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Comments like this are why SDS needs an up vote/like system. Well said- so many non-players writing shortsighted conjecture and pointless diatribe are why there are very few newsworthy articles being written on this site. RMFT
Your attempt to identify a discrepancy in a proper use of a comparative through justifying a semantically superior superlative is only a testament to your own grammatical inadequacy. Your pejorative effort to perpetuate a relationship between the syntactical employment of undergrad athletes is also very poor circumlocution of a nonexistent issue. The only thing sadder than your logical fallacies is text fact that you undoubtedly assume your equally worthless degree is superior to another college, because of your jealousy of a football program's success. I would love to help you fully realize your worthlessness, but I am afraid that I have wasted more time on you than your professors. Are you really spewing unfounded generalizations about a school's quality due to its geographical location and aptitude for athletics? Go finish licking the windows before continuing any more of your driveling on this site.
Wow, a cannon that reloads while its firing? Get some.
He appears to be heading exactly where he needs to be.
I like the part in your post when you use a run-on sentence and improper parenthetical employment to call Alabama fans illiterate.
"Hm, the team that I just spent an entire season trashing just won a resounding and definitive victory. How can I stay relevant and continue my finger pointing now that I've eaten my crow?" -Danny Kannell
Is the old man getting soft or is he just finally picking up some rhythm and pop culture to switch things up and keep everyone from pegging him?
Led Alabama to their only win over Notre Dame? Have we forgotten the 2013 National Championship game? That puts us at 2-6 against the Irish. That's either poorly worded or completely incorrect.
19 carries for 31 yards... yep he deserved the Heisman alright. Good eye!
So, a free education at a major university is worthless? Fine then: I say pay them an appropriate wage for their experience and make it TAXABLE (what do most early college students and highschoolers with minimal experience make? minimum wage?) min. wage starting salary in order to treat all athletes to fairness (if you pay a kid more based on his Sparq/star rating, you're running into heaps of trouble). They can move up based on GPA and on-field merit as discerned by committee, not their coach. No more full ride scholarships, that money will be redistributed into the pot for academic scholarships (at a COLLEGE you say? gasp!). You will be responsible for enrollment and maintenance of full-time status. You will be students first, athletes in off-hours. No more 3 year minimum eligibility for NFL draft. If the kid wants to leave for the NFL, then bye felicia. You will still be billed monthly for your student loans incurred and we won't have so many kids with IQs like their shoe size but walking around with Ivy League/prestigious degrees because they caught a ball. What's that Jalen Tabor? You were sleeping in your HIST 1101 class when they defined what actual slavery was? Retake the class and pay for it out of your "student-athlete salary".
I just got a mental image of all of us having a decent conversation of realistic expectations and, all of a sudden, there is this high-pitched voice from the back of the gymnasium vying for Auburn to have a place in the discussion. We all look at each other and chuckle. I think I heard the Gus Bus pull up outside and is waiting on you.
If Chad Kelly can repeat and hang 3 in a row on Bama (sans 5 turnovers), stay out of trap games, and keep the media out of his head, then he has developed and will probably be in New York I agree. It is pretty tight between Dobbs, Kelly, and Fournette because you know they won't let more than one SEC player in New York. They would have too many tears to wipe up from around the country.
PLEASE Check your grammar, spelling, and syntax before posting to social media. The 4% of Alabama asked me to tell you. Your claim is also baseless. DeShaun Watson almost smoked us in that game. The Heisman race between Watson, McCaffrey, and Fournette will be hot this year.
Crazier things have happened. It's football and those are 21 year old kids.
Ole Mrs. prepped their entire offseason and planning around one game for the last 2 years: Alabama. I don't see anyone worth a paycheck/scholarship in Tuscaloosa allowing that team to get 3 in a row. They snuck in a couple of sucker punch wins and the team needed the loss from Ole Mrs. both years to wake up, but if they get 3 in a row, it's an internal problem to see a trend at Alabama, but it won't happen. I'm more scared of a Tennessee team with a chip and a state telling them it's their destiny. Those boys beat us in T-town this year for 50 min. regardless of the score. LSU has to change a lot to get a win even in Death Valley due to sheer style of play, but they carry the possibility of riding momentum. USC is the floating turd of the PAC-12 and they will walk into AT&T and prove that their conference was a Haley's Comet. Tennessee won't be playing around this year, they are my early upset alert, big time.
It isn't my favorite Alabama tradition, but I get it. I've been at plenty of stadiums when that :00 hits and wanted to scream it with the rest of the fans. I just feel weird when we actually don't beat the hell out of an opponent or (like the NCG or UT game) pull away in the 4th. It seems dumb in those situations, but the tradition and the moment scream for it to be said.
Oh yeah? Well I ban your ban and ban football! Problem solved 2016 style!
