Diehard Gator fan for almost 50 years and now live in Gainesville proper so I have a bird's eye view of my favorite college sports program.

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Beth Mowins had me wishing Verne Lundquist was doing the Gators-Vandy game and every time Verne Lundquist does a Gator game I would take Gilbert Gottfried over him. And Gottfried knows nothing about football. Oh wait a minute!! Neither does Beth Mowins!
Total and complete crap. First Long asked McElwain after the FIRST Gator practice. Who is going to reveal their QB then especially when it is your first practice as the Gators Head Ball Coach and you only have TWO SEC able QBs on your roster? Nobody. Did Coach Mac lie to Long? Who knows. Who cares? It's not a big deal in my universe who takes the first snap of the spring football practice season. It is a big deal who takes the first snap the first game week.Long was looking for a story and when Mac didn't bite he made himself the story. As for who starts keep in mind Harris did have a hurt thumb on his throwing hand which affected his passing. He's also a baller, a winner and should never be counted out. On the surface it looks like Grier. He fits the Mac system profile to a "T" but you just never know till it's game time and it gets real. In the mean time we Gator fans should just settle back because the real work has started and for the first time in awhile we should see an actual passing game from our Gators no matter who is tossing the ball. Personally let the best man win. I know it had to be mentioned Harris is black and Grier is white but to Gator Nation they are Orange and Blue and it all comes down to who gets the job done.