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How many different pictures of Mississippi State helmets do you have on file for SDS articles?
MountainHawg, it might be what they were supposed to do, but isn't that worth recognizing? For example, Saban is supposed to win with the best recruits. He did and he is being recognized as being a great coach. It's a stretch to think the author of an article acknowledging good performance is "encouraging millennials to give up." Recognition and familiarity of good character will inspire more young men to imitate good character. Believe it or not, but your response is the very example of what many older generations anticipate a millennial writing.
Aeris Williams is the best blocking back I can remember in Maroon & White. Way too early prediction: I think teams will be more fearful when Kylin Hill subs in for Aeris next year.
That is exactly what we thought when we were watching two "wild dog" plays. Bama crashed the line, because they knew it was a run.
Hopefully, he can decommit and recommit a few more times before he signs. Keep it interesting Johnquarise!
I don't buy it. That's got to be a replica. There is no way they would do that to last year's senior class.
I have no context to question Moorhead's coaching hires, because I've barely heard of some of these people. But, to me, strong recruiting ability is at the top of the list. So........"good job, I guess?"
Is LSU planning on Aranda to be the head coach in waiting?
Both are good hires. Brian Johnson, Todd Grantham, Greg Knox, and Sal Suneri are all worth getting excited about. But, I am glad Billy Gonzales is not coaching State's WRs anymore.
This was the most opportune year to keep our coaching team intact, but we missed the window when Mullen went to Florida. Oh, well.
^This is why sarcasm is hard to pull off on message boards.
I like Moorhead, and he needs to hire a good D-coordinator. But #2 is a little too high for this list right now. Put Pruitt, Moorhead, and Morris in any order with Matt Luke at the end, and Mullen/Fisher in the front. I would personally order it... 6. Matt Luke (He is in a tough situation and we may never know if he is a good coach.) 5. Jeremy Pruitt (He is untested as a head coach.) 4. Joe Moorhead (Tested, but Fordham as a head coach. Was better respected as a coordinator than Pruitt.) 3. Chad Morris (Tested at SMU. Turned the program in the right direction. Kind of a poor man's Mullen.) 2. Dan Mullen (What can he do with more?) 1. Jimbo Fisher (Been there done that). 2. Dan Mullen 1. Jimbo Fisher
True, but the penalty for a lost year is too harsh. That's 25% of their eligibility (if they don't have redshirt to burn). I think it should only be about 4 games (football).
No problem, I knew what you meant. I only meant to identify there is a penalty for coaches that they must accept. It's not only a free wheeling desire. I wasn't comparing it to the student athlete.
There is a penalty for a coach changing schools before their contract is complete. It's called a buyout.
My favorite Kannell argument is when he said it isn't the SEC that's relevant it's Bama. Because, then he is also saying his alma mater, Florida State, isn't relevant because they beat Auburn in the National Championship game.
That's fair for the TaxSlayer.I kind of don't like that our coach in the game is someone who doesn't seem to want to be there. I wish they would just turn over the staff. I know Moorhead said he doesn't deserve the bowl game, but I would love for him to get a feel for the players and begin installing his offense early. I honestly don't care if we win, but I would love for these weeks of prep to help get ready for next year. I realize that is insensitive to the seniors, but it could be good for them too since they will need to learn a new offense next year if they want to play at the next level.
It's not Dak Prescott, Tim Tebow, Alex Smith, Chris Leak or Nick Fitzgerald at qb that should get Florida fans excited. It's that Dan did his best work making Chris Relf a good college qb.
Mullen was great. He did a lot for the University. I don't blame him for going to a school in the east, with more money, a familiar AD, and a rich recruiting ground. I just wish we could have had...1. Nick Fitzgerald vs. Lamar Jackson (battle of the running qb's) 2. Grantham vs. Sirmon 3. Mullen vs. PetrinoThey scheduled these teams because of the recent history and similar qb strengths and we don't get a single one of the matchups.
There was no way he was leaving. He only has one more year before he declares, and sitting out a year doesn't make sense. Additionally, I think he likes Ole Miss.
I would take him today. He’s exactly the piece we missed the last two years.
I think the second part of the transfer rule should state any player who was found to receive impermissible benefits should have to stay with the university throughout the penalized time. For example, if there is a senior on the team who received gifts he should stay with the team.