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it actually all makes sense now if you re read his first paragraph. Negan is actually only 10 years old.
Humper, you do realize 5 months ago is the opposite of "pre-season", right?
It is quite literally the exact point you were trying to make. You were just wrong and came off as ignorant, as usual. Toney was a 3 star, developed by Mullen, and drafted higher than your Georgia boy.
Not anymore. Its a "swag starter kit". Don't "throw too much shade" about the way people talk now or somebody is sure to hit you with a "fire" "clap back"..."ok, boomer?"
whats it like knowing georgia tech won a natty more recently than uga?
this may sound strange to you, but the majority of the world was either not alive or old enough to remember the last time Georgia was considered a national champion Georgia is like talking about how advanced the Mayans were, and expecting them to take over the world next year
The game went about as I expected. I will admit, I was hoping for Trask to have 3-4 TDs to help his draft stick. But I also was hoping for a 28-70 loss to ensure that Grantham gets the boot.
I hope so. Emory looks like one of those guys that will have to switch to WR if he wants to play at the next level. Richardson looks like a big time QB
was 94 the year you were born or the year your mizzou degree forced you to move back home?
hahahahah shoe joke. imagine how funny that would be of your team didn't suck
I thought a mom joke was less harsh than pointing out the fact that you are a mizzou fan. I'm sorry.
this is an anonymous website. Literally nobody would know of you decided to be a gator fan like you have always wanted
you have a degree in art. shut up and "comment like a girl"
I thought mullen was going to be the answer. but if he doesn't lose Grantham then I am completely ok with a mass firing and complete rebuild
I'm not sure how people could be upset that a young man did what it takes to guarantee a multi million dollar contract. obviously, based on the last election, most georgia fans think that these young men should share all of their money with people that don't work. and play in a meaningless game for our entertainment.
crazy that you could be "the highest paid kids their age in the world" and graduate with a bank account of $0.00. Seems like they made alot of money...
And what exactly is "it"? Did they look out for their personal/family future instead of playing in the cotton bowl? yes. if you want to call that "quitting", that's ok. luckily for those players they are under no contractual obligation to entertain you or me they are going to make more money in the next 4 years than most Americans will in their life
Booches: "That thing got a pulse?" Friend: "Are you talking about that dead opossum? No." Brooches: "Whatever man, just turn around for a minute..."
some call it "hand in hand". some call in "brother in sister". to each their own
I don't blame them in the least for preparing for the draft. Get your money before you get hurt. Bowl games are more meaningless than ever in the CFP era. Still hope Grantham gets run out of town with torches and pitch forks after this
99% of Americans couldn't find missouri on a map. however, 99% of mizzouri residents have an equal chance of being your biological father
I will double whatever your raise and put it towards Granthams buyout lol
I would bet my last penny that TransNegan and BamaTime aren't allowed to be within 100 yards of elementary schools