People are dropping cable and sports packages in favor of the plethora of alternate streaming options for viewing these days. ESPN has already been vocal about crapping their pants over the amount of subscribers they're losing way before this game was even close to set. I refuse to pay for cable, so I go to a public gathering to view the game as many football fans do if the game is far away. In our NCG view, there were 40+ people watching from one TV... the disparity isn't on any particular college, it is about people rebuking cable prices and refusing sports packages in an exponential fashion. Colin's attempts to "blame" low ratings on a college shows his ignorance and immaturity. THIS IS ABOUT THE MASS EXODUS FROM CABLE SUBSCRIPTIONS, NOT ABOUT WHAT SCHOOL 20 YEAR OLD KIDS ATTEND.
So many people buying into the "Snubbed Factor" that is so poignant in football. The person that doesn't get the award or the team that doesn't get the bowl bid has everything to say about the what-ifs and how wrong the decision was. McCaffrey could've walked on the field and farted and you guys would still be having the same conversation. McCaffrey gets a gift in running on a heartbroken Iowa team and Henry has to keep healthy to play two rounds of playoffs and people are trying to point out the disparity. Hilarious. If McCaffrey truly is the beast everyone says he is, then he will come back next season and win all the hardware after another year of running on Serta mattresses in the PACified-12. Home dude bursts on the scene in the last 3 weeks of the season and everyone wants to compare his season to Derrick's resume. I'm glad they didn't dilute the Heisman with a one-hit wonder and are going give him the opportunity to earn it over multiple seasons of play (where you at, Johnny and Cam?)
OSU would've lost in an I'll fated rematch without Blake Sims helping them. Stanford is 90% hype this year and Bama would've only had to prep for one offensive player in McCaffrey, both still wins I think. Clemson is a great match up with far more talent than anyone else with a shot at keeping up with Bama and I'm glad the date is set.
Colin, the idea is NOT to make an obvious account name if you're going to masquerade and poorly attempt to troll.
Gave Dabo a lot more to think about with showing we have multiple weapons over top
I was at this game and not far away when this went down (hey, free tickets for veterans, why not?) and I have to say this behavior was synonymous with a large majority of the Memphis fan base today. I don't know if they were riled up because it was Memphis' first year being decent and getting the trap win over Ole Miss or what, but there was some despicable behavior going on (kids telling staff what a dump the stadium is to booing every call in AU's favor to a middle aged man cussing a parking lady for charging $10 using racial slurs and comments of the like) and the entire thing was appalling to watch and I didn't have my hat in the ring other than conference affiliation. They gave a mortgage free house to a Purple Heart recipient at half time and instead of applauding, several Blue fans (Section 6, Row 10ish) booed and commented that she still had to live in Alabama, so it was a joke. I won't ramble about individual instances and I know that every team has bad fans, but it seemed that Memphis was on an extreme defensive/pejorative kick today. This player's behavior was not isolated and I felt sorry for the respectable fans (for both teams) that had to witness this today. Good win for AU, despite the record, they still got a bowl win.
As pissed as the rest of the country was about Derrick dominating an entire season and winning over a kid who broke loose at the end of the season, I'm not surprised to see the award go McCaffrey's way. He was one of the ONLY talents on his team this year and did shine through several categories. Derrick was the most marketable player on a beast roster and wasn't required to touch the ball every down. Congrats to McCaffrey, he does deserve recognition and it gives those that are green with jealousy over crimson success something to cuddle at night. I assure you, Derrick doesn't care and now only wants a ring and a big silver trophy that looks kinda vaginal in shape.
Permeated! There we go! Way better. Thanks Tex haha
Sorry, to clarify: I hope that your attitude hasn't procreated through others in your fan base and it's just you with those feelings. I realize my first sentence sounded like I was implying that you haven't had any children, which wasn't my intent.
I'm hoping you haven't procreated. This is not remotely how I (nor anyone I've ever talked with) feel toward Arkansas. Your coach is a whiny girl who belongs in the B1G, but I can't think of any benefit or reason for Arkansas to join another conference. The only benefit from that would be Razorbacks winning a conf. championship on the regular. It's Mizzou that we wouldn't mind switching conferences (or waking us from this bad dream).
Anyone notice how Colin is one letter away from spelling Colic (a whiny/gassy newborn)? Strong resemblance too... Notice also how many FAP (I mean PAC)-12 schools are playing SEC schools in bowls this year? Both probably explain why we are hearing a lot from this window-licker.
... every year in the last decade. Win or lose, schools prepare for Alabama all year long for a reason and every game carries drama and vast outlets of attention. 36 NFL players and 3 National Championships is anything but boring. Not being a Bama fan is cool, but I appreciate your willingness to admit how ridiculous this comment is. I think most schools in the SEC are more entertaining than a bunch of schools that score on every drive.