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This blog really concerns me, do you all not proof anything you write? MS State beat the 5th or 6th ranked ACC team, NC STATE. Man....
On a fourth down or during a try (extra point) and before any change of possession, the ball is dead if it is fumbled and recovered by any player other than the fumbler. If during a fourth down, the ball is next put into play at the spot of the recovery unless it is in advance of the spot of the fumble. If so, the ball is next put into play at the spot of the fumble. Source(s): I'm an NCAA football official.
Anyone know if Special Teams are still part of a position group?
Well, the SEC defensive player of the week get's no mention on this list? Oh, and when you play NW St., you are ineligible for any accolades. Just like the Rebels should be ineligible for their first game of the season.
Seriously, a blocked punt? Quality reporting... it would help if you watched the game or researched it at least... it was a field goal he blocked.
Really, SDS came up with Megaquan? C'mon... what about Nkracken? Certainly a favorite.
You are kidding me right? Durham, NC????? There is no bigger pit on earth than Durham, NC. Except for maybe Columbia, SC. This list is a joke right?
Ugh... DD2. New Years' 6 Bowl Games Mississippi SEC Schools - 2 Georgia SEC Schools - 0
Including Channing Ward in a group where 5-stars are being arrested is shameful. Go back and watch some tape on special teams... I think there is a game where he makes every tackle on kick-offs. I think questioning his dominance is a fine call out but look at the defense he's playing on. I am impressed by him, his willingness to play any position and give 100%. Players mature at different times... look for him this year to make a real difference.
This "analysis" is silly. Who has the most talent? The team that has the unanimous all SEC TE has the most talent. How many 2-TE sets do we see?
Offensive line was expected to be a strength? C'mon... was the #1 concern for the team going into the season losing a starter to transfer, not sure of who the center was going to be and Morris coming off an injury. Still very much a concern though to your point.
Is there no editing? Damn you all make it hard to read these articles. Please! As for the matter at hand, Wallace has weapons and is a weapon. Everyone knows Dak is going to run, that doesn't keep defenses off balance. Wallace can run, and throw... that's imbalance. Would rather have Wallace than Dak this year.
Look no further than our recent additions to the conference. If it was about the fans, Clemson would've gotten the invite instead of Missouri. Clemson is an SEC team... but again, it's about the money.
Let's be clear and it really bothers me Jon that you put Ole Miss in the same conversation as State and Vandy. Vandy likely doesn't deserve it either. Ole Miss will have no trouble finding an opponent (one they can beat maybe) for 1 reason. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, wants to come to Oxford, MS for a football game. Nashville is a great town as well but no one wants to go to Starkville. State will struggle with opponents... Ole Miss will not.
And coaching doesn't hurt. I think Saban certainly has distanced himself from the other coaches but Les Miles? A complete mess but certainly has LSU in there each year. Pinkel seeems to be competent, Freeze is still unproven. Recruiting seems to be his strong suit but it's another animal to turn great recruits into great SEC football players.
The SEC East is the most exciting? How about represent our conference in a National Championship one year and then start talking. Last time the East did (Florida), they lost to an SEC West team.
Didn't DGB get in trouble? Stealing cars or dealing?
I also saw where Donte ran an "unofficial" time of 4.35. At 220lbs? C'mon, get some of that!
Underrated? Really? Maybe some investigative research would uncover some very underrated offensive players other than the All SEC list above. Weak
Still don't know how Ole Miss is second to UGA and LSU. Obviously head to head we're up on LSU but if we can beat Mizzou, does that not put the Rebs into 5th on the list?
Let's not stop at Georgia... how is LSU ranked ahead of Ole Miss? For that matter, not sure how Georgia is either but time will tell. Injuries... cry me a river.
Freeze to Texas? Ha! I see Ole Miss getting a men's hockey team first and playing in the Freeze'r first.
Best Freshman? Somebody facing a team that hasn't won in 15 straight can't be that difficult to show out on. I think this blog needs creativity rather than going solely on stats... I was turned off a bit on the preseason rankings being based on last season. Can't figure out how Jeff Scott didn't make the best offensive player list. The guy averages 10/yds per carry??? Sure, Bama and Johnny ATM didn't disappoint but Arkansas players earning accolades bothers me a bit. 3 sacks on USM, 12 tackles against Texas are not the same.
You know how I would like to see this outlined... base the totals on undergraduate enrollment and then we'll see who is engaged. Heck, make it total enrollment on campus if necessary but that to me show engagement. When your stadium hold 5 or 6 times your enrollment, that is impressive.