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If he’s any good at all, he’ll get the Sammy Watkins/Amman Lakin discipline. At worst he sits out against one or two cupcakes. Who knows, maybe not even that. Maybe he’ll “find the light” and participate one of Dabo’s staged after-practice baptisms during fall camp. “Gosh, I’m sure sorry.” I just hope the arresting officer doesn’t get fired like the guy who tried to ticket Dabo for driving twice the speed limit.
Is anyone surprised he got off this light? It’s Swinneyland, and it involves the Clemson police department and a Clemson football player. Anyone remember that viral video of Dat’Boi getting pulled over for speeding on his way to a radio interview several years ago? He completely ignored the officer and walked right past him and into the interview. Dat’Boi’s redneck brother even threatened the cop. No repercussions. Swinney is anointed by the Almighty himself, and his flock is untouchable.
Hugh Sleeze has had his bags packed since Jerry Jr got the boot from LU. He was next man up on Falwell’s wife before the pool boy opened his mouth and screwed everything up. Hugh is exactly where he needs to be. It’s a perfect fit.
Wolfman, I wanted to compare apples to apples, so I went back and looked at the total “Ls” for the teams Mizzou beat this year. 35. Mizzou’s 5 wins came against teams with a total of 35 losses with two of those wins coming against a terrible South Carolina and and even worse Vandy. Mizzou is fortunate this game wasn’t played.
Wolfman, how many wins over teams with winning records did Mizzou pull off this year? Yeah. That’s what I though.
I wonder if Freeze would consider bringing Falwell’s pool boy along as an assistant? Seriously though, I think Freeze and Liberty are the perfect marriage of a sleezebag and a sham university.
In a normal year, I don’t think any team who wins less than 8 games deserves to go bowling, but this isn’t a normal year, and I’ll watch CFB as long as there are games to be played - even if it’s the Myrtle Beach Bowl hosted at the doorstep of the opioid and human trafficking capital of the south east. That being said, I don’t think there will be as much SEC chest-pounding this year as there has been in previous years. I see close to half a dozen embarrassing losses.
Dan, if you clip your pacifier to your shirt collar, you won’t lose it, and you’ll still have it for your press conferences. I used to do that to my daughters when they were babies, and it kept them from crying so much.
South Carolina is the reason that illiterate giant went from homelessness to the penthouse.
Collin Hill is trash, and the Gamecocks have no defense. Kevin Harris can’t play every position. Mizzou will beat South Carolina by three touchdowns.
Agreed. Money isn’t something he’ll have to worry about- ever. If I was as bad at my job as he was at his, I’d be sued and wearing an orange jumpsuit while worrying about getting shanked in the shower. Sorry but not sorry for the ole hot head.
Everyone puts on an offensive showing against Vandy, but not everyone let’s the Dores hang 35 on them - at home.
I don’t think Mullen was trying to pick a fight. He looked like he was screaming at the refs, which I get. Officiating has been horrible this season. It was a late hit that should have been flagged, but I don’t think it was a dirty hit, and, unfortunately, when you call a Hail Mary, your QB stands a pretty good chance at taking a good lick. Should the whole situation have been handled differently? Yup. Absolutely. It wasn’t, and the fight was as ugly as Florida’s helmets and Mizzou’s offense (and defense) last night.
I don’t see South Carolina playing in any bowl unless they get an invite to the Participation Bowl. They don’t have another winnable game on their schedule.
Regarding the “Worst of the Week/SEC Offenses,” four of the worst defenses in the conference had their games postponed. It’s hard not to think that Mizzou wouldn’t hang at least 50 on Vandy and the Fl/LSU total wouldn’t be somewhere near 90 pts.
A win is a win, and an ugly win is better than a pretty loss all week long. Almost every team in the SEC has looked piss-poor and beatable at times. How about that time Miss St beat LSU and then managed to crap the bed every weekend since? Remember when Tennessee throttled Mizzou, and all of the Mizzou fans On here were giving the Vols “elite” status? I caught some crap from fans on both sides when I recommended pumping the brakes on that kind of talk. What have they done since? I get it. Mizzou fans are still riding high after the LSU win. Congrats. Enjoy it now. It won’t look quite as sweet when LSU ends up a 4-win team. If that game showed us anything, it’s that neither has ANY defense whatsoever.
I know it’s a bricks to apples comparison and has nothing to do with the talent level of either team this year, but neither Steele nor Morris enjoyed much success against South Carolina when they were at Clemson. I don’t think Steele ever beat the Gamecocks, and Morris may have etched one win on his belt. If Auburn wins, it’ll be the first time the two coached a win together over the Gamecocks.
Double 0, my colors have never been a secret. As I’ve stated before, growing up in both Ga and SC, I spent much of my life as a UGA fan in a hardcore Clemson family before I spent 4 of my 8 college years at South Carolina where I ended up drinking the water. Since the Gamecocks are a historically bad football program, I know one when I see one. I’m not saying that TN is bad at all. In fact they are quite good. I’m just saying they’ll need to beat more than just a pair of cellar dwellers like Mizzou and South Carolina to be considered “elite.”
“Elite?!?” They beat South Carolina and Mizzou. South Carolina returns half of their pieces from a terrible 2019 team, and Mizzou looking at a one win season.
At this point, it’s probably safe to assume that most have “come into contact” with the virus. I’m around it every day. I’ve never tested positive, nor have I ever had a positive antibody test. It’s probably safe to come out of your house Herbie.
No matter what the record ends up being, Jimbo can finally say he wasn’t beaten by his daddy Dabo this year. That’s gotta be worth something.
I miss being a kid in the 80’s growing up in Warner Robins and watching the Northside Eagles and Warner Robins Demons home games. Great Ga football.
Nobody wins or loses any games this year. That was my point. I will shave my head if a single down is played.
There’s an excellent chance all of these teams will enter November undefeated. Well, maybe not South Carolina. Never under estimate Will Muschamp. He always seems to figure out a way to crap the bed...
If I was South Carolina’s backup punter, I’d be drunk too.
Clemson will beat South Carolina by AT LEAST fifty points, but the final score could be even further north than my 56-6 guesstimation.