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Let me nit-pick. How is Jett Johnson one of the two State players receiving Honorable Mention, when Martin Emerson Jr. and Charles Cross are on the team?
I'm so glad you caught his subtle attempt at humor. Well done.
Bummer. That's an agressive dude that played hard. He wasn't quite as good as the last two years, but I think losing Erroll next to him was bigger than I realized.
Let's keep one big division and have a lottery (names in a hat) every Monday night to see who plays on Saturday.
I would like to trade Purdue for Maryland. Does Auburn agree to the switch?
Exactly! I'm saving all my thoughts for after the game, so I can say, "I knew this would happen..."
In all sincerity, how do you know they were dropped instead of decommitting? I personally have a booster connection in the know and I haven't heard that. Although, usually I only hear AD and coaching news (not players). I'm not asking for a play by play, just do you know a little something?
He was just searching for that ending line the whole time he was talking, and you could tell when he found it about 2/3 the way through.
I 100% get behind these tiers. I feel you actually watched multiple teams this season.
Good choices. I was too low on Emerson before the season. Happily, he proved me wrong. I had a higher opinion on Marks as a RB than most, but I was too low on Dillon. He finished the season strong.
He might have said "dream job," but come on... If Texas or Oklahoma calls he would have a new dream.
It's not a public university, so it doesn't have to disclose the amount. I think it's safe to say LSU is paying quite a bit more since he jumped ship so quickly during a playoff possible year.
I've never heard money referred to as magic before, but I'm hoping I get some magic as a nice bonus this year.
He does, but the population of Georgia and Florida is much higher. There are more players in Florida/Georgia to choose from. I think it's neck and neck. FSU and Miami play second fiddle to Florida when it's rolling. I think the biggest change in Florida is the rise of UCF and USF. Now they get starters that would be great backups at UF. That didn't use to happen.
Historically, this has never worked well for either team in the Egg Bowl. When the better team begins the smack talk it usually results in fights, injuries, and losses.
Hold up...Florida is a better job than Ole Miss. No one can objectively say Ole Miss to Florida is a lateral move unless you have something against Florida. Recruiting base, funding, history, endowments, academics, etc... There isn't one thing you can point at that makes Ole Miss a better program than Florida.
"It was kind of a tough time to play us and not such a bad time to play them" is a savage sound bite.
Do you like the bold print "BULLDOGS" down the pant leg? That's what pushes it over the top for me. It makes it look like a knock-off version. My thoughts (they don't really matter): Do the new uniforms. Do something, but not everything. *note: If we put up 75 points on Saturday. I'll support wearing them at the egg bowl.
It looks like a knock-off State uniform that you would buy online from a sketchy website like usafabricssports(dot)com.
I hope we put this away in the first half. That's a win. Short week with Ole Miss. Everything is set up to give us the best possible chance. Early game, weaker opponent, home, etc...
It helps this year. We just got done with A&M, Bama, UK, and AU. Having an easier game before a short week with Ole Miss looks smart this year.