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Brilliant move by the SEC, UT & OU. If they really want to shake things up, drop USCe and Vandy. They both fit in the ACC better and really bring nothing to the conf other than baseball and women's basketball. No $ value, TV market, national fan base. Then push for Clemson and FSU.
Nice deflection. If you have some eligibility left you might want to call Kirby. Dabo gonna torch that secondary.
UGA D will probably take it on the chin game 1 vs Clemson & Dabo. Dawgs must be patient enough for the 'offenses' of the SEC E to make them feel better.
UT keeps looking to take giant leaps when they can't even take baby steps in the right direction. The UT fix is a long term assignment if its even possible with the new staff. Many will jump ship before they get to where the fans expect.
No doubt they were soundly beaten but they were there. UGA watched, Clemson played. Dabo and his young staff of coaches aren't falling off anytime soon nor are any key coaches leaving. Constantly recruiting talent that fits their schemes vs just trying to win the recruiting rankings.
This year's champ, Mississippi St, belongs somewhere in the top 8 spots. Bednar alone should probably get his own spot in the top 5. SC 2011 should be 2-3 considering the run the had over a 2 year span. Even more so if you factor in their run the 3rd year losing in the finals. Drop that 96 LSU team a couple spots.
Means you're doing something right. Same thing happens with Bama & Clemson in football, Duke in basketball. Congrats to Vandy for sustained success.
Haters gonna hate on Dabo and any winner that's shaking up the national scene. He and Clemson will stay top 1-3 for a long time. Built from the top to the bottom to sustain success. He was taken out of context and is a player's coach who will get the majority of talent they go after. He's smart enough now to spin this entire thing into a positive for Clemson.
Agreed a 6-6 year should be considered a great start for Beamer and the totally new staff. I don't see their defense being worse assuming the DL shows some signs of life. That can hide some deficiencies in the secondary. Not the greatest of QBs they're facing for the most part aside from 2-3 games. SEC E, much like the SEC as a whole, anything can happen after the top 2.
WoW! LOL, epic. Kentucky has enjoyed a nice run in the past few years but taking the next step eludes them still. Tough, respectable team in many ways but not that far removed from SC level and worse so easy with the undeserved swag Wildcats. Step up and beat UGA/UF in the same year and do us all a favor.
Clemson and Dabo aren't rebuilding, they're reloaded. Look to see this new uga rebuilt D give up 400+ yds total offense in game 1. They will look much better vs the offense of the sec E though. That usually makes them feel better.
Seems fitting with everything else the ncaa chooses to focus on and what it chooses to ignore. Total insult to NCST players, the university and their fans.
LOL at the "defensive" bama fans. Hearing that he's now going to Clemson to visit Dabo for the weekend.
GA starts the season 0-1. The CU QB isn't just starting for the first time and has elite level ability. Neither D is great and it should be a good game with 1st game issues early for both which is why it will stay close thru the 3rd. The one aspect failed to mention by the writer is the clear advantage CU has in the coaching staff. They'll have their team ready and will win by 10 or more.
NO doubt many of them are. The issue is the same as it is almost everything else, follow the $. There is no benefit and only harm to the sport and profitability of all to 'catch' certain programs. The SEC doesn't profit from say Mizzou or South Carolina playing on a level field with Bama, LSU, GA, UF. SEC needs those programs to remain on top. Same for Clemon and the ACC, OSU and some others. From TV, sponsors, donors, universities, to the ad's themselves. Margins are higher with top programs remaining on top.
At Clemson he and Dabo got a NC and curb stomped whatever you guys manage to put on the field.
Clemson and Dabo will pull away from UGA late in this game. Both teams are talented but CU has the edge on the field and on the sidelines.
I'm sure that will impress him, your record vs a team not recruiting him. Stick to the topic, another top QB going to Clemson.
His family has values and integrity which is why this will stretch out as they'll all be polite to the SEC locals. In the end he will sign on with Dabo for the family environment they're looking for.
Probably Clemson bound so he will only have to torch the SEC 2x per year.
UT is years away but historically speaking they should challenge once in a while. UK has enjoyed recent success but still lacking overall talent to compete regularly with the top 2. Mizzou same. SC same. Who's left? Doesn't matter though because they're all playing for runner up.
No worries, they'll be ousted pretty quickly if they don't belong.
Yeah, they really invented cupcake scheduling alright. Good luck to the mighty UgA with Charleston Southern, Samford, Kent State, UT Martin, UMass, Austin Peay, Charlotte.
lol...poor dawgs. Almost feel sorry for them...almost.
lol...uga always the inferiority complex. Good luck in the SEC Least.
Read last night that Saban has 39 1st rounders at Bama against only 23 total losses over that same time. Wow, what a machine. Numbers don't lie ,if you want to make it to the league and Saban offers, take it.