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Kinda like Miami fans still butthurt about Saban leaving 15 years ago
Are all Jawjuh fans as starved for attention as you? You've played one team in your weight class this year and they held you to 3 points.....just saying
The Barn in Jordan-Hare won't be a usually isn't. It was good to finally see Bama play well on the road
I normally wouldn't ever respond to your lowbrow trolling, but you're literally justifying fans throwing debris and someone potentially getting seriously hurt because an official made a call on a close play that went against them. You sir, are a truly classless individual
C'mon was a hundred thousand people throwing bottles, golfballs a "mostly peaceful" manner. Nothing to see here
The offense is averaging over 40+ points and almost 500 yards per game. Considering they were replacing 8 starters, 5 first round picks and a great OC, I'd say they're exceeding expectations at this point. There are obviously things that need improvement, not the least of which is the O line, but they were still good enough for 42 points and 500+ yards on the road against a respectable defense.
How does that matter if you get beat by 40? I think it's pretty clear at this point that the A&M game was just a really bad game for Bama
Way too soon for that kind of nonsense kid. Be patient....your time will come soon
There are clearly issues with communication between Golding and the players on the field. We saw it last Saturday, we saw it against Florida and we saw it year against Ole Miss where our defense is still looking to the sidelines as the other team is lining up to run a play. I dont agree with Herbie very much, but he's spot on here.
Clempson played Georgia pretty much dead even.....just like they've played everyone else
Except that we ran up over 500 yards of offense, and outgained them by 160. Hard to call that getting whipped at both lines. Poor play calling inside the 5 yard line, miscommunication in our secondary and failure to adjust along the right side of the O line when they were sending two blitzers doesn't equal getting "whipped".
Clearly you were the one watching a different game. Just be thankful our OC forgot about the guy who ran all over you every time we got inside the 5. Oh....and enjoy the Outback Bowl
Maybe last year was an anomaly. How else could a D returning 8 starters from a National Championship team regress so badly? Last year the defense was able to play with a certain level of comfort knowing the offense would hang 50 on everyone. This year they are being relied on to get stops in crucial situations, and outside of the Ole Miss game for 3 quarters, they haven't shown the ability to do it. Talent certainly isn't the issue.....its got to be coaching
Alabama is certainly elite from a talent and head coaching standpoint.....but I think it's certainly fair to ask if the coaching staff, particularly on defense is elite, or capable of developing the players to perform at an elite kevel
Saying Young is a "huge step back" from where Hurts was at the same point is absurd. Comparing him to Mac is equally ridiculous since Mac was a 4th year junior with a first round pick to throw to, hand off to, and protect his front and back side. Hurts had the benefit of a defense that was so explosive they were good for scoring 7 points per game by themselves, while only giving up 13. Funny how you forget the fact that Jalen couldn't throw in his two years as a starter, and it cost Alabama the NC in 2016, and would have cost them again in 2017 had Tua not saved it.
How is Georgia an elite team based on CFP Playoff appearances? They have 1.....same as LSU, Oregon, Washington and Michigan St. Georgia unquestionably has elite talent, but LSU has more of a claim based on your rather questionable parameters
Excellent question. I've been saying the same thing.....BOB had was handed an offense that was replacing 9 starters, 5 of whom were first round draft picks, and the replacements were mostly underclassmen. His offense is still averaging around 44 PPG, and has scored at least 31 in every game. Golding had 8 starters returning off of a National Championship winning defense, many of whom are upperclassmen. There is no excuse for how poorly, and lost this defense has been playing
What was the FPIs prediction of the Florida-Kentucky game?
Interesting that you only count Ohio Sts turnovers as benefitting Alabama in that game, and not the 3 INTs that Blake Sims threw benefitting Ohio St. I get it though....if my team hadn't beaten someone in 13 years, I guess I'd glom onto someone who had as well just tried to build an entire legacy for your coach for "almost" beating Alabama
OBriens offense is averaging 45 ppg after losing 9 players, 5 to the first round of the draft from last year. His play calling inside the 5 yard line Saturday notwithstanding, he has done just fine. The fact is that the defense giving up 41 points to an offense that barely scored that many combined in their previous 3 games is inexcusable. How Golding is still employed is the most baffling thing
How ironic that you troll Florida fans for "almost" beating Alabama.......and Georgia fans biggest claim to fame since 1980 is....."almost" beating Alabama
Nobody said he sucked, but pointing out Bamas defensive woes and saying its all because Kirby left is disingenuous at best....especially when games like Saturday night were not all that uncommon in Kirbys last few years. This writer is clearly some Georgia fan boy who is trying to give far too much credit to a guy who Saban has had no problems winning National Championships without.
Uh....the 2016 defense wasn't dominant? I could argue that it was the most dominant defense in CFB history. That defense was a threat to score every time it took the field, and did so regularly. The 2017 defense wasn't as explosive due to injuries, but it did lead the nation in PPG allowed and run defense on the way to a National Championship.
Calling Kirby the best DC of our time is a stretch. His last 3 years as a DC at Alabama, his defenses gave up 40+ points and 500+ yards on 6 separate occasions, and twice gave up over 600 yards in those 3 years. You have a fantastic defense this year no doubt, but Georgia's defenses the past 5 years have been good, not great. Your assessment, like this entire article is completely lacking merit
I find it interesting that some UGA fans keep heckling Florida fans about "almost beating Alabama" and now are doing it to Alabama fans about "almost beating A&M"......when their biggest claim to fame is "almost beating Alabama" during the 2017 and 2018 seasons