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OSU's offensive line and defensive line get pushed around so easily. The team commits penalties. Ryan Day is a Mardi Gras playcaller. CJ Stroud is not good enough to cover for any of those deficiencies, if Justin Fields was the quarterback then maybe it would be a competitive game. Georgia by 18.
Rising's numbers took a hit because he gutted out injuries in the second half of the season, had to miss a game because of it, and it was clear he wasn't himself in the loss to Oregon.
It has more to do with the fact that Caleb Williams did not play a single defense in the top 20, and lost to the only top 30 defense he played, twice. I don't have a problem with him winning the Heisman, but Duggan did it with less around him against better defenses.
TCU's loss was not Duggan's fault. Dykes made two bonehead decisions back to back, first by going for it instead of taking the field goal, and taking the ball out of Duggan's hands.
And therein lies the problem. You're caught in a vicious cycle of firing your coach every few years. Can't do anything with a modicum of consistency.
Belichick couldn't identify a wide receiver if he had Jerry Rice standing in front of him.
The Heisman as of now is a numbers award, and the injuries to Hendon Hooker and Blake Corum, coupled with UNC's loss to Georgia Tech, basically gift-wrapped the Heisman to CJ Stroud. As critical as I am of Stroud, I think he is a nice player and better than many give him credit for. Some OSU fans wanted to bench Stroud after Oregon and Michigan and name Ewers the starter for 2022 even after he was a Heisman finalist last year.
Ohio State defense stinks, and CJ Stroud is prone to slow starts, which killed them against Oregon and Michigan last year and will kill them even worse against Georgia. As for Michigan, I like their defense, and Corum is awesome, but no one is running on Georgia and they don't have a quick-strike offense to claw back from a deficit. Probably LSU or UT would have the best chances to beat UGA.
Stroud is a nice player, but far from the most outstanding player in college football. Stroud was very pedestrian against Notre Dame and while he had a bunch of yards against Penn State he only had one touchdown. Last year his slow starts on offense resulted in losses to Oregon and Michigan. And against Northwestern, I don't care about the wind being 70+ miles per hour, you can't complete more than 10 of 26 passes? At least Justin Fields and Braxton Miller had their best games against great teams. I'd probably go BY 1, Michigan RB Corum 2, and Hooker 3.
The AAC champion has had arguments in years past, but not this year. My guess would be to seed Georgia 1, winner of OSU-Michigan 2 (I expect Michigan to win), TN 3, and TCU/USC 4, but this could only happen if Georgia beats LSU and either TCU or USC run the table.
I don't endorse automatically admitting a P5 champion and the best G5 team into an 8 team playoff. If the G5 team was 2020-21 Cincy, or 2017-18 UCF, I can endorse that. Also the last Pac-12 team that you could really make a case as a top 8 team was 2014 Oregon which hammered FSU or 2015 Stanford. However, perhaps it's the most objective way to do it? Not sure.
It may have to do with Notre Dame raking the ACC over the coals, being half in, half out. I don't think they will move to 9 conference games until Notre Dame becomes a full member, or does what BYU does and schedules 9 random teams a year in addition to their three rivalries.
How did Bama-UGA last year make people sick of the CFP? It was a really great game?
Ok, the Pac-12 stinks, I'll agree with you, but Oregon does have a better offensive line than Auburn did.
I wouldn't call it a huge mistake, Cincy had two of the best corners in the game. They just were outmatched because they didn't have enough talent. Was Cincy one of the best four teams, no, but they were 13-0, beat Notre Dame comfortably, had a pretty talented secondary, and all the other teams had multiple losses. Also first round of the playoffs is almost always a blowout.
I think Oregon is the team most likely to finish 12-1 in the Pac-12. I don't think USC beats both UCLA and ND. It really would only an argument between Tennessee and Oregon. Michigan has a terrible OOC, and OSU's isn't much better and won't be unless ND wins out.
the first round of the playoffs is almost always a blowout
I overlooked LSU because BK had four major weaknesses at Notre Dame: big games, quarterback development, recruiting misses, and special teams. I think BK has finally shaken his big game demons and done an incredible job at LSU so far, but I still have zero trust in Polian as a special teams coach.
Auburn boosters make dealing with Jerry Jones the lesser of two evils. There are more appealing options for Deion if he wants to go to the Power 5.
I felt BK didn't get his team amped up enough for the big games. Additionally, he had too many recruiting misses at Notre Dame, quarterbacks didn't improve the longer they were in the program, and he didn't place enough emphasis on special teams. I'm very impressed with how he has handled the pressure of the SEC, especially such an important game against Alabama. I didn't see him doing enough to really get hyped up, but the energy against Alabama looked electric. Special teams remain a problem. Sure the special teams is not making as many mistakes as earlier in the year, but if your special teams isn't making plays, it's gonna be hard to break your glass ceiling.