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My favorite player for very team other than State was completely dependent on who was the most fun to watch. Cam was magic that year. He came from behind at Alabama, outran Patrick Peterson in the end zone, and even that scramble against Arkansas State was crazy fun.
Ala - Freddie Milons Ark - Darren McFadden Aub - Cadillac Williams Florida - Percy Harvin Georgia - "Healthy" Nick Chubb UK - Jared Lorenzen LSU - "Heathy" Leonard Fornette State - Dak Prescott Mizzou - Chase Daniels Ole Miss - A.J. Brown South Carolina - "Healthy" Marcus Lattimore Tennesse - Cordarrelle Patterson Texas A&M - Johnny Manziel Vandy - Jay Cutler
Yeah, but it was the best part of this post. Also, maybe we should just hire the Texas coach. She was pretty good.
Thanks for writing this. I really enjoyed it. Bad takes make for a fun comment section. My worst take was thinking the only reason Tommy Stevens came to State was to be a Graduate Assistant and get into coaching with the Coordinator he knew best. My best take from last year was thinking not giving Keytaon Thompson the starting job was a terrible idea. Gosh, I wish Keytaon had been given a chance at State. I'll never understand that.
Actually, I would remove Rafael and replace him with Bailey Howell.
I didn't see your post. I put Dak, Will Clark, Rafael P., Jake Mangum. In hindsight, I probably should have put Bailey Howell.
For State I would take Dak Prescott, Will Clark, Rafael Palmero, Jake Mangum. (3 Baseball players)
I can't stop myself. There are sooooo many people better than Collin Sexton at their sport. Chris Jones and Darius Slay come to mind.
Chris, this is an impossible task, so I won't bash it too bad. Bam Adebayo was an All-star this year with Collin Sexton not even on the ballots.
I guess this means a lot of our QB room is transferring.
I lived in Arkansas when McFadden was in college and that team was super fun.
I'm not there with you. Tebow earned that one, but McFadden should have won his sophomore year.
I wouldn't put Jarvis on the list either. He wouldn't make State's all-time starting 5.
In college, I take Dan Issel. In basketball in general, Shaq. (I actually typed Shaq's name before I double checked the history.)
The disrespect to Bailey Howell on this list is unbelievable. 5 seed? He was the best player in the SEC and would have gone number 1 in the NBA draft if not for a guy named Wilt Chamberlain. He was 2x player of the year averaging 27.1 and 17. And you put Grant Williams #3?!!! What in the world dude! Bailey wasn't a bust in the pro's either. He was a key member of the Celtic's run in the 60's. Adam, I don't think you even tried on this bracket with State players. The crazy part've got all the time in the world right now. Here's some names: Jeff Malone, Eric Dampier, Robert Lawrence, Timmy Bowers... Anyways, Pete Maravich is the best player ever in the SEC. All SEC starting 5: Pete Maravich, Chris Jackson (MAR), Dominique Wilkins, Bailey Howell, Dan Issel.
Thanks for putting in the work! This is one of my favorite articles in a while on SDS. I haven't had the chance to look into K.J. and what to expect. My biggest frustration with Tommy last year was he wouldn't make a quick decision. He had arm talent, but couldn't let it rip. K.J. seems to trust it more which should make it easier for the receivers since they can expect the ball coming. Also, Micheal, I think you should make this a reoccurring article for all QBs in the conference. These are the type of articles that most of us want ("show your sources" for opinions). Great job!
Were we heavy on d-linemen or just have excellent linemen? I don't ever remember having more than 4 on the field.
It's not new, but it will be newer to our team. We were heavy on linebackers, but using an extra safety will hopefully help us get more turnovers this year. We gave up a lot of big plays last year. More speed should cut that down.
Yeah. I like him, but I also don't question what Leach thinks. I've given up on the whole QB preference thing. I couldn't believe Moorhead shoved Keytaon aside in favor of Tommy, who never started in high school or at Penn State against the Big10, to play in the SEC west.
Nick Richards is way better than I thought he would be. I didn't think Kentucky's length would hurt us because we are long too, but I was way wrong. What killed me was the in game coaching decision. Kentucky clearly chose to double Perry in the post (which is smart), but we never took advantage of it. I wish Howland would have encouraged the team to post Perry, pass to him, and run quick screens off ball where Perry could hit open cutters and spot-ups. We never took what Kentucky gave us. Calipari outreached Howland on Tuesday.
I think Missouri has a long way to go to top Texas in high school coaching.
Smaller receivers don't matter as much as it used to. Also, it seems like he has a decent catch radius for a 5'10" guy. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up being a difference maker.
Not only are the starters good, but I never wanted one to get hurt because the backup is just as good and he is fresh. Mid-season Alabama with injuries is the best time to play them. Later in the season Alabama is tough, because our backups are true backups.
My hope is they keep winning and we keep winning. More SEC teams in the tourney the better.