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lol...poor dawgs. Almost feel sorry for them...almost.
lol...uga always the inferiority complex. Good luck in the SEC Least.
Read last night that Saban has 39 1st rounders at Bama against only 23 total losses over that same time. Wow, what a machine. Numbers don't lie ,if you want to make it to the league and Saban offers, take it.
Oh, forgot about the new rule where points in past games against other teams carry over into future ones. Clemson will humble the Dogs early. You'll have a good season after that because of the SEC Least.
Watched the SG and you couldn't really glean much from it at all. They appear to be lacking in the WR dept but the QB also didn't look to go vertical much. One DE got consistent pressure so either he's really good or that T blocking him was struggling.
UNC have an advantage in FB recruiting? Over whom exactly? WF?
Definitely the best if he gets to play vs Bo Nix 16 times a season. Most highlights he was in decent position but the QB through to the DB anyway.
maybe not as wide open in previous years but the SEC least div is far from uga's at this point. They usually have some suspensions and most years lose a game they shouldn't have.
Rocky flop misses out again. Coaches and players. At least they still have that rusted up old stadium to sell for scrap metal.
Nobody hotter at the plate than this guy. College Baseball is better with UofSC relevant again.
Martin is a good man. Keep him and let the world and bball get some time past covid. Many modern HS players, for the most part don't want to play D and want to work as a team. He will find his guys again.
"Big-Time Coach" and Dan Mullen don't belong in the same article. He did seek interviews and would have left if offered and "big time" enough.
Good for them. Trying to catch Bama is tough. Keep it up Gators!
yeah right, if there's one thing this virus has shown us is that it takes a while to spread.
He's no fool and all these folks falling all over themselves trying to get one up on him only makes them look foolish. He continually takes every advantage to promote the Clemson vs Everyone else mentality. If it were anyone other than Clemson, FSU plays that game.
Either way this is a win for Clemson and Dabo. He's a genius at working the us vs the world mentality.
UK peaked over the last 2-3 years and the only thing keeping them barely relevant now in their div is the others aside from 2 teams are struggling to field decent teams.
In too deep. Maybe there's other issues at tenn as well? Like living in your glory days and expecting them to return magically. Tenn is the Nebraska of the SEC.
Is he sending back his tuition, housing, meals? All were ultimately paid for by.......fans. Yep, they're the worst. Just keep sending your $ but don't question what you're getting in return.
That's about the usual effort by this HS newspaper team.
It does make sense and I'm sure he'd jump at the opportunity to be at Bama if given the chance. It builds suspect coaches credibility to be there. However, it does appear from the last few season that all Muschamp is capable of analyzing is what just went wrong instead of player development, defensive schemes, and game plans.
All good but they're not competing with the team up the street in any way for recruits. I assume he means Clemson. They recruit nationally and SC regionally at best, mostly in state for what would be bit players at Clemson. The process doesn't start over if you're trending down, which Muschamp was.
Clemson and Dabo will blow out Notre Dame in the ACC CG. A healthy TL and it would have been so in last weeks match up.
It will cost them much more $ to keep him in future losses, on the field and financially. Invest in the future now and get ahead of the rest. Let him go. Also should consider letting whomever approved the buyout go or demoting them.
Tenn recruits well and should be getting better results. If Arkansas can turn around and play respectable in year one of a new HC and staff there's no excuse for Tenn not to be better. Resources, $, fan support, facilities, recruiting are all on par or better than their foes. Must be the coaching, possibly the admin too.
You made me curious so I looked it up. Didn't know there was someone named Sparky Woods, but you're correct. He coached at South Carolina from 1989-1993. Then looked up your record vs Navy, which is 5-3 but you didn't play them when Woods was there. Maybe you were alone because nobody was there. South Carolina did lose to Navy in 1984 when Joe Morrison was the coach but looks like you had a good season otherwise. You beat Navy in 85, 88, and 2011.