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....or, I'll also take Tommy Stevens becomes the greatest QB in Mississippi State history.
I fear this will hinder Keytaon's development. I'm high on Key's gamesmanship and potential. I wrote a while back when Nicky Fitz and Shea Patterson were having great years in the state that I thought Keytaon will probably be the best QB on the field that day. I'm hoping...this is a "I want to get into coaching move" by Tommy Stevens and he has a good relationship with the staff. So, maybe he becomes a grad assistant next year and begins that process this year as a 5th year guy that knows the program.
The only team I remember with a similar strength of pitchers was the last year of Butch Thompson as the pitching coach.
I'm more impressed with how much weight he's lost than what he's saying. Way to go Joe!
This wasn't an interview. This was a fundraising, booster recruiting, and ticket sales event. Of course, he's going to say things like this.
Daniel Gafford must have had some amazing games against other teams, but I never saw him do well against State. What makes him good? Because, he could never really get going against Ado and Aric.
It's reopen my recruiting season! A while back one of my co-Bulldogs fans got mad at me for posting something along the lines of "It's great to have you as a bulldog...until you reopen your commitment." after someone announced they were committing to State. My point was committing really doesn't mean much because kids are making commitments before they actually make all the visits and go through the recruiting process. I'm convinced more than ever commitment doesn't mean commitment, but really means this is my favorite school right now.
I think the Florida game was way more telling than the Kentucky game. That was the most winnable game I saw us lose last year. And, it was a "are we going to tweak our plan to fit the QB" or "are we going to continue to miss open plays" game. We chose to miss the open plays. I'm a believer in Moorhead and think this years team will be more fun to watch on offense. Missing the spring and summer for Nick was WAY bigger than anyone mentioned last year. I'm glad Luginbill emphasized it.
Lee Corso used to announce in the booth with Kirk Herbstreet on Thursday night games. Tommy Kelly didn't start but was clearly the most disruptive player on the DL for some decent State teams. He was way out of shape and couldn't stay on the field. They would announce when Tommy went on the field "And, here comes Tommy on the field" and then laugh after one play "And Tommy's tired, so here comes Tommy off the field." They did this over and over. They called him the best player in the nation that only plays 8 snaps a game.
Also, his UK game was by far his worst. (And, State's as well)
I honestly don't know where Kylin Hill should rank. But, the article didn't list the stat that proved his potential. He was 6.3 yards per carry. He was either greatly underused last year or injured. Splitting time with Aeris Williams took away from him as well as Nick pulling the ball on his reads 75% of the time. The only game they used him properly was the Kansas State game which was Nicky Fitz's first game back after his suspension. He was still working back into the offense and relied on Kylin which is when Kylin went for 200+ and 2 rushing TDs and 1 receiving TD. There were games where Kylin only got 5 carries, which was crazy!
I can't tell you how much Johnson means to the QB development under Mullen. That dude is a miracle worker.
This is a tougher year than the past with the QBs in the SEC. I was also thinking arm strength should be Franks. He threw that bomb to beat Kentucky a couple seasons ago and it was unreal. I love your accuracy on Tua with mind of Fromm. I didn't see enough of Joe to really get a feel for what he did well. And if you have to separate Arm and Body...I might put Keytaon (6'4" & 230). He's unproven, but you can't fake size that can move. Definitely, Kelly's legs and Mond should have something but I have no idea what.
We get a lot of hype as a football conference, but we are truly the baseball conference.
He was probably the best blocking back in the SEC last year. He can catch and run a little too. My guess is if you want to keep Luck healthy he is a good keeper.
Why not, at Tampa Bay? If injuries, poor play, and suspensions come...kick the tires and see what he's got.
I hope we don't take him. I would rather develop our younger guys Keytaon and Jared to see what they have. Why waste a year with a grad transfer that wasn't even that good?
Just in time. That could have cost a little bit of money...and possibly a lawsuit.
But...I would have loved to see him next year with Reggie and Woodard running lanes for oops and dunks. I feel he could have used the year, but it probably wouldn't have gotten him drafted. Might as well give the development league and euroball a shot.
I'll miss tournament Lamar. The rest of the time he was fun but inconsistent.
I have no idea what to expect this season. I keep hearing the secondary and linebackers are good, but I would rather have a good d-line. The offense has to look better than last year and a healthy Kylin is a huge key. I actually feel pretty good about the QBs but the receivers and TEs have to catch the ball this year. My guess is another 8-5 season.
Good idea by Dunning. He wasn't going to get to play this year either and I'm sure he didn't want to go his whole life wishing he could have played college ball. Best of luck to him! Also, JoMo looks like he lost a little weight. Good for him.