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UK fans are fed up with Gran. This wasn’t on Gatewood. This was on the offensive staff. Our offense is offensive. Stoops needs to get it corrected or he will lose the fan base. He is beginning to lose all the good will he has built up with the fan base he’s built up.
Stoops ain’t going anywhere. On a gravy train & he knows it, the fans really like him, the AD has his back to. But you are correct both teams need the momentum for different reasons. With the Terry Wilson injury, the team has went lethargic, they have got to wake up. Always a great game atmosphere at Cocky Stadium. Maybe this venue will be the vibe to get them going, and get six over USC
I’m thinking a few shot glasses would have been appropriate for UK.
I don’t believe Stoops advertised it to anyone, said it was handled internally. Doubt he handed the cliff notes to the broadcast crew. Go check out the Louisville twist on the FS player if it bothers everyone so much
2 missed FG’s, 2 TD drops by our most experienced WR and UK is constantly bedeviled with running QB’s. We came in playing flat and looked it most of the game. Tired of hearing about Allen, Benny, Edwards, etc. they are not walking thru those doors ever again. So strap up, and play your own game
Summed it up real well. Stoops needs to go for the kill when he has a team cornered like that. Instead let Mullen off the hook. Hope Franks returns 100%
Actually a pretty fair shake Most rational UK fans think UK can make 8-4 this season. We’ve been a constant 4-4 in conference last few yrs. It’s doable. Our biggest concern is our secondary. They have to grow up fast. Our DL is deep 8-9 guys so it might take some pressure off them early.
Why wasn’t the OC bringing in a TE to help block those DE’s to chip block. Two freshmen tackles against all SEC DE’s. Everyone could see the writing on the wall what was going to happen pregame duh dumbass. Obviously we know who wasn’t the adult in the room after the game geez
I would give that to ND, but what a poison pill these transfers are to other teams. Can’t imagine how they are going to be in a new teams locker room. I’m sure Fuentes is glad they are gone, but other teams sure picked up a lot of trouble makers
There is no way OH ST fans are going to look good coming out of this. Can you imagine the signs on college game day Urban supports spouse abuse....it’s just a very ugly look. OSU fans support a spouse beater I mean it can go on an on. Other opponents fans can get very mean
Two things I want to say, how I understand it all the coaching staff’s wives knew about the 2015 abuse. You going to tell me no other assistant coaches didn’t know either? There was a failure by the whole staff if so. Second there is a video out by operation Veritas....it’s interviewing former FL Gator players during Meyers tenure at FL. NCAA should look into the accusations if any of these stories are true. Shocking.
The bowl system is struggling now to come up with enough teams that have at least 6-6 season and now they’d are adding three more bowls. This is crazy. I can’t imagine 1/2 the bowls now are money makers based on crowds that go to them.
He gets over amped on the SEC channel on Saturday. Love his values, but he needs to learn to chill as a commentator
Man Kannell is really butt hurt 2 SEC teams made it in. Just shut up and enjoy the game
Don’t blame Stoops for the 2pt conversion at all. What did hurt UK was Snell’s ejection, 33% of UK’s offense went to the locker room thanks to that asine ref.
It's a shame ESPN made it an issue. I'm named after an Old Testament figure in the BIBLE, uh oh am I allowed on the internet with all the Jew hating, Christian hating, Muslim hating, atheists of this world. Don't like the color Pink will that get you banned next. Purple, like that color uh oh you're to psychotic. There is no end to this PC crowd.
I can tell you Football fans were not happy with how the season ended. Losing to Vandy, we did everything possible to give that game away, and blowing a half time lead against Louisville cost UK a bowl birth. Basketball isn't letting Stoops seat stop from being warm. Now with that said, most of us fans, realize Joker handed Coach Stoops a basket case for a team, but his seat will be decidedly hot and on fire he has another season ending meltdown like this one. There is a new generation of football fans that have grown up, and they are tired of the administration and the basketball only crap.
All I can say is this, UK had Bear Bryant, and we weren't satisfied. 60 yrs of fnng losing football interspersed with one or two good seasons sprinkled here and there. Be careful what you wish for. We've been rebuilding ever since.
No worries, UK can't get out of its own way in the 2nd half in every game this yr. We'll keep the bottom warm along with Vandy next yr to. Georgia should have kept Richt and UK should have fired its OC, OL coach, and DC at the minimum.
Virginia Tech would be a very good fit for him. They have an SEC fanbase. Really good expectations for their team, but not the pressure to win it all in 3 yrs. He recruits well, and he could get VT relevant again in 3-4 yrs no problem. Course that's if VT hasn't already decided on Bud Foster or another in house coach
We gave this game to Vandy. Gift wrapped it for them. We did everything we could to keep them in it and helped them to win it from the coaches to the players. If I was the defense I'd go to the offensive side of the locker room and kick their asses including the coaches. The comedy of errors wasn't funny. It quit being funny about 4 games back. Pull your head out of your collective asses and be football players, and coaches, coach fundamentals. Fundamentals, and dang it more FUNDAMENTALS! Stop the excuses, we've heard them.
Mullen has built a team the right way, with patience, recruiting, developing, redshirting. UK still has far to go in this department. We don't have enough depth, and the depth we do is young and inexperienced. Any injury sets UK back at any position. Kudo's to MS St, they kicked our butts. Had an effective game plan all night long. Our D looked like the blind was the leading the blind at one point geez
Special Teams was hampered by our normal kicker unable to take the KO duties. Austin has been hampered with a pulled muscle and only just returned for the Auburn game kicking the PAT and FG's. But yep short KO's hurt all night.
Going to be a great game, think it's going to be a sell out