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I agree AU and that’s a valid point. Again, I just ran into the person, who I’ve known for years, and thought I would share what was told to me for intelligent discussion here. Don’t post much but I did think it was interesting.
People like you are the reason I don’t post much on here. Just shoot off your mouth and add nothing to the conversation.
Don’t know how accurate the source is (he works with the program at UGA) but he said that JF has not been easy for the staff to deal with. He said that JF has been vocally disgruntled all year (evidenced by the SC post game video) and it hasn’t gone over well with the staff or offensive players at all. The label he has been branded with is that he is a “me first” player and the staff is exhausted with trying to placate him and they’re fine with letting him transfer so that they can bring in more Fromm/Mathis type “team first” players. He also said it’s HIGHLY unlikely he will get a hardship waiver so he’ll sit out next year regardless sooooo........take it for what it’s worth. I really have no opinion but I thought I would relay his thoughts to she’d some light.
Go SEC. Makes me queasy but I actually was rooting for the barners.
You truly have the best name on this site! Loved that movie....”So you were a Pimp?”
That was hilarious! Danny K is such an SEC hater and this article took some effort. Merry Christmas!
I hate to sound like a homer but it really is the SEC and everyone else! I’ll be pulling for every SEC team (even the Gaytors) in the bowl games.
It would seem that Fromm told him he was here for the full four years so Fields had to make the jump. Hate to see a Georgia boy leave but good luck to him and God bless.
LSU could lose to A&M and then it would have three. Don’t see Northwestern beating Ohio State though.
They’re on Stubhub selling championship tickets for cheap.
Dream if you want but I would be surprised if we even stay within 14 points. I love our Dawgs but they’re so young on both sides of the ball this year and Bama appears to be a beast.
As I throw up in my mouth.......go Gators!
To be the best, you gotta beat the best and in my opinion, Bama is the best and beating them simply ain’t happening this year. MAYBE next year because UGA is simply much younger and less experienced than the Kings of the SEC. As far as the post of Bama being as young a team as UGA, that’s simply not close to true and you can look it up by starting rosters to verify. Bamas’ starting 22 is comprised of a good bit more juniors and seniors than UGA so maybe next year we can catch up but only time will tell.
Sore loser! I’m sure Phinphan thought his braggadocios “Dawg Crap” comment was funny. It’s football. Someone wins and someone loses and it’s what makes it a sport that we all enjoy every year. Payback is a b—-h? It sure is and us losing to your arch rival won’t avenge last night because they will pound you the week before. Just a bizarre comment.
Stranger things have happened but a win over Bama IS unlikely.
Kentucky is absolutely NOT a wasteland! They supply us with Bourbon.
I’m really shocked we didn’t see Fields Saturday and my guess is, he is too.
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I started to make up a fake account and troll Tennessee and then I realized I would be a I didn’t. I didn’t want to be like Trudawg. He’s the thirty year old who still sleeps in the bed with his mom.
I agree but in my opinion, Alabama is head and shoulders above everyone else in the country with UGA being a distant second. That Tua is a beast.
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