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You guys should just stop responding to this idiot altogether. He deliberately says the dumbest chit just to get anyone to pay attention to him. Stop feeding his pathetic arse and he will go away
Based on what? He isn't as physically imposing as Brooks or Hall, and he isn't as fast as Earle or Leary. He had about as many yards as Slade Bolden, so I'm just curious what you've seen that leads you to think he would walk in and be the #1 receiver at Alabama on day 1.
Too crowded for the 2nd leading receiver on the team, and Pickens leaving?
Lol. Outcoached by who.....the field turf at Lucas Oil Stadium and the Georgia Dome?'re acting like Kirby is Vince Lombardi because he didn't have to account for two missing players who shredded him for 300 yards and 3 TDs 4 weeks prior
@kirk: Bennet is 1-2 against Alabama smart guy.....explain how that's better than Bryce's record?
You're sort of making his point for him when he says that Bennett had alot if the season to develop chemistry with other guys. It's nowhere near the same thing as trying to replace that amount of production in the last 2 games of the year. And if we're going by what happened in the first game with Metchie and Williams healthy, the Georgia O line probably isn't in a position to make the difference like they did in the NCG.
I would rather see him move on and get guys like Jah-Marian Latham more reps
Yea, but Neal, Metchie, Williams, Mathis, Jobe and Harris are the only ones who had a major impact, and of those Neal, Metchie, Williams and Harris are the only ones who will not have a more talented player step in for them.
He's a troll posing as an Alabama fan. Nobody should even respond to him, let alone take anything he says even remotely seriously.
@Michael493: He isn't ignorant...well, actually he is, but more than anything he's a pathetic troll posing as an Alabama fan. Alabama loses about 10-11 to the transfer portal every year since it became a thing. As much as anything else, Saban has used it as a tool to free up scholarships for recruiting classes. Only a clown would think Saban, who is known to adapt better than anyone, would ever seriously think Saban lost control of anything
Best of luck, but I'm not particularly sorry to see him go.
It was actually 7 straight wins dating back to 2008 before Jawjuh finally got one over on our 4th and 5th string WRs and DBs
Seriously're embarrassing yourself like a kid brother who finally beats big brother one time, and needs to be reassured over and over again that he did a good job. You even have South Carolina fans telling you how pathetic it is and the only reason you won is because of injuries to really important players. We saw what happened when Metch and Williams both played against Jawjuh for even just one half. We spotted you a 10-0 lead and then boatraced you 41-14. Nobody thinks Jawjuh wins if not for Bama's guys don't even believe it yourselves and it eats you up. That's why you gotta come over here seeking a pat on the back.
Yea, there may have been some of that from the more entitled section of the Alabama fan base. Those of us who remember the lean years of the Mikes, and even further back to the Ray Perkins years, never take winning for granted.
BTW....thats pretty convenient to say 2/15 games without two All-American WRs when those games just happened to be the National Semifinal and the National Championship game. We all saw what happened when they were both healthy for one half of one game against Georgia. Loke BamaTime said....go farm for compliments somewhere else clown
What excuses did I make clown? Simple fact.... Bryce played roughly 5 out of 8 quarters against Georgia without two guys who were responsible for 175 receptions, 2700 yards, and 23 TDs. All I did was straighten out some clown ass who is likely a Jawjuh fan who made a stupid comment about Bryce that was devoid of any facts. Now since you brought it up...for some reason you're here craving assurance that Alabama fans recognize that you finally drug your sorry asses over the hump. Sure sounds a lot like you're not altogether convinced that you were actually good enough to beat Bama without the injuries.