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I agree Ben. I like an objective view and I think Mullen will bring UF will be coming on strong.
I love a good sport and you’re right. Everyone knows
You’re such a loser. I know I tell everyone to not respond to you due to your mental issues and the obvious fact that your a troll/fan of another team but my God you’re a big douche! Please get a life.
I have to agree with Azz, that 2008 beatdown from Bama was devastating to say the least. We were proud of last years team because they fought like hell and lost to a great team in a good game. 2008 was a complete embarrassment and beatdown of a team that was stocked with NFL talent and it showed that Bama was WAY more prepared.
God this is the worst time of year. I get so bored waiting for football season so I think I’ll make up a fake profile and troll rival schools and act obnoxious. I could even act like I’m one of there fans! Has this been done on here?
My guess is Bama will be undefeated but Dawgs will drop one like last year. UGA is rapidly closing in on Bama but they don’t have the same depth quite yet.
Damn! I thought Spurrier built that place. Whipped our ass enough in it.
This last UGA class continues to show that they were just special. Staying that extra time obviously ended up paying off financially for them but it was just cool that they all stayed one more year together. I hope fans appreciate how selfless they were for years to come. Classy comment D-Line-U.
This could set the UGA basketball back significantly! Oh wait, it’s already set back...... come on football season!
I think most REALISTIC UGA fans realize that to be the best, you have to beat the best and Alabama is the class of the SEC. We, as fans, hope UGA surpasses Bama soon but that has to take place on the field and head to head so don’t speak for everyone. Go Dawgs but hats off to Bama.
I dont remember many Dawg fans laughing. Dawg fans have always known and respected Will as he is one of our own. It’s a long way to go until Dec and Feb but I believe most of us predicted this. Iron sharpens iron though so it should be fun!
Student still respects teacher and it shows Kirby has class. To be the man, you have to beat the man and Saban is still ‘the man”.
If anyone can do it though, it’s Justin. I just truly hope that these two, and it appears they have, embrace that team first approach and avoid a similar situation to what’s developing at Alabama. We can only hope this is akin to the Green/Shockley days except with a few more Fields packages during the games. Fields is just simply too talented to redshirt and wait patiently and you MUST play him if you want to keep him on the roster.
Everyone scoffed when I told them Muschamp would build that program into a force. They would say “if he couldn’t do it at Florida, he can’t do it anywhere” but UF was a valuable learning lesson and a place with unreal expectations. I’m not saying Will is building a perennial NC team but I do think he will build a consistent 8-10 win team. I hope he beats everyone in the east.....except UGA.
I don’t know what to think of Mullin just yet and he will have a good bit of talent at UF that could upset anyone. On the other hand, we do know who Jeremy Pruitt is and he will squeeze every drop of talent out of UT this year with intensity and fundamentals.
We all got a big kick out of Larry but like so many other companies in corporate America, Dr. Pepper thinks change is better. However, in the south, and in college football in general, tradition and familiarity is probably why we love our sport most of all. Think of those crisp fall days and the sound of Verne Lundquist or Keith Jackson rattling on the TV while you gather family around. Larry was no Verne or Keith by any stretch, but he was something you expected, received, and kinda got used to. Just my two cents.....
Does anyone on here know what the deal has been with Deangelo?
Who is this dude? Did he just wake up and say “today, I’ll write an article on college football and tomorrow go back to Good Housekeeping”? What a miss. How do you NOT put Shurmer on this list? Not to be a homer but I think Fromm might be a little more of a lock as a pro than a couple of these guys too. Discuss.
I heard it was the Natty refs.....they wanted a souvenir.
I think the most obvious indicator that Smart is a pretty coach and UGA is building something special is evidenced this comment thread itself. These Alabama and Tennessee trolls post more on the UGA threads than they do their own. Why come over here just to stir things up?
I agree Jay. Good point and we will see soon.
You may be right. Sad person either way
As I’ve stated before, you can’t understand him/her. Disturbing behavioral pattern if you look at his/her posts. He/she may be an adolescent (8-10yoa judging from immature articulation of thought) or have serious mental disabilities or problems. It’s best to ignore people with theses manifestations as they are generally unstable and rarely realize their own issues.
Actually, Banana is right from what I hear. Trenton has some commitment and focus issues that he needs to work on and it’s one of the reasons he left campus. Hopefully he can focus on just football now, mature, and be successful. Good luck TT
10/3/15 Chubb vs Alabama- 20 carries for 146 yards and a 7.3 avg per carry. Please shut up now.