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It was your rhetorical question as to whether I missed it or not. Again, thanks for your suggestion to not post anymore. I assure you, you won’t win regardless but thanks anyway….sport.
I did LSUMC, but please look at all of his articles. Thanks for policing the site like a range control officer though and you are the very reason why I rarely post on this site.
This guy is Danny Kanell Jr. He doesn’t really think Washington and Oregon would win the SEC and B10 but he puts it in the article for “click bait” and hey, it’s worked for DK for years. Look back at Chris Wrights past articles an you get to see how absolutely ignorant he is about CFB. Hats off to him because he’s carved out a job being a sh-t stirrer.
I have to agree with TDOW on this…. Born and raised a Dawg, 15 min from campus and that’s pretty much how I see it.
Wow! I agree. Hate UGA much? I get the whole Danny Kanell, SEC hate, click bait thing but wow, he hammered UGA throughout the article to get his responses….and I obviously fell for it by posting this. One thing I know is that I won’t click on any more of his articles and two, it’s a long season and a lot more will happen to shape it up. He did preface the article by saying these were overreactions though. Just another lazy writer trying to take a stick to the hornets nest….and it will work.
Felt so dirty that I had to take a shower…..after pulling for the Gators. SEC
57939, are you inferring that the West was better than the East in 2022? Tennessee beat Alabama and then beat LSU by a score of 40-13. LSU beat Alabama and then got drug by Georgia in the SECCG, which is another East team. So the top two teams in the West both lost to the top two teams in the East. The 3rd place team in the West was Mississippi State which lost to Kentucky(!) and Georgia (in a blowout). So please give me the evidence that the West is better. Am I missing something? This narrative is old and not substantiated by evidence in 2022.
So I guess a lotta people saw that miracle! Hats off to the Buckeyes too!
Yes but Saban is the GOAT and AU Tville is right, never want to follow a legend because everyone will try to hold him to that standard he set.
That’s awful. Hope he returns 100% and has a great pro career.
Come on guys, Jimbo is just tanking so he can draft a QB in the early rounds……..oh wait, never mind.
Yes it is. Vols probably still deserve to be in consideration after todays outcomes.
Tennessee is not done yet and JH is definitely building a program to be reckoned with. Heads up Ranger and Sua Sponte.
Speaking of owning up. Anyone heard from gwhite? Haha!
How’s that working out for you gwhite713? Are you taking the Dawgs seriously now?
BRT….you’re obviously an idiot. In 2021 NFL draft, UGA set draft records. This is the definition of “developed talent”.
I agree Bear. Tennessee is dangerous and more than capable of winning this game.