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don't you have any thing nice to say about a young man who worked and persevere to get to this point.
Just wondering where is Georgia football in draft with all those 5***** recruits. Alabama! God knows how many first round draft picks. Florida had the highest player of any SEC teams Kyle Pitts low* and 2 first round. LSU, Kentucky and South Carolina had higher draft picks than Georgia with one pick at the bottom of first round with a player no body ever heard the name
Just wondering where is Georgia Bulldog in daft with all those 5***** recruits. Alabama, god knows how many first round, Florida had highest recruits of any SEC team with Kyle Pitts low*** and 2 first round draft, LSU, Kentucky and South Carolina had a higher draft pick than Georgia at the bottom of first round with a player no body ever heard.
just wondering Were is Georgia bulldogs is in draft pick with all those 5***** recruits. Alabama god knows how many first round picks, Florida had the highest rated SEC picks with Kyle pitts with low star recruit and 2 first round picks, LSU, Kentucky and South Carolina had higher first round picks than Georgia one bottom of first round a player that nobody had ever heard.
It seems like you pupps never get over losing so bad to Florida last year. Instead, use your frustration on a young football player who has nothing to do with last year loss. Get over it Florida is going to beat Georgia this year, next year and beyond, Remember Florida still has the recent streaks of 11-1 SS area.
INSANE. State of mind. Keep doing the same things over expecting different result. First mike white is a good man coming from sports family. However, he is a terrible coach. If you keep getting worse towards the end of the year, If you you are ahead of the game at the half by wide margin and you lose at the buzzer, If you beat Tennessee when they are #6 in the country and you lose to them when they are not rated, If Kaivaugn allen scores 35 points as a freshman and can not buy a basket as a senior, if players are regressing, if,if,if. Does not take a rocket science to figure out you are not a good coach. If he stay as Florida coach next year this time we will have the same conversation. Wait till next year. I hope recruit do not read this
That is an ugly comment about a man that will be remembered as one of the best football player in SEC.
tailwhip I was traying to get my point across. Tailwhiping is the same as azzwhing. My point is FIRE MIKE WHITE.
Talk to any export if you are up 11 points with much superiors talent ,can not make a basket in last 4 minutes and lose the game. in Virginia tech game your opponent tie the game with 1.40 second and take you to over time. It is coaching baby. Do not wait till next year this time and say I TOLD YOU SO LAST YEAR. FIRE MIKE WHITE
If we do not fire mike white this year, Mike white lover say wait till next year in 2022. The haters are going to say I told you last year.
FIREMIKEWHITE.COM if the last 2 games does not tell you it is coaching I do not know what does
Gatornation Please we need a new coach. The whole basketball world tell you it is coaching When you are ahead by 11 points with 10 minutes left and much superior talent and you lose at the buzzer IT IS COACHING. Mike white is a good man comes from Athletics background fmily. HE IS A TERRIBLE COACH. First NCAA game should have never gone to overtime. With 1.4 second and you let oppenent takes you to over time! If you let it continue next year this time once again you will say wait until next year. Gator nation wake up and smell the coffe. FIREMIKEWHIT.COM
Florida lost to Texas A&M by a fumble, lost to Alabama by 6 points, lost to LSwhow by a shoe . So Florida lost 3 regular a possession, a fumble and a shoe.
Trask single handedly beat Tennessee football. Who needs a running game if one player can beat a football team all by himself.
Kyle Trask Single handedly beat Tennessee football team. Please look at the re play. No other offense no DEFENCE. He even punted pin down Tennessee team. He is the single best college football player ever
Beside heisman trophy Trask should be awarded role model trophy for teaching the whole world the value of presistant, hard work, loyalty , patience and perseviarance. At the time of transfer poretol and me me me first he waited his turn.bravo.
Mustchamp is a terrible defensive coordinator. This week south Carolina defense was much better without him. I never know how will Mustchamp got the reputation being elite2 defensive coordinator.
STEVE SPURRIER's national championship team barely beat Vanderbilt football. Vanderbilt traditionally plays their best game against Florida. But, they always lose.
I do not understand Dabo swinney concern. With buy out money will Mustchamp gets he can support his family and 100 more families for life. He gets 12 million dollars not to coach.
Fan understand this year is offense. Very difficult to defend. However, third and forth down pass defense and long touchdown pass and run in every games is inexcusable.