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At this point, it’s probably safe to assume that most have “come into contact” with the virus. I’m around it every day. I’ve never tested positive, nor have I ever had a positive antibody test. It’s probably safe to come out of your house Herbie.
No matter what the record ends up being, Jimbo can finally say he wasn’t beaten by his daddy Dabo this year. That’s gotta be worth something.
I miss being a kid in the 80’s growing up in Warner Robins and watching the Northside Eagles and Warner Robins Demons home games. Great Ga football.
Nobody wins or loses any games this year. That was my point. I will shave my head if a single down is played.
There’s an excellent chance all of these teams will enter November undefeated. Well, maybe not South Carolina. Never under estimate Will Muschamp. He always seems to figure out a way to crap the bed...
If I was South Carolina’s backup punter, I’d be drunk too.
Clemson will beat South Carolina by AT LEAST fifty points, but the final score could be even further north than my 56-6 guesstimation.
Adam, Mizzou’s offense had not scored 30 points in 11 consecutive games prior to this game. Against South Carolina, the offense only scored 20. Their defense accounted for 14.
This article reads like “five brights spots about having the flu.” 1) all the extra sleep, 2) a week out of work, 3) an excuse to chug NyQuil before bed, 4) nobody wants to be around you, and 5) it will eventually come to an end.
From someone who couldn’t care less about either one of these teams, it sure looks like he was trying to injure him. Looks dirty from my vantage point - but far less nasty than what I’m doing to this commode right now.
Freshman looked really sharp on a big-time stage. Very impressed with his performance. Took some licks and got right back up and made plays.
The Gamecocks are horribly outmatched in this game. A solid performance where he shows good decision-making ability against a great defense and executes the game plan with as few mistakes as possible is, I think, the best case scenario (maybe keep it a three score or less game). I think Hilinski’s performance against Mizzou the following week will be a better measuring stick for him.
Glenn, the verb you’re looking for is “seize” not “cease. One does cease control of anything nor does he cease an opportunity. Also, Fisher can thank the SEC officiating crew for gifting him that touchdown in the waning moments to make the score a little more palatable. Were it not for the free 15 yards and the first down on the roughing the passer penalty, it would have liked been a 21 point loss. Call me a skeptic, but I don’t see the Aggies faring any better against LSU or Alabama. TAMU is nowhere near elite, and Saturday’s performance endorses just that. Clemson’s Lawrence still doesn’t look anything like his 2018 self, and there are a lot of former orange and purple from last year’s squad now on NFL rosters, but that didn’t prevent them from whomping the Aggies. TAMU is 9-3 at best this year.
This game is starting to look like a prison-yard beat down. Can we get off the whole “Mond is the best QB in the SEC” kick yet? I’m gonna have deal with my annoying tater family all weekend if they don’t turn things around in the next twenty minutes.
I don’t know, Mond actually looks worse against this defense than Bentley has the previous three years. Much worse.
I sure hope you’re right. The taters are becoming unbearable. Half my tater family will be at the game today. I’d love nothing more than to see them leave heartbroken.
What would Will Muschamp know about finding QB success?
I fail to see how TAMU blanking a 3-9 sunbelt team at home is a “bold” prediction. If this same O-line shows up in Death Valley next week, it’s gonna get Mond hurt.
I reckon I’m guilty of clicking on this, so I shouldn’t complain, but this guy’s mama needs to take away his internet privileges before we’re reading a “How Likely is Your Favorite QB to Break Wind in Class This Week?” story.
Well, there you have it folks. No need to play any ball until January. Let’s pack things up until the playoffs.
SDS, it’s still only week 0. If you hurry, there’s just enough time to re-write all of those ridiculous “Ranking Each QB ——— Will Face” articles. Franks is a clown, and Florida’s offense looked horrible. There are at least 4 conference losses on that schedule.
Florida (noun)- pronounced floor-i-duh, Southeastern state in United States of America, populated mostly with transplanted retirees from New York and New Jersey. Also known as the sunshine state. Popular for its interstates which are always under construction, horrible traffic, and Miami Hurricanes football. Synonyms- overrated, uninspiring, and Miami’s Little brother.
You’re absolutely right. There’s no difference between the defending national champions and a team that hasn’t had a better than .500 in-conference record in years.
Yeah, there’s a lot of SDS love for a dual threat QB who managed to get sacked 27 times in a single season behind a Clemson O-line that was stacked with NFL talent. Mizzou fans, be careful what you wish for. You just might get it. I don’t know a single Clemson fan who was sad to see him go.