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Well, not really, but I do mean that getting to our first Final Four ever is a big accomplishment and calls for celebration. Sorry, bud, but I wouldn't say Kentucky is quite a football school yet lol even though Calipari couldn't make it past the 64. You guys deserve better. Thank you for your kind words, but Kentucky deserves better too.
Let's hope we can get it! Clemson already defeated us on our home hardwood earlier, so let's get even!
Roll Tide baby! I hope we win! Let's not just be known for football prowess, but basketball can be a side hustle too!
You know, you Auburn fans did not treat Bryan Harsin fairly. At least Harsin was 6-2 start in his first season. He didn't lose to New Mexico State. Harsin was more competitive than Freeze in the bowl games. And they both have the same record to end their first seasons at 6-7.
We miss you, Pirate. Thank you for being around. There will never be another polarizing and amazing figure just like you. We miss you (teary-eyed).
I know we're not a basketball school just yet, and football will always be the sport we're most known for, but we love to be better than a traditional power.
May your legacy live on Coach Leach! You left us way too soon! You will be missed!
I had the utmost respect for you, Coach Leach. May your legacy live on. We all miss you. HAIL STATE and God Bless your family!
Well guess what? You must be talking from your @sshole because you have one you ¢0¢k$u¢ker! broke my heart. You could have won the game. I hate Kirby Smart, and he needs to be dead soon!
Well, I have been trying to point this out. You see, Kentucky shouldn't have lost to South Carolina, but VANDERBILT! Allowing VANDERBILT to snap a 26-game SEC losing streak and beat you on your HOME FIELD? That's ridiculous. Seriously, though, when will Kentucky compete for SEC East Titles? It's true what Calipari said. You guys will always be a "basketball school". When will Kentucky not lose games they should win? South Carolina should have never won against you, let alone Vanderbilt. But with Vanderbilt, even worse was that you had ALL your main starters. How do you lose to VANDERBILT? This is a Vanderbilt squad who last won on the road against a Chad Morris-led Arkansas team in 2018, and how does Vanderbilt stun you as a 17-point underdog?
You know, though I trolled Kentucky after their win vs. Florida, I actually secretly liked them. But it's a shame they lost to Vanderbilt. FƱ¢KIN' VANDERBILT! Seriously Kentucky, how does VANDERBILT win against YOU on your HOME FIELD??????? You're better than this, are you? I was going to support you against UGA next week, but I'm out of luck. I hate UGA.
Well the Citrus Bowl certainly won't be our standard, but hey, Auburn would kill to just go there. At least we've won all our appearances under Coach Saban. Sorry to troll Auburn. I respect you and don't mean to make fun of you when you're down, but try to go to an upper-tier bowl if not an NY6 in the next few years. Find your right candidate. Sorry for everything you've had to go through, and I just could feel being in your shoes. But we don't want to go to a Citrus Bowl.
As sad as this is, it's unfortunately true. All of us Tide fans want to win the title every year. But even though we never get bored of winning all the time, six national championships is nothing to scoff about. Even if Saban is declining (which I doubt because Bowden and Petrino coached until both were at least 80), he will forever be the GOAT. It's like Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson in 2004 was not a big name anymore, but in his peak, Michael Jackson was the most talented singer and dancer to ever be one. When Michael Jackson passed away however, we all remembered him for his prior accomplishments, even if he hadn't accomplished any of them in the recent years. So yeah, in 2007, even though Michael Jackson wasn't famous for music anymore and well past his prime, he still remains arguably the best singer and dancer to ever be one. Same for Saban. If he doesn't win any more titles, he still will be the GOAT even if he regresses horribly, like Bowden did. We don't remember Bobby Bowden for his final years, but his two national championships that he brought to Tallahassee.
Oh, honestly, this is RIDICULOUS that this has to be discussed! We perhaps are just having an off-year! It was in 2019 too we had an off-year! Then we came back the following year and won it all! Look, I'm not Negan, I give my honest opinion and try to be kind about it. But it's like saying when we lost 44-16 to Clemson our dynasty was "over". Dabo has only won TWO titles at Clemson and I don't know when he will win another, if ever. Not this season, obviously. But when Finebaum said the dynasty was closing in 2019 after the 48-45 loss to Auburn, we proved him wrong against an all-SEC schedule the following year. And even if we didn't win the title last year, we still won convincingly against Georgia in the SECCG game. Kirby had to make some big adjustments. We originally defeated the title winner. We handed THEM their only loss last season. They didn't go 15-0 because of US. And I doubt the dynasty is closing, because when people said Clemson's dynasty was starting, they didn't make the playoff for the first time since 2014 last year and probably will not again this season. Maybe Clemson might not be elite without Trevor Lawrence, but I know for sure Paul is not being prophetic. He's making inaccurate predictions about our future and just overreacting to them. How does he know?
I don't know who was worse, him or Chad Morris. Chad Morris should have never been hired at Arkansas in the first place. But Scott saw success at Clemson, more than Chad as he was part of Clemson's two titles, so what if he returned to Clemson? Would they be elite again?
I want Mississippi State not just to cover, but win!
Hey Mississippi State, go beat Georgia next week at home! Make those cowbells LOUD at a night home game!
Yeah, LSU rushed the field when they beat Georgia in 2018!
Yes! Thank you Tidefan8*5. You know, I'm not a troll. I give my genuine opinion on everything.
HA! Said the same exact thing two years ago! Even Tebow had to correct him! Don't get too complacent Paul about us having two losses! We took it personally, and then we won the natty exactly ONE YEAR later!
^^^^^Thank you! They just beat us three years ago, and are now acting like this is the first time ever! Lucky to beat us! It wasn't even a convincing win! It was out of a lucky gutsy two-point conversion!
Yes, indeed! The year after we went 11-2 in 2019, we won the natty and were undefeated the following year against an ALL-SEC SCHEDULE! Fxck the haters! Bobby Bowden got to be coach until he was 80, so Saban is only 71. He has nine more years!
LOL don't tell me you had sympathy for Gus.