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Bootheel, that's one of the dumbest posts I've seen in a while. Stay with a coach that uses you on fake punts? He threw 41 TDs last year and is going to be a Heisman finalist. Fields made the right move. As did Eason. Bangs and his boys can't develop offensive talent. Why do you think Chubb and Sony had to stay for their senior years.
Dan the Clown? How about Kirby Not-So-Smart's use of Justin Fields. He let 41 TDs against 3 Ints get away buy using him on fake punts. Might be the dumbest move in the history of college football. Who's the clown?
How pathetic to pass yourself off as a fan only to troll one of your rivals. You still have nightmares about Spurrier don't you, Humper. Enjoy Richt 2.0.
And you enjoy your leather helmet offense. After you play a real one, and Kirby loses anther SEC title game, we can just refer to him as Lil' McIlwain.
Listen Tiger, Plainsmen, War Eagle, whatever else you decide to call yourself. Lets include Astronauts, Rhodes Scholars and Wildebeasts. Why not? Fla won 4 games two years ago. Ten last year. They're rebuilding. And fast. You might win this year, you might not. But the UF program is headed in the right direction. We're not on the Gus Bus roller coaster that has ya'll wanting to fire him every other year. And I understand the men against boys comment. I'm sure that's how you felt while winning 3 of the last 11 against Bama. Alabama 34 Auburn 19
I think that's a good take Gromit, but I vary a bit on what is most critical. I agree, we won't be able to run much. That's why you'll see those quick hitters to the wide outs behind the line of scrimmage. But I think the game will turn on whether or not we can get off the field on 3rd down. So far this year we haven't. Even against Towson. And even third and 20 something. If we can keep our offense on the field, we'll beat 'em. If Auburn has three or four 12 play drives each half that result in points, we're in trouble.
And there is no way the Bulldogs should be in the top 3. You think Bama, Clemson, LSU, Ohio State or Oklahoma would be losing to Notre Dame at the half? That puts you 6th. After ND held you to 150 yards rushing, you don't win Saturday without Fromm throwing those back shoulder dimes. If he goes down, you guys are done.
And Georgia is, cue the crowd cheering, "O-VER-RA-TED"; your "best line in America" and "stable" of great running backs ran for 152 on a ND defense that gave up 290 to Louisville and 260 to New Mexico.
As much as I hate to, I agree with "Easy". They actually beat us the two years prior. Except on the scoreboard. Last year was just a "come uppance." In Florida's defense, however, McIlwain was piloting a sinking ship the two previous years and KY caught Florida early in the Mullen transition. I think the game might have been different later in the year. The team that beat LSU and Michigan wouldn't have lost to Kentucky.
Listen, DawgsofWar, Mullen took the mess McIlwain left and turned in a pretty fine year. He did it by coaching up 3 and 4 stars. You have over 20 5-stars in Athens, Florida has 1. Question. When UF beats UGA the next time, what will be the reason? You have the better talent. It's Kirby. He can recruit, but his game decisions are lacking. Coaching cost you a Natty and an SEC Championship already. Also, with all the talent you supposedly have, if you don't beat Bama and win the National title this year, your season will have underachieved. You know it.
I normally don't like Lou's stuff . . .except when he freaks out after UGA losses, but I thought his little walk-on-the-beach take was pretty solid. He's done his homework on the boys. But don't let the Dogbreaths fool you. They don't take Florida lightly. When you get beat by Treon Harris, you can't afford to. No matter what they say, the game always makes them nervous. There is a history in Jax; the best team doesn't always win. Why do you think they want home and home so badly. Kirby says it's recruiting. All the other fans still have nightmares about Spurrier.
Ahahaha. Love it Joe. I agree. Hand them the trophy. We shouldn't even show up. They have 200 5-stars, we don't have any. How can we possibly compete? And the Great wall of Pittman? My gosh, how can we compete with such Behemoths? Wait, isn't it pretty much the same one that couldn't score 7 times from 6" out on us last year. The only chance we have is if Kirby calls a fake punt.
I tell all my Bulldog buddies. The best thing about being a Dawg is knowing that your going to be ahead every game for 58 minutes.
How droll to come on to a sports chat and wax eloquently. Silly me. I thought the Vandy fans were the geniuses. Reading you was life changing. Your expression of absolutism was like Kant meets Descartes. Thank you "After the Flood" for such vivid clarity. I stand corrected and now know that Missouri is the new Harvard of the South. Go Gators.
Finding anything wrong with the jean shorts pic tells us all we need to know about you. Those girls are way beneath you I'm sure. Also, can't really fault you for this piece, however. We all know it's a lot easier to compile inane, internet pics than to practice some real journalism. They say it's easier to be infamous than famous. But don't give up. Tomorrow you can mount a comeback. Maybe interview somebody, maybe string a few meaningful sentences together. As long as it's fluff piece for whatever team you rep.