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obdog, you have spoken the truth. Most people don't even mention Dan's greatest accomplishment...Chris Relf.
Mississippi State: The correct answer is Fred Smoot. I love Dak, but if you want an interesting press conference you bring "The Mouth of the South." If you are having a banquet to raise money...Dak. For entertainment and trash talk...Fred Smoot. Up and coming...Chris Jones.Fred Smoot: * "Man, we went 9-2. Georgia went 7-4. They might as well have put us playing on BET on Christmas Eve in the We Got Screwed Bowl." (On getting snubbed by the Outback Bowl) * "It's like this. 64% of the earth is covered by water and the rest is covered by Smoot!" (On how to cover SEC receivers) * "If you do my homework, I'll let you catch a pass" (To Vanderbilt's WR Todd Yoder, following an article in a Vandy student newspaper stating the intellectual superiority of Vandy and how MSU was a team made up of "less-intelligent" junior college players.) * "We watch receivers before the game. I noticed his shoes. I didn't like his shoes. I like to dress for a game. And this guy wasn't dressed for the game. It was like Corey Peterson's good and I was thinking he was going to come out all pretty and stuff. He came out there looking like a bum. And you know I had to say something about it." (On Ole Miss WR Corey Peterson's shoes) * "I've been working all week on what I'm going to say those men from BYU. These aren't young kids we're dealing with. These are men with families, mouths to feed. They'll want to hear something special since most of them are old enough to be my daddy." (On preparing for BYU)Person: Jonathan Papelbon. I would pick Will Clark for the fundraiser, but Papelbon for entertainment.
One of the best bets in the NFL draft is a second round Mississippi State player. For example, read any article on these players and their teams right now. 1. Darius Slay 2. Gabe Jackson 3. Preston Smith 4. Bennardrick McKinney 5. Chris Jones
You're right about his speed, but I still think as big as he is and as good at blocking as he was he could have found a spot if he moved. He was definitely never going to make it as an NFL receiver.
Thanks for your reply. It was helpful.
I would have thought Georgia would have been near Tennessee and Florida.
I agree it does look a little Minnesota Twins-ish. The only place this logo might work is on their basketball shorts.
Good move! He can always split wide if he needs to. This is exactly what DeRunnya Wilson should have done.
Some brands make a lot of money and have recognizable logos, but it doesn't mean they are the best looking logos.
Exactly, if it was an "Iconic" list...I would put 1. Alabama, 2. Tennessee, 3. LSU, 4. Georgia........
So, honestly, what do you like about the Alabama helmet? I bet it's tradition or nostalgia as a fan. It's generic...there is nothing "Alabama" about it except they were the only school to keep the number on the side. Other schools used to have the exact same helmet, but they changed it. I agree it is recognizable, but it's not "better looking."
Purely based off of color and logo...this is what my "trying to be unbiased" order would be:14. Alabama - number on one side? I get it. It's tradition, but it is boring. I'm not saying replace it. I'm just not a fan. You have a good "A" logo. Why didn't they switch to this back in the day? 13. Missouri - I think it is too busy. Maybe I don't understand the traditions, but I'm not a fan of their font. 12. A&M - I like A&M's traditions, but I agree with the article's statement about ATM. 11. LSU - I think they tried to put 2 logos on one helmet. LSU and the tiger. 9 (Tie). Miss. State - I disagree with the statement about the word "State" on the "M" in the article. It's just doesn't have the legacy the remaining logos in the SEC have. 9 (Tie). UK - I like centered font more than staggered. Also, not I prefer the remaining team's color schemes. 8. UV - Vanderbuilt's star with the V is the best logo. 7. Arkansas - I think the hog is a tad too small, but it's pretty cool. They should make it a little bigger. 6. UF - I like the gator script better than the gator image. But, they are both a little too cartoonish. ------ (The Best) 5. Carolina - The older I get the more I like their logo. I used to think it was too busy, but now I like the originality. 4. Auburn - I think they have the best colors in the SEC. 3. Georgia - The G is recognizable and sharp. 2. Tennessee - The checker board on the stripe is cool and the T carries the same look as the Georgia G. 1. Ole Miss - I'm a State fan/Alumni...but the Ole Miss script, colors, and variations are always top notch.(These are all personal preference.)
Mario Haggan? I love Mario Haggan, but not on this year's team. Linebacker might be our best defensive position. Here are some thoughts off the top of my head that would help our defense much more.Defense: 1. Fred Smoot 2. Walt Harris 3. Darius Slay 4. Jonathan Banks 5. Fletcher CoxIf Offense: 1. Dak (too easy a pick) 2. Eric Moulds 3. Jerious Norwood (he would kill in today's game) 4. Gabe Jackson 5. Porkchop Womack 6. Derrick Sherrod 7. Ben Beckwidth
This article gives me a fever. And, there is only one prescription for my fever.
