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Given the closeness of this game the last several years, the line seems just about right. I wouldn’t count SCar’s game against UGA as the measuring stick for how they’ll peform against the rest of the SEC East. UGA has a date in Atlanta later in the year and a likely CFB Playoff birth down the road. And, likewise, I wouldn’t count Vandy’s performance against an over-ranked Notre Dame team as the measuring stick for how they’ll perform the rest of the season. It was only the week prior that ND made Ball State look great. In the East, it’s UGA with everyone else trailing far behind.
Negative. And they are 3-0 this year against teams with a mind-blowing 1-8 record.
Yup. Pretty much sums up their “roll.” To date this season, Mizzou hasn’t played anyone with a defense, and the only “offense” they faced, from an 0-3 squad no less, lit them up for nearly 600 yards passing with a backup QB. This game will only be a showcase for the disparity between UGA and the rest of the SEC East. Same Mizzou as last year... ...slayers of FCS and weak FBS squads, scrappers against the mediocre FBS squads, and fodder for everyone else.
Vandy looked pretty good against ND last weekend. Then again, ND made Ball State look pretty good the week prior. Still too many unknowns for anyone in the East not named UGA. Right now it’s still Georgia... ....way down the road, everyone else.
Please... ...Mizzou just gave up 37 points and nearly 600 yards though the air to a now 0-3 team who just lost to Eastern Michigan the week prior. On the flip side of that, Purdue lost pretty much all of the defense that shut down Mizzou last season. UGA is going to absolutely wallop Mizzou like they have everyone so far. I bet they break 60 points in this game. UGA 66 Mizzou 24.
Yeah, but Sue also considers Mizzou the “dark horse” of the East this season, so you really have to take what she says with a grain of salt.
Tony, Lock needs to do better than throw 11 TDs to 7 INTs against in-conference foes who finished the season with a winning record... ...or maybe throw even just one TD against a team like Purdue. To kind of put things in perspective, he was largely ineffective against a Texas team that just lost its second consecutive game to Maryland.
Indeed. Lock’s made his bread and butter by lighting up either overmatched or underwhelming teams. Wyoming is no exception to that.
The only way TAMU pulls off the upset is if Clemson gets lost on the way to the game.
Only time will tell. While I think Fl easily handles Ky this week to stay in the top 25, I don’t think SCar will make two consecutive appearances.
They dominated the equivalent of a really good high school team with a 0-27 record against the SEC. Let’s not put the cart before the horse. Clemson will be a completely different story. I have a feeling TAMU will struggle to put up double digits next week.
Yes, 11 of his 44 TDs came against P5 opponents with 6 or more wins. I don’t know the exact number of INTs in those games, but if your number is correct, he averaged 1.8 TDs to 1.1 INTs per game in those losses with his two solid quarters against UGA standing out as the outlier in that group. I don’t, however, think those numbers have as much to do with him as it does Mizzou just isn’t a very good team. The man obviously has arm strength and talent. His numbers in those six games last year, albeit unimpressive, still show subtle growth from the previous year when he was held to just 10 TDs total in 8 games of SEC play with his highest total, again, coming against UGA. None of this spell upset or dark horse, however. Mizzou should have a solid year and go bowing. 8-4 is possible with wins over both Purdue and Memphis.
There is no dark horse in the SEC East, and UGA isn’t going to expose anybody in week two. The bulldogs will win because they’re a much better team than SCar. The gap between UGA and the rest of the field is immeasurable. That said, Mizzou’s schedule is way too tough to even contend for distant second. The writer’s likely pretty close to spot on when it comes to Mizzou’s win/loss record, though I’d switch the Purdue and Memphis results. I think Mizzou beats Purdue, but limps into homecoming following the UGA, SCar, Bama stretch. UGA and Bama need no explanation, and Drew Lock and co have been pretty ineffective against SCar in the Muschamp era. Lockslone win was against the Gamecocks was the 2015 squad that also lost to The Citadel. Also, don’t discount Florida. Florida will redshirt more overall talent than Mizzou will field this year. You are correct one one thing, however. The Dores will be bad - unfortunately.
“If Missouri beats Alabama...” Missouri won’t break double digits in that game. It’ll be a very lopsided affair - something like 63-9.
What a puff piece! Make some noise! They’ll be the loudest 7-5 team in the country.
Don’t get your drawers twisted in a bunch. Don’t worry. Mizzou’s gonna win games this year- probably even as many as seven, but nobody outside of maybe the most fervent fans in Columbia West thinks Mizzou stands a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the SEC or even competing for the SEC East. At best Mizzou goes 5-3 in league play, but 4-4 is more likely. I think they actually beat Purdue this year, but they’re gonna limp out of their stretch of UGA, SCar, and Alabama very thin and catch Memphis at just the wrong time and wind up on the wrong end of a four game streak.
TD, with the exception of new coordinators, everything else you stated regarding what Mizzou is bringing back can be said about the very conference teams Mizzou struggled against last season. (And, seriously, nobody outside the Mizzou fan base is worried about a Dooley-run offense.) This is an article about the UGA v SCar game in week two, but you brought Mizzou into it. I simply stated Mizzou will likely lose to both, and then I went a little farther than that and subtly pointed out that nobody on this current roster has ever looked very good against good teams. It is what it is. For the last two seasons, Mizzou has looked really good (at times) against really bad teams. Hopefully for them, they right the ship at least somewhat so maybe Lock doesn’t have to risk injury playing into the fourth quarter against teams like Missouri State. Seriously, he shouldn’t even be in a position to have to throw 7 touchdowns in a game.
While that may be the case, Mike, Mizzou’s record over the last 3 seasons against the SEC is 7-17. Only two of those wins came against teams that eventually reached a bowl, and neither of those wins were last year. Their marquee conference win last season was, wait for it... ...Vandy. Basically the same Mizzou squad comes back to play the same teams who handled them last year. Plus, they get Bama and Florida who will be much better.
You win the internet today. Funny comment. Won’t happen though. Both teams beat Mizzou handily last year, and there’s no reason to anticipate different outcomes this year. While Lock is a stud, both UGA and SCar are just better than Mizzou top to bottom.
Always one of my favorite games. Spent my childhood in both Ga and South Carolina and grew up a big UGA fan (in a strictly Clemson home) before I graduated HS in the low country and went to South Carolina. To this day, I still split my time between the two states.
Yeah. Unfortunately for Mizzou, he’s not head coach material. This needs to be his last season. Hopefully he and Dooley won’t screw things up too badly in the meantime.
Are they gonna field a different team than what we saw the the last two seasons? If not, they’re 7-5 with a shot at 8-5 at best. Mizzou brings back basically everyone on a squad that hasn’t been able to beat anyone on their schedule with a heartbeat. Same excellent QB trying to direct the same “meh” staff through a much tougher schedule this year. Gonna be fewer losing squads to boost TD numbers and yards through the air against.
Not a Tide fan by any stretch, but it should be noted that Bama not only boasts a higher student population than Mizzou, but it also has an acceptance rate of 53% compared to Mizzou’s far-from-selective acceptance rate of 75%. Bama also posts a higher percentage rate. Also, there are just as many hillbillies interbreeding in the Ozarks as any other state in the South that you might feel like insulting. I look forward to watching Mizzou play in the Independence Bowl this year.
Chill’ax everyone. It’s July, and fall camp is still a month away. That’s why the games are played on the field and not on paper. Heck, some of these teams’ success hinges on the health of one or two players. A single pre-season injury to the starting QB knocks more than one of these teams out of bowl contention. Move along. Nothing to see here.