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I started to make up a fake account and troll Tennessee and then I realized I would be a loser......so I didn’t. I didn’t want to be like Trudawg. He’s the thirty year old who still sleeps in the bed with his mom.
I agree but in my opinion, Alabama is head and shoulders above everyone else in the country with UGA being a distant second. That Tua is a beast.
I think Trudawg is hilarious! Such a D-bag loser. Haha, go Trudawg you troll!
You are an absolute joy, and the exception here on SDS. I agree with everything you wrote and it’s obvious that even if I didn’t, we could engage in dialogue to discuss our opinions without hateful bickering. Thank you
I’m actually still amazed at how much power we’ve given this “N word” and how only one race can say a word that is derogatory about their own race! Either it’s derogatory, or it’s not. Baffling.
I can’t help but like both of them even though I’m a Dawg fan. Love to see good, friendly banter.
I agree. Let’s just enjoy this short but wonderful football season.
I didn’t think he’d respond.....until next year.
Correct me if I’m wrong but Tua has seen only one blue chip DB this year and oddly enough, that would be Jason Pass from Carver High in Georgia (low four star). I think Tua is a great talent but I will reserve judgement until he plays better talent in the secondary with some pressure up front and that probably won’t happen until LSU and Auburn later in the season.
I don’t think S.C. looked that bad at all. It really comes down to depth and the heat which has been Alabama’s formula for years. When your subbing in 5 stars for 5 stars you have an inherent advantage over a team that can’t do the same. Muschamp is already improving the recruiting and I think they will only get better. As for the “As bad as they looked” comment, all I can say is 27-16. Yikes
I really do hate most of the smack talk on this site, and there was absolutely an inordinate amount of it coming from S.C. fans this past two weeks trolling UGA articles. Funny how they’re all absent now. Buh bye.
All we heard this off season from the likes of Danny Kanell was how the Big 10 East was far superior to the SEC. I know it’s early but how’s that working out for you Danny? Notre Dame, App State, and Utah State come to mind when I think of how STRONG the BIG 10 East is. Heck, “The” Ohio State University gave up 31 points to a team that won one game in the PAC 12 last year. Remember last August when Colin Cowterd said the SEC supremecy was gone and the South just didn’t want to accept it? Good job LSU and Ole Miss. I know it’s a long shot but what happens if Jimbo can scheme up a win against a Clemson team that he knows well from his time in the ACC? Discuss
Believe it or not, I’ll be pulling for the Vols.
I think it’s cool that tm showed the class to respond that way. What makes it all fun is that it’s similar to a sibling rivalry. I can’t stand South Carolina inside the SEC east but damn if I don’t pull as hard as I can for them when they play that Clempson team, or any other team outside our conference. Go SEC!
Plus, he doesn’t know what “Tropic Thunder” is because he can’t get in to R rated movies. GREAT movie. G5
You’re probably right except that would be an insult to Radio. I’m thinking more like a drug friendly Urkel type. Gets picked on a lot and brings it to this site. He’s probably got three aliases.
It’s always the little toy dogs that bark the loudest. Loud noise, signifying nothing. Brush your teeth and get to bed Urkel.
You’re exactly right. Don’t judge UGA fans by this loser as he’s obviously a poser.
Hate it for this kid. Wish him the best and hope for him to come back stronger than before. Just like Zamir.
Tough guy on the internet. Guaranteed a little wussy in real life. Guaranteed.
Hate it for this kid. Wish him the best and hope for him to come back stronger than before.
I agree Ben. I like an objective view and I think Mullen will bring UF will be coming on strong.