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Your coach is an evil human being. Now of course I wanted my Tide to win the SECCG. He threatened to break Florida in his halftime rant, shouted expletives on live TV, when he finishes coaching, he might end up in a cell.
You are an evil human being, just like your coach who didn't beat Alabama in the SECCG.
Well, we might see LSU here soon. It's odd to not see LSU being ranked. Hopefully it can happen soon.
No, it's nothing against LSU. But it's just the way how he tries to act like he is from Louisiana. Take Joe Moorhead at Mississippi State for example. He was fired with an overall winning MISSISSIPPI STATE!!! They deemed him to not be a "cultural fit". But I hope you guys can succeed.
This sucks. I hope Kentucky can still be good next season.
Or maybe 9-3. But definitely not ten regular-season wins.
I just don't see it. Kelly in his first two seasons at ND went 8-5, and has a bad cultural fit. That is why I miss Coach O. Even if he didn't produce after 2019, Coach O represented Louisiana as best as he could. I predict LSU finishes at best, 7-5.
Oh really Negan? That's like saying Notre Dame has a good football history so they should be in the CFP every year. JT Daniels did not impress at USC. Stetson is better. I have always wanted Stetson to be the starter; he is much improved from last season. I like Stetson though.
JT Daniels is overrated as f**k. He is no Heisman candidate. JT Daniels just has hype as a former five-star QB. LOL. That is like saying a first-round NFL pick is a guaranteed Pro Football hall of famer.
Well, I love my Tide, but it's hard to blame the people who are upset. We already played them in the SECCG game once, so this might be boring. Last time, it was in Atlanta in 2018. Now, it's in no-man's land for the SEC in Indianapolis. Indianapolis is a very boring city despite being the 15th largest in the country. I want us to win, but wish it come against another team. That being said, Roll Tide all day baby!
Nonsense. We will win it all. #winningisneverboring
Oh really? Michigan is getting their @ss kicked by Georgia. Cincinnati actually kept it respectable until the early fourth quarter.
huh? why would we be sorry for winning all the time? I wouldn't be sorry for winning another natty.
But that's what makes them cocks. Lame ¢0¢k$μ¢k&r$.
Well, at least these 'Cocks have the first bowl victory for the SEC.
JT Daniels is so overrated. JT was just a five-star coming out of high school, that's all. He lost his job at USC, was just average when playing, and he is not elite. Stetson is much better.
I hope you get better, Coach O'Brien. We love you! Roll tide!
Stop with the political stuff already. For God's sake, this is a FOOTBALL site, not a political, woke, one.