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Well everyone...after witnessing the game in person...Sanford Stadium was the defining factor in this game. I have traveled to almost all of Notre Dame’s away games for 28 years after graduating from the University and being a part of the Coach Lou Holtz 88’ National Champions as a Left Guard. In all those travels as a player or fan, I have never seen or heard a fan base like the one Saturday night in Georgia!!! Truly a remarkable atmosphere. I have read all the comments on this tread and will be honest. 2 very evenly matched teams faced off Saturday night. A slugfest of incredible measure. Neither team should be upset or disappointed by what incurred. Kirby said it best at the end...”neither team deserved to lose!!!” Both opponents left all they had on the field and in a game like this, Georgia capitalized more breaks into a victory. The noise was absolutely incredible and every Georgia fan in attendance should be commended for helping as the 12th man metaphor!!! I’ve never heard anything like it...and after watching the game yesterday when I got home, the TV version sounds only a fraction of what it truly was!!! In regards to Coach Kelly...I would like to say this without bruising egos because this is absolutely true...he recruits and coaches at the highest level possible!!!... In today’s world, yet not completely unlike 30 years ago, Notre Dame has become an extremely difficult university for top talent to whole-heartedly consider. There are standards and requirements that many 4 & 5 Star athletes just don’t want to accept. This is by no means a knock on them or the other top 10 schools and arguments can be made all day by diehard fan bases, but when presented with the accountability of class attendance and community requirements, a premier athlete simply using college as a stepping stone for future expectations, is not going go through the hassle of educational riggers. This is the biggest hurdle Notre Dame has in’s simply the truth no matter how many may disagree. I know it’s different and anyone who says it’s not and all the brand name schools are similar in their class attendance requirements, is simply not telling the truth. This is the basis on why many hate Notre Dame and find it hard to grant them respect when they field talent close to the equal measure of others like Georgia, Clemson, Alabama, etc. We’re not in a conference and never will be. We also have never played a Division II school or deluted our schedule with easy wins. Ohio State, Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Clemson and so on in the top 10, have incredible programs and no doubt our Elite teams. They simply don’t need to provide cupcakes a chance to earn money to visit. They also should stop using the argument that they have a conference championship game because if you take away the 2 games a year that mean nothing but revenue for their universities... the argument is mute. It’s gotten tired and people like Paul Finebaum use it as a security blanket these days because he’s ignorant of admitting facts and would rather preach false accusations for selfish defense and fear of reality!!! I have always loved the teams Notre Dame has produced because I believe if you choose to play at Notre Dame, you are committing yourself to a higher standard, bottom line. I have always loved the recruits who remains loyal to roots and attends his favorite school. I have always loved the top recruits who choose the easier path to stardom. Life is hard enough and if one decides to venture the course of less no means should his Character be judged harshly but rather embraced. After all, these are still just boys playing a game we all love. No matter where they play, they provide us fans remarkably memorable moments like the one I’ll never forget Saturday night!!! were Wonderful!!! God Bless College Football!!! And Yes... Go Irish!!!
This game will be won by the team who catches and takes advantage of the most lucky breaks it’s offered. It doesn’t matter what analysts say about past accomplishments or schedule to this point. Both Georgia and Notre Dame field teams capable of contending for the Title. College football games as we know transitions as it plays out on the field within the moment. Any sense of a momentum swing can be taken advantage of to turn a close contest into a route. One play can ignite a lopsided victory. Clemson was not 28 points better than Alabama nor were they 27 points better than the Irish...but they sure took advantage of all the momentum possibilities that were presented. We are all very aware that Texas beating Georgia last year was not a lopsided victory. This is a year where anyone in the top 8 can win the National Championship on any given night. Even with the lose to LSU...Texas is a #9 team. They’re very talented & definitely better than Michigan or Florida!!! Between Georgia and Note Dame...this is a very evenly matched contest. Both teams have strengths that outweigh the weaknesses. The team that embraces the most moments that accompany a momentum shift, will win. I don’t see a close finish...yet I see a comfortable victory for the one that capitalizes on the mistakes the fastest. Georgia can run anyone out of their stadium as fast as Notre Dame can pass. If Georgia defends the Irish pass game...they win easily. If Notre Dame defends the run...they win easily. I don’t believe you’re going to see anything that counters this analysis. I don’t see Georgia running well and Notre Dame passing well on the same night to make it a competitive game until the end. Though I’d love it, I don’t believe we see another 20-19...1 score. I truly think the winner is going be ahead by 2 or more scores. Yes, as many may have assessed...I’m an Irish Fan!!! I pray and hope it’s an Irish Night!!! But I’ve truly loved staying in touch with the incredible Georgia fans I met in South Bend and can’t wait to experience the game with them Saturday night as I travel to Athens with my family to watch this matchup with them in Sanford Stadium!!! Games like this is why College Football is the greatest game!!! If Notre Dame ever joins a conference...which will never happen in my life time... I only hope they’re as intelligent as us Alumni assume...and join the SEC!!! What a fiasco that would make throughout the country!!! It would be Legendary!!! Go Irish!!!
This should be a great game between 2 teams who’ve come to be an eyelash away from Alabama & Clemson and are evenly matched. This is the year where everyone in the top 8 has finally become capable of competing for the Title. I know Georgia fans would hate this...but I like Texas too. I believe they should be #9 despite the LSU lose. Very talented team. Between Georgia & ND...each side has it’s strengths and weaknesses. I believe the fact that this game is in Georgia is going to be an advantage to the Irish. Yes it’s true...we play our best ball on opposing fields. After 46 years, I’ve still never understood why it’s that way. Though they lost at Clemson and Florida St. in their last visits, the preparation was complete. A little bit of luck one way or the other is going to determine the winner in Saturday nights game. I believe this is the game of the year and will be as exciting as any over the season. This is going to be a great year for a few new faces to compete for the playoffs. I love the SEC and wish the Irish were in this conference.
Paul Finnbaum has an absolutely incredible hard time saying much good about anyone except Alabama. Not only is he outdated, his reputation is that of...”Non-Relavant” on his own stage of being a college football analyst. “How Anyone believes what he says just plain ignorant!!!” The fact that the SEC would associate any of it’s schools to one of his oppinions is a terrible reflection on the conference!!! His hatred of Notre Dame is inspired only by the fact that he wasn’t accepted there because they don’t offer admission to individuals that want to major in “Dreaming” he was able to live in Nick Saban’s Rear Hole!!! Just as he believes Notre Dame should never be allowed back in the Playoffs...he should never be allowed to comment on anything outside of being a has been who truly never really Was!!! Let’s face it Paul...your 5 seconds of fame were up the day you looked into the mirror to comb your hair before your graduation from Idiot College Prep!!! You Dreamed Big...and fooled the Ignorant into making yourself believe you Matter in the World of College Football!!! Go Irish!!!