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More like Iu gave it away.Vols cried to the refs down the stretch and used trickery early recovery to win. Had to bench Geronimo like every game and Jennings should of not been allowed to play with his unsportsmanlike conduct at the end of the season. 3rd qtr showed the better of the 2 teams. Gator bowl needed vols to win so they can continue to feed the SEC bias bullcrap. Not to mention even the announcers said the last spot was very generous Id hope even the vols could punch it in after the refs walked them up field last 2 drives. That with little league tricks won the game vols showed why their program is in the toilet and showed how a basketball school whipped them for 3 qtrs. Wow vols won with a lot of help and sorry but Jennings who was the difference at the end should have not been allowed to play shows how class less or is in Knoxville
Inconsistent Qb and small O line as well. Sorry vol nation !! These Hoosiers are gonna show you who is the elite conference! #notavolforlife After the vols lose they will want to fire Pruitt again! Hoosiers roll in this one
Vols are lucky to be in any bowl PERIOD!! Sorry don't remember Indiana losing to a Georgia state team nor a byu!! Vols squeaked by weak opponents for their win streak!! Also no Jennings in the first half