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This looks like one of the best coaching jobs done this season and the best hire from last year. Well done UT. Get past the NCAA hurdles and you can probably catch UF pretty quickly. Players will want to play in this type of offensive scheme.
Air raid not working anymore. It was once revolutionary vs lesser talented teams in weaker conferences. Almost everyone doing it adapted to supplement with better running with true running backs and solid defense or they had to look for new jobs.
UGA should be a lock but stranger things happen. Clemson needs playmakers as well.
Should be a great matchup for part of the game anyway. Kiffin will have his team ready but Bama probably wears them down.
Watched them the 2nd half vs UGA and parts of their UK game. They're getting overwhelmed and whipped up front. Consistently. Their QB while supposedly mobile, is very slow to see pressure and once he does can't really out run it. The RBs plod to the line because there are no holes. The fix might be the scheme more than anything. Repeatedly trying to do the same things with similar results.... But then again, UGA and UK are more talented teams than them.
Agree 100%. SDS and PFB have so much money tied up in Bama its ridiculous to listed to either about much else.
Refs should not be on the field. They probably shouldn't even be in the stadium. Too easily influenced by the game, coaches, and crowd. No reason why a network of high res, high speed cameras cannot be implemented and professional refs back in a control room somewhere. Old men running up and down the field is antiquated.
Probably 42-0 or something close to that with UGA on cruise control by the 3rd qtr. SCAR might be able to get 3-10 points if they're very lucky but that might motivate Kirby to put 50+ on them.
Should be a good battle of SEC middleweights.
Very true but Dabo Tigers still > Kirby Dawgs
Dabo & The Tigers 37 Kirby and the Dogs 23
Probably the best or 2nd best QB in the SEC for Mizzou. Solid team that should be very competitive this year and next.
5, 7 look like they could all be moved down to 13,14 along with Vandy and USCe QBs.
Ross may get 125 yds or more when this one is said and done. Dabo and his staff will be prepared and the coaching advantage should be quite evident. UGA has the talent in some areas to compete but its not a good matchup their OL vs CU's DL. CU's dbs should also win their battles consistently. UGA will need some tricks to stay close but will ultimately fade.
Article is laughable. Clemson will control the LOS and UGA will trade FGs for TDs. Dabo will have his team far better prepared than Kirby can.
UCLA will test LSU early but will ultimately get worn down by superior talent. The other "close" game to call is Clemson v UGA. Again, this one will be close in the first half but UGA will get worn down by the superior talent along the lines and CU'c coaching. UGA will not be able to sustain drives and convert long downs. Probably trades FGs for TDs in the 2nd half as Dabo and the Tigers pull away convincingly.
Objectively speaking, they can win many of their games aside from UGA, TAMU, and Clemson. There are 3 almost guaranteed wins for an SEC team that looking back has recruited fairly well. The balance are toss ups. An injury here or there, turnovers, COVD, and so on will change the predictions as the season progresses. Predicting a loss to UK, Mizzou, UT as this point is questionable to say the least. Nearly the same can be said for UF and Auburn games. Didn't SC beat Auburn last year or the year before?
Ahh the UGA game deflects and the SC Lite fan rides the SEC coattails. Class of 94, UGA's records vs Cal won't matter to Dabo. They'll beat UGA but not like the beating they'll give their instate little brother.
UGA will get whipped along both fronts in the Clemson game. Dabo and BV will have their team ready and well coached while Kirby will once again be looking for adjustments.
Never heard of zaxbees but looked them up. CEO/Founder a UGA alum.....hmmm
Your fans practically booed him off the field in the UNC game when he got hurt. RH had to play. Both transferred.
Dabo will beat the Dawgs in game one. Pretty decisively. Assuming the Dawgs don't let that carry over they can basically sleepwalk until Auburn, Kentucky, Florida. If they can't shake the Clemson loss, they might very well lose one of those games as well.
Bama and Clemson will finish 1-2 most likely with the final a toss up between to two top talented and best coached teams in CFB. Doubt a two loss UGA team gets into the CFP and they'll probably end up 6-9 somewhere.
UGA might finish strong but they'll have tough sledding vs Dabo and the CU DL. Those backs will probably look fairly pedestrian in that game but rebound in conf div games.
I think he just stated a hope or a dream vs some sort of prediction. Same with David P. They don't want Clemson to win but have no idea of how UGA should. Dabo will have his squad extremely prepared and Kirby will be Kirby. Clemson Tigers will win that game by 10 or more. UGA isn't ready to take the next step.
OU and UT being in the SEC will hurt Arkansas more than any other team. OU has the recruiting and coaching to claim top 5 stature in the conference pretty much immediately and in years when the stars and scheduling align, could challenge for the conf. Look to see UGA boosters get really nervous with Kirby and staff at uga when this happens.