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Thrid and Grantham and now 4th and Grantham next game it will be 1st and Grantham. You will not even see 2nd, 3rd. Pathetic.
LSWho offense is terrible. Florida defense is terrible Ed orgy run on hot seat. Tood Grantham is on hot seat. A terrible offense a terrible defense and 2 hot seats!. Interesting combination
I do not understand why USC hired will Mustchamp at first place and giving so much buy out. He was fired from Florida. Was not good defensive coordinator at Auburn and Texas. He got tired of being coach in waiting at Texas. He knew he never be coach at Texas. He is not even trying to win
3rd and 17 Granthom as a gator you are excited your team is going to get the ball back. Then boom touchdown Vanderbilt. Disgusted.
3rd and 4th down and Grantham is really concerning. If coach Grantham has been coaching for over 30 years and have not fixed it. He will never will. Opposing coach know it and tell their player"NEVER GIVE UP". EVEN IF IT IS 4TH AND 17.
Mike white was outcoached by John calipery. When you are leading the entire game by wide margin and you lose by one point at the buzzer you are outcoached. This is not the first time it will not the last time for coach white at Florida.
Thanks for comment Butch Jones. It is really appropriate name for a loser like you. Steve Spurrier is admired by opposite fows. Even Phil fulmer admired him despite the fact Steve Spurrier whopped his azz so many times.
Jumping ship before the ship sinks. All news indicates that will Mustchamp will get fired in 2020. Nice buyout check.
Do not worry gators. We will pick him up next year in transfer portal, after Avante Williams find out Miami do not know how to use him. More mature trained and stronger
No question Mike white is a bad coach. If you are leading at half by wide margin and lose the game. It is,a bad coaching. In game management and half time adjustment is terrible. The other coach outcoached you.this is not the first time. Last three games lsu, Baylor and now msu. Also, the players getting worse from game to game, year to year. In game adjustment and players developments are sign of bad coaching
Kirby Stole few Alabama recruit immediately after he left Alabama. Soon After, the recruit found out Georgia is NOT alabama.The recruiting continued for couple years then it hit the dead end this year. 2020 recruits already leaving without playing a single game. Meantime Florida Gators are trending up. Jake Fromm bolted to NFL he did not want to ride that sinking ship. Go Gators.
Take the money and run. Enjoy it while it last because nothing last forever. LSU. Even a blind squrell find a nut one in a whild.LSU will be living in shadow of Alabama, Aunurn, Florida and Georgia for years to come.
Welcome to gator family. Florida is the best place for wide receiver transfer portal. No team has ever lost so many capable wide receivers. And no team has recruited so few wide receivers after losing so many.
If he stays in Athens next year, there is a good chance Jake Fromm regress even more. Georgia and Jake Fromm have maxed out. I would advise Jake Fromm take the money from NFL and run. At least he had good offensive Line protection in year he will be running for his life.
If he stays in Athens next year, there is a good chance Jake Fromm regress even more. Georgia and Jake Fromm have maxed out.
Devastated to hear Ed Ashoff passing.
Kyle Trask will be leading SEC quarterback in 2020 including overrated Fromm if Tua choses NFL.
Kirby smart and Dan Mullen Have identical records last couple years. However, Dan Mullen did not lose to South Carolina. The team that is at the bottom of SEC East and every body beat. It is pathetic.
Dallas cowboy has a head coach clown Jerry Jones is the head coach. Any body else is going to be clown assistant coach.with overdue powerof Jerry jones, right or wrong. DAN MULLAN is head coach of Florida football. He will be the head coach.
No ra ra no hot doging no selfish stupid penalty.even if he got beat go back to huddle humbly. Class act. Good luck young man.
Frank is great and will be great. Only problem was he always threw interception wrong time.
Percy was a legend, is a legend and always will be legend.
Welcome to new Georgia offense 1 yard cloud of dust. Scores 7_3,9-6,17-10,3-0. Win or lose. While every team in the country will scoring 50+ point.
Georgia was 100% favorite to beat south Carolina few weeks back.
Condolence Tim. I know how hard it is to lose your best friend. A friend who will cheer you no matter if you lose or win. A friend that does not care what team you play for. A friend who does not care how many TD you make
The team that scores more points wins