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has anyone ever noticed on SDS that every single article title about a recruit is: "Talented" recruit = 3* "Elite" recruit = 4* and if its a 5* they just say 5* why?
there is no chance it could be Grantham according to nature lol
DO NOT,I REPEAT, DO NOT, Mention defense without at least throwing multiple players under the bus. NatureGator will have your head lol
if fsu had any integrity, you would post a win in the series total this year for the gators. it's pretty clear Florida could play 7 on 11 this year and win. Maybe visit SDS sometime next season..
Even with that streak (of the length you aren't sure) Florida still leads the all girls college in Tallahassee by 10 wins in the series...that total will only grow with Norvell at the helm
as a gator fan, that was one of the most boring hype videos of all time...
Yeah TreeHugger Gator! We should censor who can say what! Typical Democrat... BTW, she's not wrong. your boyfriend Grantham is still the biggest problem with the team.
Florida shouldn't be on here until Grantham is fired. The season doesn't matter if Mullens offense scores 100 points when Granthams defense will give up 101.
Auburn fans defending this win are like the kid who loses at the pool table saying "you never called the pocket on the 8 ball! I win!" Take your win, even if it wasn't earned or deserved lol
Mullen has to fire Grantham or he will unfortunately sink with him. My dream, SC loses the rest of the year. muschamp is fired. Mullen hires muschamp to come back to Florida and do the only thing he knows how to do
Does Todd pull out or not?? what type of lube does he use on you?
firing your husband would be the best decision
only way florida even makes a bowl is if the fire Granthams husband, Nature
seriously, are you Grantham or are you fu**ing Grantham??? you are the only person in the country defending him.
get off your high horse snowflake. I obviously don't hope he actually dies. but I'm sure you still would like to offer him a "thank you for trying" trophy go put on your mask keep your mouth closed, tree hugger
honestly, unless grantham resigns and gives all of the money back to Florida that he has made, I hope he dies tonight
I swear on my life I will not watch another Florida game until I hear that Todd Grantham is fired. I don't care if it's a week from now or a decade from now. I refuse to watch talent be wasted like this.
more proof that you are just a troll. florida has only played noon games this season. 7pm hangovers reference that the drinking starts at 11 or 12 every game this year. better luck on the next troll attempt, champ
As a life long Gator, I moved to Maine about 5 years ago. College football isn't big up here. everyone watches the NFL and loves the pats. but alot of friends that I've made have grown a big interest in college football through me. Saturdays are at my house, Sundays are at their house. quite a few frequent this site now, and there is actually an ongoing wager as to who will comment first on a gator article. our choices are Negan, Corch, or any Gator fan. Keep it up Corch, you are becoming known nationwide.
Do you think he's going to change his name soon? or does he still think that Urban is going to coach USC this season?
only having 2 contact practices doesn't help, but 3rd and Grantham is still an issue. let Grantham call the play on first and second, then let anybody else call the third down play. and I mean anyone. designate a 3rd down d coordinator, let mullen call it, let savage call it, take a poll from the band? let anyone pick a play for 3rd down except grantham and florida makes the playoff
Nice. using a song that says, "F*ck 12, F*uck s.w.a.t."...even edited the song so it would play twice in the video. Biggest "systemic racism" in the country is universities preaching to students that police and white men are bad.
And here come the, "He knew he would be buried on the depth chart by all the 5 stars" comments...