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Doesn't matter where gameday is in Sept. Clemson is the team to beat and too deep for any ACC or SEC team for that matter. Anything can happen on gameday but it's really their championship to lose. Maybe now that Ohio St is back in it there will be a good game if we make it to a playoff.
Clemson will run the table and basically make any acc opponent look like they don't belong on the same field. Probably the same in post season if we make it that long. Too deep and key positions and their freshman DL are dominant already.
He wasn't a great NFL QB, obviously and not physically gifted enough to play any other position in the NFL. He was a great college QB and leader and that's good enough for me.
Agreed. Not sure Jroc put much thought into the MNF intro song
Maybe they can get on to more important things like helping Ray Lewis find that white suit he lost
Bama, UGA, Ohio St and to a lesser extend UF, Texas and FSU better all hope he leaves, takes Venables and Clemson falls apart after that. Until then, they're barely relevant.
Wonder if he's thinking the same thing about uga's xfer qb quitting on them?
whoa nellie. 2022 is a ways off and lets see if this sticks. Also, they'll need blocking and receivers and have little if any right now. Good foundation sure, but championships....hardly.
Doesn't really matter what the schedule is like. They're the best and deepest team in the country heading into 2020 "season" if there is one.
Lol. Everyone thinks they can hire enough of Bama's or Saban's assistants they can recreate them. They can't and it's proven it doesn't work. Nobody's even coming close to replicating or competing with Clemson and Dabo.
I see 3-4 losses. Of course, that's in a 6 game season.
So glad UT finally has someone to look down on again. Was getting worried about them the past 25 years.
If Muschamp only has 1 season to prove it with Bobo then FIRE him now. Look at that roster and find offensive talent. RH wasn't terrible but looked lost many times. No #1 WRs. Unproven RBs. Suspect OL at best. NO TEs. What is Bobo supposed to work with in 1 season to turn that around.
it's not completely about TV and $. The mask wearing and social gathering rules in many cities will effective prohibit practice and games, even without fans.
Not expecting we'll see the drop off in rates that governors and other leaders want to see by fall with students coming back. Not very hopeful there's a CFB season in 2020.
And the new look unis for the Falcons look great to me.
A regular poster on this site made light of mental health struggles and remarked jokingly about suicide. He even encouraged the suicide of other posters who replied to him. That is still up on this site. SDS is ok with that type of comment.
"Elevated" ok....Finebaum and recruiting services doing their best to keep Bama in the conversation with Clemson. Dabo keeps on stock piling elite talent at most every position while they all work against him.
Samuel and Kamara not on this list makes it another fail by sds.
I think anything above 6-6 would be a huge step forward for them. Shaky at QB, no real threats at WR and no proven running game. They'll need improvement all around on O to start generating wins. The D should be sufficient but nothing special.
Connor Shaw easy pick. Not the prototypical Spurrier pocket QB and often times had to bail out the play call or the protection. They guy came up big time and time again.
Have to agree with you. He was a GREAT player. So so teammate and questionable person, terrible manager/owner. Suggest you also read H Grant's comments on the documentary.
"Modern Era" have to go with Tim Tebow with Peyton Manning close behind but it was Tee Martin to win games Peyton couldn't. I'd put Joe B there based on the single season and Cam behind him. Heck if Eli had better talent around him there's no telling where he'd rank.
Some folks outright hatred towards other political parties makes me question if they want things better or just want the opposite of whatever the others want.