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It was funny, but there's nothing wrong with using that stat to demonstrate the evolution of the game.
Agreed. And still watch most of the best kids go to college.
Yeah, if the CA system goes national, it's a preemptive surrender to Texas, A&M, and SMU. But I doubt the Silicon Valley geeks would get in the game. Stanford's soccer team will be awesome, though!
Since the beginning of the CFP, we've always said a conference could get two in if 3 P5 champs had two or more losses. Well, here we are. Plus, the bottom of OSU's schedule is really, really bad. Does only the top half of the schedule, and only the top half of the losses, matter? Or does all of it matter?
Because getting pushed around at home by OK and getting the every living crap beat out of you by Iowa is... what, exactly?
Tua has actually played this year, so it's easy to forget that the guys who left just weren't that good.
Saw a clip of an interview on CNBC and the ESPN guy mentioned something about authenticating an existing subscription. I assume that's cable, and also I assume they still don't have any sports fans working for them.
So... the author here has insight into he coach's soul, and at the same time, somehow, on field production in an actual game has nothing to do with anything. Got it.
My guess? When the news got out yesterday morning they were hiring Kiffin, a booster flipped his lid and went to work to stop it.