later, when he was coaching at for State it was the most famous play from the snow bowl between A&M and State.