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Trask single handedly beat Tennessee football. Who needs a running game if one player can beat a football team all by himself.
Kyle Trask Single handedly beat Tennessee football team. Please look at the re play. No other offense no DEFENCE. He even punted pin down Tennessee team. He is the single best college football player ever
Beside heisman trophy Trask should be awarded role model trophy for teaching the whole world the value of presistant, hard work, loyalty , patience and perseviarance. At the time of transfer poretol and me me me first he waited his turn.bravo.
Mustchamp is a terrible defensive coordinator. This week south Carolina defense was much better without him. I never know how will Mustchamp got the reputation being elite2 defensive coordinator.
STEVE SPURRIER's national championship team barely beat Vanderbilt football. Vanderbilt traditionally plays their best game against Florida. But, they always lose.
I do not understand Dabo swinney concern. With buy out money will Mustchamp gets he can support his family and 100 more families for life. He gets 12 million dollars not to coach.
Fan understand this year is offense. Very difficult to defend. However, third and forth down pass defense and long touchdown pass and run in every games is inexcusable.
Kirby smart honeymoon is over. If he can not win with all these 5* talent he is never going to win. You will see consecutive downward spirals. Defense does not win championship any more.
Why didn't he analize his defensive problem while he was South Carolina head coach. If he can not help himself would he help Nick Saban
Contributions that head ball coach made to SEC is invaluable. 20 years after Steve Supurier stepping down at Florida college football is finding that DEFENCE does not win championship.
He was not good defensive coordinator for Texas and Auburn.
I know who is going to win. Heisman. The better player in the eyes of voters.
STEVE SPURRIER SAID "How come Georgia recruit all good players and we win all games". He was 11-1 against dawgs.
I do not know why South Carolina hired will Mustchamp. He has no offense in South Carolina he had no offense in Florida. His defense sucks. As a defensive coordinator and coach in waiting Texas defense was terrible.and he is supposed to be defensive minded coach.13 mill buy out oach. May be he just wants to get fired. Who knows
Herbstriet !. Is this the same guy who predicted Ohio State would blow away Florida football in 2007 in national championship. After Ted Ginn kick off return Kirk herbstriet said I told you so.
There is no excuse for Georgia to lose to Florida. Georgia got way ahead 14-0 on a Florida busted coverage. Then,21-14. They lost. After half Florida took their foot off had prdal, felt sorry for Georgia. Final score was not indicative of game. It should have been much worse in Florida favor. Trask could have passed for 600 yards and 10TDs. Better team won
Head ball coach said "How come Georgia recruit best players and we always win". He was 11-1 against dogs.
Thanks We see you in Atlanta for sec championship where we both belong. Let the better team win
My point is It is just a start Don Mullen is going to be 11-3 against Georgia. He will not leave Florida till he evens the series
The games he won in his first 3 years was with Steve spurier recruits . He is not even good defensive coordinator. Not now.
STEVE SPURRIER SAID "HOW COME GEORGIA GETS ALL RECRUITING talents we get all the wins". He was 11-1 against Georgia.
It is called in game adjustment coaching. Mullen is the best. Dan Mullen simply outcoached overrated Kirby.
As SOS HEAD BALL COACH said "How come Georgia gets all the recruiting talent and Florida gets all the wins" Kirby is good recruiter and lousy overrated coach. 2-3 years Kirby is going to be defensive coordinator.
We will see this weekend in jackson. Trask is going to throw 5TD against the popps. When was a quarter back threw 5TDS against dogs .
Regardless of who's fault it is . The Gator offense and defense played great. Dan Mullen also was protecting his players. He said the players were upset and were trying to protect their quarter black. "He is their man". Honstly, I do not think there is a better quarter back on the country than Kyle Trask. The man has composer, calmness class. Beside being a great quarter back.
Thrid and Grantham and now 4th and Grantham next game it will be 1st and Grantham. You will not even see 2nd, 3rd. Pathetic.