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I have no idea what to think of Ta'amu. He could be a bust or the next rookie QB to take the NFL by storm. I have no idea which one he is.
I watched the game and have to say Alabama is a bad matchup for Tennessee. They are a long, athletic, and aggressive team. I always liked Petty and felt like he was unfairly overshadowed by Colin Sexton last year (who I personally thought was overrated as a basketball player.) Alabama lost some games they could have won this year and are much better than their record.
That sounds a little like State. We tightened up down the stretch of two 50/50 games which we lost to SC and Ole Miss. I feel like it might have woke us up because our defense finally started trying and we pulled out a win against Florida and blew out Vandy with the D. I still like our chances in any game, but there aren't very many pushovers this year.
I think the offense will work when they have a quarterback that can run the offense. Nick was great, but it wasn't a good fit for Joe and Nick. Nick had a tendency to always pull for the run. I wouldn't be surprised if he pulled around 80% of the time when he should have handed it off. He seemed to make the running back the counter attack when he should have been the counter. I feel like it was really tough for a running back to get in the groove and get going this year.
Why is that? Why don't they draft the UGA guys?
Not this year. My fandom thinks Chris Jones should be third, but without a doubt 1 and 2 are set in stone. You could switch 3-5 in any order. 7 & 8 are correct. And, who knows 9 & 10...those could be anyone not listed.
I'm not wild about this scheduling. One thing I thought was brilliant by Dan Mullen was when we had a cupcake game it was always against a team in our recruiting area (S. Alabama, Southern Miss, La Tech...etc). This allowed more potential recruits to watch the game. I realize the game is at State but cousins and younger brothers from New Mexico won't be potential recruits down the road. Cupcakes are necessary so teams should maximize the potential impact when they have them.
I'm sure he cares more about what his fiancé, a former Miss. Universe, likes.
I actually believe people were unfair to UCF last year. I think they were good and they were doing everything they could to bring their story to national attention last year. I'm sure there were high school football players that saw the UCF stories and are now considering them since they are relevant. However, I just don't understand the QB's comment, because of their argument last year. If he believes they are a better team/program than Florida. Then he needs to give back his championship ring from last year. The argument last year was "UCF beat Auburn who beat Bama and UGA, so they are the real champs." But this year...Florida beat LSU who beat UCF meaning he has to believe Florida is better than UCF if he believes his championship ring is real. It doesn't make logical sense to believe both statements.
Speed! We needed a guy with speed on the outside. Hopefully, he can help Guidry and Mitchell stretch the field. Kylin will be way better with space next year too.
I'm not sure what Moorhead did to you, but I hope he never does it again.
I didn't even catch that. I just knew if LSU beat you we would have been 3rd. I didn't realize you would have finished 2nd in the west. I would say that's pretty good for a 1st year coach in the SEC West.
I don't want him to pick State. I want to see what Keytaon can do for two more years, instead of Kelly for one.
It's not a free pass. Their resume' would still be better than Oklahoma's and Ohio State's. ND is in. The real questions is...if Clemson loses are they left out? the state of Florida. (I finished your sentence for you.)
I would put Stoops and Dan up there. Stoops worked a long time to get Kentucky to where they could have a season like this. Dan cleaned up a toxic environment. Orgeron's troubles were kind of his own fault, but he made them good this year. But, they are still behind Florida in the end of year rankings. So, my vote is Dan Mullen. Note: *Easy to overlook, but Nick Saban killed it this year as a coach. He kept a really good backup QB on the team when everyone thought he was going to transfer. Kept the locker room and dominated all year. Offensively they were greatly improved and their defense got better as the season played out.
Good for him. He had a lot to overcome to even be considered for this.
We certainly didn't do our part to keep the West on top.
We are 6th in the SEC, so there is not way we can land at the Citrus. Even with Bama and Georgia in the NCAA, Florida and LSU claiming big bowls that still leaves Kentucky in the Citrus. 1. Alabama, 2. Georgia, 3. Florida, 4. LSU, 5. Kentucky, 6. State, 7. A&M, 8. Missouri Am I missing something?
This poll is a perfect example of how hard it is to win every game in the SEC. Alabama and Georgia had incredible seasons. Florida, LSU, and Kentucky were way better than many (including myself) thought. State is the only team that's even a little disappointed. A&M is ahead of schedule with Jimbo. And, only Kentucky looks like they are taking a step back next year with the loss of Snell and Allen. But, I don't think they will be an easy out.