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Recent Comments
I think we are a better team too and agree with everything you said, except that Peters is better than Waters. I think they are neck and neck. I think Ado will give Naz fits, and when Ado sits...here comes Holman and Reggie. We are unbelievably deep and balanced. I think there are 6 to 8 different people who can singlehandedly win a ball game for us. Nick, Q, Lamar, Aric, Tyson, Ado, Reggie, and Robert W.
I don't buy #2. I think it is a matter of his faith in Nick, not his dissatisfaction with Key.
Here is the truth. 1. We didn't have any big injuries, so we should be okay for the final two. 2. Alabama was good and we weren't going to beat them, but we killed ourselves all day. If we played with composure on offense and special teams we would have lost by two touchdowns. 3. Our coaching prep must be lacking. We have too many penalties (OL false starts, bad snaps, dropped balls, bad reads...i.e. Nick not pulling the trigger on the statue of liberty and taking a sack. Nick needs to throw the ball away more. Aeris Williams was wide open in the corner of the end zone when we were down there, but he didn't even look at him. There are too many to name.) This team has a bunch of upper classmen, but make penalties like fresh and sophs. That has to point to coaching preparation. 4. I love our Defense! 5. I still believe in Joe Moorhead and I'm not down about our team. The Florida game is the only one that kills me.
Florida didn't hire a recruiter. They hired a player developer. The recruiting ranks won't be a good indicator of a successful offseason. It will be confusing for a while.
We also had a better RB running game last year than this year. It was a true pick your poison. This year Fitz hasn't read that part as well. He has pulled the ball for QB runs more often. Aeris Williams set the tone in last year's game.
State's team is very balanced. They could make a huge jump, but last year it took a while for them to figure out their roles. They would have made the NCAA if they figured it out earlier. The x-factor is Peters. If he plays consistently good we will win a lot. Also, our bench should be much better with more talent. I think the best thing that happened is Xavier Stapleton transferring. That dude was a head case!
I personally hope y'all keep Bjork, but that's not the best thing for Ole Miss. I guessing Bjork is gone by New Years.
Of course he is. That's what college coaches do...recruit kids they've met.
I mean...it's Oct 31. Some of those teams will play each other, then some will fall. If LSU has two losses they are out. If Georgia has two losses they are out. If Alabama has one loss and they don't reach the SEC championship game they don't have good wins. Who knows what happens to them. Joe Klatt can throw a hissy fit, but it's premature.
We might be better with Landrews than Cole. Cole was solid, but Landrews might be a big moment type player. Also, narrowing down the WR corp gives the receivers more targets and opportunities. They seemed to be the more sure handed last game than any I can remember in more than 2 years.
Landrews was great...but, I left that game thinking Errol Thompson is a beast!
I don't get the UCF hate. I don't think they are on par with the top SEC teams, but they could beat good ones. If I were UCF, I would be making noise too.
Wrong. The correct answer is... Mississippi State: Nothing. No one knows anything about Mississippi State. Just when you think you've got them figured out...It changes!!!
I say we call for Nick's job again. If he responds like that when his spot is on the line...I'll keep calling for it the rest of the season.
That D is unreal. And, if we had a consistently good offense all year the numbers would be "all-time" good. It's not an insult to Moorhead to say that's the best D he will ever coach. It might be one of the best D we ever have.
It is frustrating. I also noticed tonight Nick likes playing with Aeris better than Kylin. Aeris is a better blocker and gives him more time to throw and is a better run blocker. It's not flashy, but I would start Aeris the rest of the season. With a skill set like Nick...you need to play the better blocker.
I know you are trying to take a jab, but it's a great question I like discussing. I'm in the minority...but I think Aeris Williams is by far the better blocker of the two backs, and that is one of the reasons why Fitz had more time throwing today. I just think Fitz plays better with Aeris than Kylin. Oh, and Aeris is a returning 1000 yard rusher.
That was the best QB-ing I've ever seen from Nicky Fitz. He threw catchable balls and not 145mph missiles every time. Tough break for A&M. They had no way of knowing Nick would play like that. Also, shout out to Osirus Mitchell. He pretty much lost the game against Florida. Tonight he looked like the receiver they kept talking about in the spring.
Felipe isn't fixed. But, he's not singlehandedly losing games like last year. That's good enough with that run game and defense.
Ouch. I hope you're wrong. Our future is still good based off of our players (KT, Hill, Defense), but hopefully this is a learning curve issue with the coach and not a competency issue.
Well, Fitz solution to not being able to get a ball to a receiver is "maybe I should throw it faster." It's never 1. throw early 2. with touch or 3. out in front of the receiver and let him go get it. Granted, some receivers haven't stepped up like they should, but Fitz doesn't give them much of a chance. KT does better simply because he doesn't throw as hard. It's kind of funny his inability to throw hard makes him a better passer.
KT can at least play as well at Nick has so far, so there is no loss in giving him meaningful snaps. At this point in the in the season it's time to make sure the rest of the senior class gets every chance to earn a bowl game. This season already counts towards KT's eligibility, so we lose nothing playing both him and Nick to see who the hot hand or who handles the offense best.