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This is interesting. I'm starting to think DB's will like playing at State since their offense/defense combination will cause a lot of teams to try to throw against them. That's a lot of coverage opportunities verses run stoppage.
Jaden Walley is my favorite receiver since Chad Bumphis. I think he will have an even better career. Possibly second only to Eric Moulds.
Wait...did Emmanuel Forbes leave Mississippi State? If not, he the starting CB over Furdge and Emerson.
^boom! Let Leach be Leach. If you don't, you're just going to be eternally frustrated.
I liked Lee Witherspoon. He's going to destroy at UAB.
Brilliant move by Javonte Payton. He has so much promise next year as a WR in this system.
He might not be the guy, but I think he is the guy that they wanted to move to defense and instead he wanted to play receiver.
If you've ever heard Bill Simmons talk about the NBA, he filters everything through the Boston Celtics. Danielson does this with Alabama.
But his commentary is biased. Someone, who had too much time on their hands and a bone to pick, published a study on how much more Danielson talked about Alabama during broadcasts of other team's games compared to everyone else in a season. The results were comical. I guess Alabama people wouldn't notice this as much, but if I'm watching State vs. let's say Kentucky Danielson tends to go on and on about Alabama instead of covering the teams playing.
I used to think like you, but I don't anymore. Now I fully believe in this theory: Draft the best player (they are cheap and that will be your future strength) then sign free agents for need (they are more expensive and you know you will use them immediately).
Well, I guess we don't have to worry about 2-0 this week. A&M plays ugly and made us play ugly. Congrats on the win. A&M deserved it.
I like how you ranked State 8 out of 14 teams and wrote, "If they win a pair of home games this week — vs. Texas A&M on Wednesday and Florida on Saturday — they will likely break into the top half of these rankings." Likely? If we happen to go 2-0 this week State might, maybe, could possibly, not certain, but you never know...slip to the number 7 seed.
If I remember right (admittedly, I could be wrong) was they felt it could create an unfair advantage for traditionally better schools. It was to stop teams from recruiting the top talent off of good teams to play in the SEC. Kind of like what Oklahoma was doing going from Baker to Kyler to Hurts at qb from other teams.* *The BIG12 doesn't have this rule so they could theoretically do this. **I'm not saying Oklahoma did this, but it is similar. For example, they could go after the BYU QB this year if he wasn't entering the draft. ***Also, I think it was triggered by Ole Miss, because I'm a State fan. (teasing)
He's a talented back, but he made the right call here. The two true freshmen were ahead of him in playing time. And, I'm sure Leach is bringing in his recruits for that spot as well.
I get it, but this guy has some great hands that we could miss next year.
It's been 5 days since anyone has commented on this or brought it up, and I bet I only hear about it maybe 1 or 2 more times before the next season. People were mad and embarrassed, but no real concerns. It was a fight on a football field. That's it. But, I will watch to see what happens in the suspensions and discipline.
It's what happens when you build a culture. If I remember right, Saban's first year at Alabama was a 5 win team.
Most of your reasons for being pessimistic are typical 1st year problems at every one of Leach's previous stops. He's made huge leaps the second year. Your reasons are identical to the reasons I'm optimistic. Silly mistakes will improve. The players who aren't bought in are gone. And the discipline issues will be reduced.
Ben Howland lost the game against Kentucky. We had the game won and there was a very simple offensive move that would have changed everything. Kentucky people can probably agree with this one. In the last 4 mins State kept running out the shot clock and set a high pick and roll with Adul Ado. Kentucky didn't care about Ado, so they doubled Iverson and DJ every time they came off the pick. State turned over the ball or missed contested shots every time. If State would have just switched the picker with Jalen Johnson or someone who could catch and drive it would have easily given them a bucket or two to stretch the lead. Congrats to Kentucky. We didn't deserve to win that one. Also, Allen was incredible! Do y'all know Cal wouldn't play him sooner?
This article sounds a lot like the conversations I've been having with the State grads around here. It's adding up to a promising 2021. Also, I don't think State is the only SECW program getting better next year.
I can think of about 4 or 5 on field fights with Mississippi State. All but two are against Ole Miss. The Iowa State thing was just bowing up to each other. I know Ole Miss was just as responsible for those on field fights as State. In my opinion, the Willie Gay and Garrett Schrader thing last year was worse. I believe Malik Heath was wrong for kicking the guy who fell and should face discipline. He was also one of the key instigators in the whole thing. But my point is people who watched the tape live, and rewatched it, tweeted about it, are all making immediate judgments that "must be handled or else...". And my point is "or else what?" The trend of people saying this can't be tolerated, etc, or else and then nothing permanent happens. Discipline runs it's course the player makes good life changing decisions or doesn't. I care much more what changes over the next 6-9 months than 2 days later. Miles Garrett is still in the NFL and was nominated for his good works this year. Jeffrey Simmons still plays for the Tennessee Titans and used that moment to speak to kids to help others. I'm a let's see what happens. This is where Moorhead failed, and I hope Leach does what's necessary.