If Fitz will just throw with the right pace on the pass he will be much improved. Last year he threw everything as hard as he possibly could until he settled down. What set Dak apart from Fitz's first year was throwing 'catchable balls'. My expectations are...I think he will.
Hey, I'm biased too. Personally, I agree with these rankings. He had better numbers than Hurts with less talent and less games. To tell the truth I didn't watch much Allen. Fitzgerald has no excused this year. Last year he didn't get to practice as the QB1 until the third game, so after a year with Mullen as the starting QB he should be improved as a passer.P.S. Arkansas fans, he kind of reminds me of Matt Jones.
I curious what the Florida fan base thinks about Pouncey being rated higher than Kearse. That one might be more even than I think, but my thought was Kearse was by far #1. And, for Ole Miss, Jon Avery should have never gone that early. I believe Trent Richardson for Alabama was a no-brainer.
Fair statement, but here is what you might not realize if you didn't follow State last year. I do think it will go up for the reasons I stated before and what follows. He didn't get the reps last year prior to the season that a starting QB should get. Not to mention it wasn't even 1/2 the reps. They split the preseason reps evenly between 4 different QBs (Elijah Staley, Damian Williams, Nick Tiano, and Fitz). How can you develop chemistry when you aren't even throwing to the first string? That is why his number jumped significantly after the 6th game of the season. Additionally, he didn't play QB in high school until his Senior year. He supposedly threw less than 100 passes in high school. That means last year was pretty much the first time he threw regularly in a real football game. I tried to find the number of dropped passes in 2016 because there were a lot but I couldn't find it. I'm sure with a year of getting used to the ball flying out of Fitz's hands the receivers will be better at finishing completions (ex. see the reputation of Fred Ross go from 'sure handed' with Dak to 'he drops too many passes' with Fitz. Finally, the ranking of QBs in this article isn't just throwing, but it's called Quarterback so running counts. So, that's why I rank him second.
This is going to be fun.The QB ranking seems to be a guess based off of potential for some and regression for others. You are either expecting the best collective QB performance in recent years in the west or you are expecting regression from 1st year starters to their 2nd year. Let's breakdown your Fitz is the 5th best QB in the west prediction. You are saying Dan Mullen, respected QB developer, will not be able to develop Fitz to be a better QB after last season. You probably remember last season he was fighting and splitting reps with 4 other QBs for the starting spot all preseason through the first 3 games of the season which meant it limited his development and understanding of the offense. This year he is clearly the starter, received all of the reps and attention, has a year of understanding the offense better, he's behind a more experienced o-line (including Martinas Rankin who is a projected first rounder), with a more experience RB blocking and running the read option, and a starting tight end who isn't a freshman anymore. The only thing you seem to base the regression off is the loss of Fred Ross, who will be a big loss, instead of all of the advantages listed above. The QB's you placed in front of him he outperformed head to head except for Hurts who got to play against State's terrible defense while Fitz played against Alabama's. I know you have to take some risky projections, but I would place Fitz second because the next season's game plan will not include "don't run" like in the spring game.
A&M is one team that I don't think the media mistreats or sets unfair expectations. I believe the expectations for them are mostly reasonable as opposed to other universities (ex. Auburn in previous years with J.J.). They always have star players and high recruits to fill out the team. I think it boils down to the team culture and not necessarily the game plans that cause the drop off during the season. Honest I mistaken with this view?
Upgrading facilities works to an extent, but just about every program has incredible facilities to this point. You might not like him, but what Harbaugh is doing at Michigan by having satellite camps and practicing a week in Rome is the next level of distinguishing your program from another to compete. He can even sell the Rome trip as educational.
I wouldn't bet a dime on any Mississippi State game all year. They are capable of winning and losing just about every game. (1 year away.)
Did you know Patrick Willis was 6'4" and 217 lbs. his senior year? I didn't, but I looked it up.
I get why you put Fitz where he is based on his performance in the spring game, but I bet that's not where you would put him if you create a preseason SEC QB power ranking in August.Dan made Chris Relf a dangerous QB. I have no doubt Fitz will be pretty special.
Evan Engram is the steal in the draft if he drops to the second round. I hope the Cowboys pick him up.
Additionally, I wish they would have released a shoe for all the Nike partners in the SEC.
I'm not sure if this is right, but it might be helpful to understand why they chose Tennessee. According to Walmart, Arkansas collegiate product sales are third in the nation behind Alabama and Ohio State. This is probably where most of their sales come from. Nike doesn't sell products in Walmart, so it is possible Tennessee sells more nike products than Arkansas. Again, I was interested and had a theory, so I dug a little. This might not be correct, but it's a possible answer.