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Remind us all.....which Alabama coach was caught on video talking about the players getting paid by the "people in the booth"?
You're giving SDS way too much credit for being a reliable source of journalism
I don't think anyone is bragging about him. He's a development recruit for sure. His speed is certainly elite though. Word is he runs a 10.5 100 meters
Lmfao...nice try Chump. You say that as if I ever took anything you said seriously to begin with. I take you no more seriously than Neegin, 2008, The Chumps of Minor Skirmishes, Corch, Kirk....too mamy to even mention all of them. Having a serious interaction with you clowns is like playing chess with a pigeon who knocks over all the pieces, chits all over the board and then struts around like they won the game. When the Jawjuh tr@$h show up the conversation devolves into a contest to see which one of you can be the most insecure D bag in the comment section. There is no point in taking anything any of you say nobody does. It's becoming far easier to just insult you for the jokes you all are and move on. You exist to entertain me when I'm bored Chump....just like a clown. Sorry to disappoint you....but like your football program, you're a 3rd rate commentor. Nobody is melting down about anything you say. But cringing? Eye rolling? Gag reflex triggering? Definitely.
Hey Chump....if by "Nick and Kirby separation vibe" you mean Dabo continues to win at an even higher percentage and continues to win NCs, while Venables flounders in irrelevance for 6 years after inheriting a ready made contender, before finally backing into an injury default "championship" he only wins because of injuries, then yea.....its TOTALLY similar
That was a bit of a head scratcher for me too. I believe Peyton and Eli only won one conference championship between them
Jawjuh is nothing but belly-crawling tr@$h if they ever ger past the train again its far more likely that they'll slither under it again
Don't forget're talking to fans who blamed "the refs" for 4 years, and who also blamed injuries for their close game against Clemson last year (but its not an excuse because they didn't lose) but will have a complete and total meltdown if you dare to suggest injuries to Metchie, Williams and both starting CBs might have helped them beat Alabama for the first time in 15 years. Side note: Jaylen Waddle was 5'9" and Jawjuh never covered him once in 2 games.
Never forget Chump....Jawjuh is a 2nd rate program historically, and it's fans are the epitome of lowbrow tr@$h. One asterisk "championship" will never wash off the stench of 40 years of ineptitude
He's definitely got the jets. He could be like Kobe Prentice and shoot up the recruiting boards
Lmfao, be honest're here bec obsessed with Alabama's dominance of your 2nd rate program, and you're so inundated with losing that you need constant validation that for once in your life your team isn't a complete joke
No Chump...we are all very well aware that being such a tr@$hy collection of lifetime losers doesn't embarrass any of you.
YOU ALMOST BEAT ALABAMA WHEN HEALT...oh wait, no you didn't. That game wasn't even close
It is actually such a universal truth that it bears repeating over and over. Jawjuh is 2nd rate.....always will be
Well least we didn't need both of your arms cut off to grind out that one cheap *win in 15 years.
Uh....wasn't the supposed QB savior Newman a transfer Chump? Isn't Arik Gilbert a transfer Chump?Dont you or didn't you have a Clempson transfer starting in your secondary Chump? Sounds like you have a problem developing guys Chump. And when these guys lead Alabama to dropping 50 on Jawjuh in December, will the fact that they're transfers make it taste better going down Chump? Side note: Jawjuh fans are obsessed with Alabama's dominance of them...the reek of it and wear it like a cheap suit. They comment more on Alabama articles than Alabama fans do. Dispute that Chump.
Jawjuh fans are a collection of 4 decade long losers who need constant validation that they FINALLY won something matter how cheaply they got it. You chumps would beat your chests over beating a collection of walk-ons wearing Alabama uniforms. Alabama has always been and will always be superior to Jawjuh. Your program is 2nd rate at best historically, and calling your chump fans 3rd rate would be a compliment.
Jawjuh fans are a collection of 4 decade long losers who need constant validation that they FINALLY won something matter how cheaply they got it. Alabama has always been and will always be superior to Jawjuh. You're program is 2nd rate at best historically, and calling your chump fans 3rd rate would be a compliment.
Nobody said that wasn't the score genius.....but everyone outside of Athens knows that score has a big fat asterisk next to it. Nobody outside of your lowbrow fans respect your cheap "title". It's really telling how phony all you chumps bravado is when there are more comments by Jawjuh chumps on an Alabama article than there are from Alabama fans. Your school girl obsession with being seen on Alabama's level is noted
Lmfao....little buddy? Mmmkay chump.....Jawjuh is Alabama's little bi+(h and one injury default "win" in 15 years after getting dominated like the simps you are doesn't change that. But your chump fans' school girl obsession with Alabama is duly noted
Hey Hump....just your daily reminder that your program is 2nd rate, your fans are the epitome of tr@$h and one asterisk "championship" doesn't change it
And when all those players wax Jawjuh by 3+ TDs in December.....I'm sure you'll just blame the refs Chump
Thank you for the daily reminder that even Jawjuh fans know their asterisk "championship" is such a joke, they need to constantly remind themselves they "won" it
You just reek more and more of desperation with every lame post Hump. I guess you chumps really are so insecure about that joke of an asterisk "championship" that you need constant validation.
Lol....whatever you gotta tell yourself kirk. Jawjuh is joke...a paper champion. I know it, you know it and your chump fan bases constant need for its validation is just further proof of that
1 asterisk title not doing much to stem the inferiority complex I see.
I do believe you are an idiot who doesn't believe any of the nonsensical drivel you post