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LOL I can't wait! Bryan Harsin, I hope, will be a great coach. Welcome to the state of Alabama, Coach Harsin! And coincidentally, he followed Malzahn at Arkansas State the year after Malzahn left. So what if Bryan Harsin becomes Malzahn 2.0?
Dude, I don't know how OAN is a racist-network. It's just a pro-Trump channel. And plus, Mike Gundy has a right to wear what he wants, he is the coach. People shouldn't make a big deal out of his interests. What if a player wanted a Louis Farrakan shirt and wore it, and Louis Farrakan was a separatist? It's not the double standard.
Better not be. I hate Georgia and their coach. Not just the football team, but the STATE of Georgia itself.
Cam Newton=OVERRATED. While he's not a bust, he's not elite, not even decent. Since that Super-Bowl reaching season, he has definitely regressed. I don't want to hear the excuses. Jarrett Stidham should have gotten the chance, he needs to grow and learn! Cam Newton SUCKS! He better not return to Foxborough in 2021!
Yeah, but they become drafted for a reason. The NFL drafts QBs to be franchise QBs like Patrick Mahomes and Drew Brees.
Congratulations Coach Harsin!
Taking Mac Jones that high? That's a reach. Mac Jones shouldn't be taken that high, more of a mid-first round pick at best. He could have a Mitch Trubisky-like NFL career.
But you are terrible! LSU was a one-hit wonder! And that national championship season can be taken away because of the sexual allegation on the campus, possibly forcing the school to vacate all the wins like Notre Dame in 2012 and USC in 2005.
Asterisk? Even this were a normal year, if LSU lost to Mississippi State, Alabama, Texas A&M, Auburn, and Missouri, and very likely Florida, would you put an asterisk? Auburn didn't put an asterisk after winning the title. Vanderbilt has gone winless many times in SEC play. You put an asterisk?
They gotta stop with covid. Covid "only" has 280,000 deaths. That's less than the population of Atlanta proper, and even Anchorage, AK proper! Lane Kiffin was cheating!
It sucks that the Aggies couldn't play. I think Lane Kiffin's squad was intentionally dodging A&M so they wouldn't lose. Plus, COVID is the problem? No notable college player or coach has died from it. Just let them play! COVID is nothing! 99% recovery rate, CANCER has more deaths than COVID. LSU had players with COVID but everyone lived. And Nick Saban survived too! The SEC needs to stop with these postponements. They robbed Jimbo Fisher! If ONE Ole Miss player succumbs to COVID, let me know. COVID is a hoax! Aggies need the Playoff! #GIGEM
Hey guys, I think Vanderbilt should hire an offensive-minded coach. Jeff Fisher sounds good. He has a winning-record as an NFL head coach. Yeah, yeah, I know. Jim Harbaugh led his NFL team to a Super Bowl. He can't meet expectations at Michigan, but Michigan has the most wins in college football. Vanderbilt has more all-time losses than wins. And Michigan has 11 national championship wins in its history. So Jeff Fisher is my pick. If not him, then Vanderbilt needs to find a decent coach. OK, I know. Vanderbilt's expectations are low, I know. But Vanderbilt finished ranked in back-to-back seasons under James Franklin and 18-8 record in that span. Although Franklin had a winless start at Penn St. this season. Vanderbilt doesn't have to be Alabama or even Auburn. But still, in 2019, losing to an UNLV coach that later fired its head coach and being a 15.5 favorite against UNLV? WTF? Maybe someone like Pat Fitzgerald. Northwestern is the Big Ten's Vanderbilt. Pat Fitzgerald has had some really good seasons. Vanderbilt needs that, not being a laughingstock or a national championship contender, but respectability and not being a doormat. If not, they can get their butts out of the SEC like Tulane did.
Well, I don't know for sure if South Carolina can beat LSU even though they beat a top-15 Auburn team. Auburn might be the most overrated team in the SEC, if not college football. At least Texas A&M beat Florida. Don't say Florida had a bad defense. A&M beat a top-4 team. South Carolina has a good defense. They forced three Auburn turnovers, that's what probably helped them win. I might take South Carolina though. I might be egregiously wrong, but I'll see. Maybe LSU. I'm iffy on this one. Myles Brennan might possibly not even play in this game due to an injury.
It's safe to assume Joe Burrow was just a one-hit wonder. I'm a guy who lives in Baton Rouge, and before Joe Burrow had his elite, over-the-top season, he completed less than 60% of his passes and had less than 20 touchdowns. It was Joe Brady that came from the NFL and made LSU win the championship. It's also safe to assume that Ed Orgeron could be Gene Chizik 2.0. After a 1-2 start to currently 1-3 Mississippi State and previously winless Missouri, LSU would be lucky to make a bowl game. And I seriously doubt Mac Jones could shatter these records. The college football season is shortened this fall, maybe Mac Jones could throw at least 30 touchdowns, but even Trevor Lawrence probably won't shatter Joe Burrow's touchdown records. I'm not sold on Mac Jones, he's shown flashes of winning the Heisman, but I'm not 100% sold.
Let's see what Eli Drinkwitz can do. Kentucky has been better and with a strong defense that upset Tennessee 34-7 last week.
Not so fast! Ryan Fitzpatrick is not terrible! Tua still needs to be the backup!
Yes, true. Chad Morris is also not very good. He was at Clemson for four years, and I think Clemson won because of Brent Venables' defense, not Chad Morris offense. They were 42-11 with Chad Morris.
One of the few times were Nick Saban celebrates after a win.
Well, Georgia might regress in later years. Kirby Smart is Mark Richt 2.0 in disguise. Mark Richt, at the end of his 4th season was 52-13, whereas Kirby is 47-13. Both were nearly the same age when they started with Georgia (Mark 41 Kirby 40).
Well, Georgia might regress in later years. Kirby Smart is Mark Richt 2.0 in disguise. Mark Richt, at the end of his 4th season was 52-13, whereas Kirby is 47-13. Both were nearly the same age when they started with Georgia (Mark 41 Kirby 40).
Crappy? They beat a top-10 Miami team and have a top-5 Notre Dame team in a little over two weeks.
No dude, Trevor Lawrence said this is his final season of college football. I doubt he will return. I knew Travis Etienne would return because he lost to LSU in his home state, and he wanted to win in New Orleans, so he came back for his senior season. Trevor Lawrence has won twice in Atlanta, his home state Georgia.
Arkansas does not need Malzahn. Sam Pittman would have WON to Auburn had it not been ruled that Bo Nix spiked. He spiked the ball incorrectly, and Arkansas was snubbed of a win. That should have been a fumble.
Can Kentucky win to Missouri? I think with the defense that shredded Tennessee, they might even be able to beat Georgia because of the elite defense and Steson Bennett struggling against Alabama.