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I wish it were so Matt; however, as the old saying goes “you can wish in one hand and —— in the other and see which one fills up first.” I’m not even going to watch this game. To put it in perspective, I’m taking my teenage daughters dress shopping for homecoming because I think that will be more fun than watching my Gamecocks get trucked for a second week in a row.
Just when I was wondering if we were going to get any more Spencer Rattler articles before the season kicked off…
And if my brother had been born with a pair of X chromosomes, he’d be my sister, …maybe.
NIU can cry all they want, but it was a very obvious incomplete pass on fourth down. Nobody was “robbed.”
No, this would be huge blow to them. The offense struggled this year, but they were hit hard by injuries early, and they lost their two best players on the offensive side of the ball to the NFL. There has been no drop off in terms of energy. Heck, Venables sweats energy. They could put that stuff in a bottle and market it.
Clemson’s defense will be the difference in this game. Their offense is still less than stellar; it just had a lot of help the last two weeks in a pair of home games against the 111th and 112th ranked defenses in the country. UConn is , well UConn, and pretty much anyone with a heartbeat has scored 40 points or more against Wake Forest. While I think Clemson will likely win, I’m hoping the Gamecocks pull off one more of their WB under the lights surprises.
I’m not saying they won’t, but this is a historically weird series between these two teams. If South Carolina can replicate that same moxie from last night. They just may.
Noooo! Don’t jinx us South Carolina fans with any that bowl game tickets talk. We still have to find one more win.
Drink reminds me of the kid who would always get picked last for dodgeball during gym class.
You’re not being very fair to hell. When I was a kid living in Warner Robbins, I couldn’t think of a hotter place to spend my summers. Later in my youth, we somewhat left those summers behind when we moved to coastal South Carolina. Then I spent four years in Columbia at USC. That place is miserable in the summer.
The weather is going to match the moods of both fan bases this season. It’s going to be a cold, wet, and dreary night in the armpit of the south.
Meaning, of course, behind the other four members of the East.
You are correct. Very little difference amongst the three. All three are very bad teams and light years behind the four in front of them.
Thank you for pointing out the obvious Keith. Let Zeb have his moment. South Carolina has already met year one expectations under Beamer. He inherited perennial “meh” program that was in a mess, and there was a mass exodus of what little talent Chump had brought into Columbia. They were expected to win 4 games, and they did. Anything else is gravy. They could suit up Connor Shaw himself, and TAMU would still pummel them. You’re a very whiny writer.
I’m one of, apparently, only a handful of people who saw this coming. Drink’s 5-5 record from last season included 3 wins against opponents who had a total of 5 wins between the three of them, and that includes the barely win against an Arky team that went 3-6. The other two cream puffs were South Carolina and Vandy. When you take off the tinted lenses, Mizzou wasn’t really as good as their .500 record indicated. Drink’s hire was more crash than flash.
There’s nobody behind Doty. Replace him with who, Noland? No thanks. It’s Doty’s job unless he goes down. They need to grab someone out of the transfer portal after the season. It also doesn’t help when receivers can’t, well, receive… …Joyner.
Personally, I can’t wait for November 13th! I have it circled on the calendar. The battle of the Columbias! Winner takes all… er, um, 13th place in the conference. That is if both of us can get by Vandy first.
Easy now. One Gamecock fan to another. While we represent our team very well on Saturdays, we put out far from a respectable product too. We had a handful of “great” seasons during the Spurrier era, but that’s it. I’m plenty old to remember just how bad, historically, we are as a program.
He’s the only QB to throw a touchdown against UGA to this point in the season, and he did it on the road (at night) in his first action all year. If Seals can beat Doty’s numbers this weekend, he can have 13th place on this list. I have a feeling though, that UGA is going to pitch their first shutout of the season.
A win is a win irrespective of the quality of opponent. Congrats to Mizzou; however, “dominating” isn’t quite the description I’d give this one. Through three games, SEMO has given up 158 points, and today’s 28 points has been their highest scoring game to date. Nearly 300 yards rushing? What?
Some questionable calls not withstanding, I think it’s time to table the Zeb Noland experiment. Wouldn’t hurt to maybe hold on to the ball too.
Yikes. At least we have the new hype video going for us.
I’ll pass. I’d rather go “Walmartin’” on a Friday night than watch that guy.
I posted a link to the article on a c b s sports website, but it’s “awaiting moderation” which means it probably won’t post. Just Google Ben Boulware Clemson and butt grabbing.