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I think anything above 6-6 would be a huge step forward for them. Shaky at QB, no real threats at WR and no proven running game. They'll need improvement all around on O to start generating wins. The D should be sufficient but nothing special.
Connor Shaw easy pick. Not the prototypical Spurrier pocket QB and often times had to bail out the play call or the protection. They guy came up big time and time again.
Have to agree with you. He was a GREAT player. So so teammate and questionable person, terrible manager/owner. Suggest you also read H Grant's comments on the documentary.
"Modern Era" have to go with Tim Tebow with Peyton Manning close behind but it was Tee Martin to win games Peyton couldn't. I'd put Joe B there based on the single season and Cam behind him. Heck if Eli had better talent around him there's no telling where he'd rank.
Some folks outright hatred towards other political parties makes me question if they want things better or just want the opposite of whatever the others want.
Week 1 may be the best time to play Bama all things considered.
Yep he did terrible things to Scar. Like win a ton of games, beat your rivalry consistently, attract more attention and $, better players. All that stuff. Sure he got worn down but you need to get over it and thing big picture.
Didn't LSU fans drink Nashville dry when they were there? No telling what a bunch of gators would do there 2x in one season.
Basically every team in the SEC E is the team to beat. That's why most teams beat them.
This list has to be a joke. Trask? He won't even finish the season as the starter. Lawrence of Clemson will win this.
Agreed. They still seem to find a way to lose a game most years that they shouldn't.
8-9 wins max. Lost too much on the field and on the staff. They're still very talented.
Don't know about Spurrier - too many miles on him now. College Football does need Two Main conferences and then maybe 4-6 divisions in each conf. Also needs an across the board an consistent jersey, shoe, helmet contracts, professional referees and more automation in the game calling and review process.
It was close and Walker definitely shouldn't have been 3rd but Rogers won it. He deserved it. The argument that Walker won when they played face to face doesn't hold water. It's not like one of them played defense. Rogers faced better defenses and won in most statistical categories. It was close and Walker got his the next year. Rogers made some mistakes later but turned his life around and you won't find a better ambassador for South Carolina.
Solid pick up and SC did just put some guys in the NFL. Doubt WM is going anywhere anytime soon with the buyout and it only dropping marginally. He'll be around a while and might have enough players to start winning.
Tua's entire family looked sad. There was an obvious delay on some of the pics that made it look like draftees weren't excited. Hope Miami can put some help around him because he'll definitely need it.
Just bama being bama and the ncaa being the ncaa. Both are morally bankrupt organizations.
Not surprised by this. More surprised we haven't seen more and would bet the xfer porter fills up soon around the country for players who are far from home. No FB, country basically on lock down and kids just want to be closer to family. Looking less likely there's a full 2020 season.
Also - look for schedule changes if FB returns in the fall. Abbreviated schedules, cancellations and so on. Force majeure will bring about cancellations without penalty for many games.
Colleges may not be fully back until late fall. That puts fb season in huge jeopardy of not happening in 2020 at all. Some states and Colleges may come back before others can. This either causes a situation where some schools are ready, some aren't. The NCAA either allows the season to start with a partial and risks the transfer system being overwhelmed or canceling the season for this year.
Hard to tell sometimes what's fake and what's real. If it's about player safety, injured/hurt players should at a min sit till the next poss, maybe the next quarter. You just don't want coaches pushing players that should come out to stay in.
Not sure nick would take his guy. He might take JB instead of TL.
UCF and VT make for good matchups to the mid/low tier SEC teams in Football.