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I rarely agree with Wolfman, but he has a point. Mizzou’s offense isn’t really built for a Kelly Bryant-type player. Mizzou already has a solid run game to build on next season without a run first QB. They need a gun-slinger which Bryant isn’t. He also had a heck of a supporting cast at Clemson to make him look a lot better than he really is.
South Carolina, who just got blanked by UVA, looked better against Clemson than Alabama does. Just sayin...
Oh please... ...LSU not only had to compete with mostly backups on defense, but they also had to compete against the ACC officiating crew that was trying its hardest to give the game to UCF. The refs pretty much gave UCF 14 points.
Adam, looks like a Mizzou home game crowd. To answer your question on why the game is being played 1) a win guarantees a winning record and 2) it’s a developemental game. All those young players being forced into early playing time will benefit from the experience.
Hey Joe, not to take away from Kentucky’s thrashing of a 2-win Louisville team, but there were far better and more worthy offensive performances yesterday against much better defenses.
I honestly felt, going into this game, that Clemson would hang 70 or more points on SCar, so anything less than that was pleasantly surprising. That the Gamecocks would absolutely light up the Clemson secondary and hold that front seven to just two sacks, well, that was nothing short of astonishing. Imagine if SCar had a half competent defense... whether it’s UGA or Bama who gets Clemson in playoff, the tigers are gonna get it handed to them.
Why? They’re 3-4 in conference and 5th ranked overall in the East.
TN will be bowl eligible by this time next weekend.
Congratulations, SicEm. You can both read and infer.
I think you’re being a tad harsh. While SCar’s defense is far from great or even good, it’s still adequate for 3 of the last 4 of their remaining games. Clemson will beat the brakes off of them; however, their D should have zero problems with either Chatt or Akron, and it should be good enough to give them a puncher’s chance against Fl’s offense. Ole Miss is gonna score some points. Even with the Reb’s games against Alabama and LSU factored in, they’re averaging more than 40 points a game. After watching yesterday’s game, I’m most surprised that Jake Bentley and his inconsistent offense actually won a shootout. That’s got to give Gamecock fans something to feel good about.
Connor, bro, we get it. You have a man-crush on Drew Lock. It’s all cool. Nobody cares. That doesn’t mean you have to keep pretending he’s an elite talent. He folds like a cheap suit in conference play, has since his freshman year.
Um, there’s really no difference between last year’s Mizzou and this year’s Mizzou. Both were/are horrible against teams with a pulse. Florida should win this game easily. Lock’s averaging .25 TDs a game in conference play, and that includes a game against a pretty “meh” South Carolina where his prettiest pass was a pick six. Mizzou’s gonna likely end up 2-6 in conference play.
What a dope. “Arkansas might need to score 50 to hang with Drew Lock and company.” Really, nobody else in conference has. 1 touchdown in four games. The best part about the Arkansas/Mizzou game is at least one of them will have a conference win.
The Mizzou / Drew Lock love is strong with this one. Still ranked #8 after zero wins in conference play and about to add another loss next week.
Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. I don’t think I can count on both hands and both feet how many ridiculous Wolfman posts I’ve read re: praising the Dooley hire despite his record of being nothing less than a horrible coach with a known history of CFB horribleness. Well, Wolfie, are you ready to admit that you were wrong and the other 99.9 percent of us were right? Dooley’s horrible, Lock’s a big game bust, and the future outlook is even worse- despite your take on recruiting- unless, that is, Odom and the rest get the boot.
Can we drop the “young quarterback” narrative at this point? He’s a junior, and he wasn’t really even young when he was “supposed to be playing in his state championship game.” He was an OAF high school senior. The best solution for his struggles is to watch a couple of games from the bench.
While that’s true, I think the Vols will get one game closer to that magic number this weekend. SCar’s been mostly unimpressive, especially on offense.
If you look at his career numbers vs SEC opponents (actually most P5 opponents for that matter), he’s pretty mediocre. He gets the benefit of playing a full four quarters against weaker opponents since Mizzou has had Swiss cheese for a defense the last few seasons resulting in his video game numbers. He’s 7-20 in SEC play and now has only SEC games left in this season to improve on his 1 TD to five INT ratio.
Yeah, another stat padding game for Lock against one of the worst pass defenses in the country. Mizzou - still winless in conference play. Seven total SEC wins in the last 4 years.
Same Lock, different day. He’s great at lighting up bad teams’ “meh” against decent teams, and hot garbage against good teams. Mizz just has fewer bad teams and more decent to good teams on their schedule this year. Memphis could end up ruining homecoming weekend.
Wolfman, while there are no un-winnable games remaining on the Mizzou schedule, there are a few that are certainly less winnable. If last weekend taught us anything, it’s that the separation between UGA, Florida, and Kentucky May not be very much at all. Mizzou still has two of those teams remaining on the schedule. Also Memphis wasn’t far from staring at a 5-2 record with a win against a top 10 team before falling to UCF last weekend. If Lock’s struggles continue, then, yes, Mizzou could be looking at a worse record than last season. Arky and Tn could even be closer than Mizzou fans are comfortable with. Mizzou could as likely end up 7-5 as they could 5-7.
Yeah. That game didn’t go well for UGA. I stand by everything else though. Auburn is still overrated and Florida had to resort to trick plays to squeak by one of the worst teams in the conference.
Hope he gets better soon. Makes the offense a lot more fun to watch. On a side note, can we put the Lock hype to rest? He sucks. I’m sorry, but he does. His video game stats don’t carryover to good teams. 7-20 in SEC play. 1 TD to 5 INTs in the last three games.
Good, entertaining game. Maybe not as entertaining as watching Auburn lose to Tennessee, however.
The Florida hype train is derailing. Florida’s win over an overrated LSU, who’s biggest win of the season comes against an even more overrated Auburn team that has its hands full with Tennessee right now, will look a lot less impressive once UGA pounds the Tigers today. Also, Mullen is a punk. Mason would drop him like a used condom.
Fella, you need to go back on your meds. You make less and less sense with each post you write. When you look at Lock’s body of work against conference foes (or all P5 schools for that matter), his numbers are average at best. His stats are hyper-inflated because of his success against weaker OOC opponents and FCS schools. And, because Mizzou’s defense has been so very bad the last few years, Lock has been forced to play all four quarters against teams that he should have otherwise been pulled after the start of the second half. (I give you the Missouri State game from last year as the perfect example. No way should Mizzou have needed 7 TD passes and their first string signal caller playing all four quarter against that opponent; however, since the defense was so bad, Lock had to get into a shootout.) Lock may have broken another record on Saturday, but he’a still steering a ship that’s headed for 4th place in the SEC East followed by a career as a QB in the Canadian Football League.