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TD, with the exception of new coordinators, everything else you stated regarding what Mizzou is bringing back can be said about the very conference teams Mizzou struggled against last season. (And, seriously, nobody outside the Mizzou fan base is worried about a Dooley-run offense.) This is an article about the UGA v SCar game in week two, but you brought Mizzou into it. I simply stated Mizzou will likely lose to both, and then I went a little farther than that and subtly pointed out that nobody on this current roster has ever looked very good against good teams. It is what it is. For the last two seasons, Mizzou has looked really good (at times) against really bad teams. Hopefully for them, they right the ship at least somewhat so maybe Lock doesn’t have to risk injury playing into the fourth quarter against teams like Missouri State. Seriously, he shouldn’t even be in a position to have to throw 7 touchdowns in a game.
While that may be the case, Mike, Mizzou’s record over the last 3 seasons against the SEC is 7-17. Only two of those wins came against teams that eventually reached a bowl, and neither of those wins were last year. Their marquee conference win last season was, wait for it... ...Vandy. Basically the same Mizzou squad comes back to play the same teams who handled them last year. Plus, they get Bama and Florida who will be much better.
You win the internet today. Funny comment. Won’t happen though. Both teams beat Mizzou handily last year, and there’s no reason to anticipate different outcomes this year. While Lock is a stud, both UGA and SCar are just better than Mizzou top to bottom.
Always one of my favorite games. Spent my childhood in both Ga and South Carolina and grew up a big UGA fan (in a strictly Clemson home) before I graduated HS in the low country and went to South Carolina. To this day, I still split my time between the two states.
Yeah. Unfortunately for Mizzou, he’s not head coach material. This needs to be his last season. Hopefully he and Dooley won’t screw things up too badly in the meantime.
Are they gonna field a different team than what we saw the the last two seasons? If not, they’re 7-5 with a shot at 8-5 at best. Mizzou brings back basically everyone on a squad that hasn’t been able to beat anyone on their schedule with a heartbeat. Same excellent QB trying to direct the same “meh” staff through a much tougher schedule this year. Gonna be fewer losing squads to boost TD numbers and yards through the air against.
Not a Tide fan by any stretch, but it should be noted that Bama not only boasts a higher student population than Mizzou, but it also has an acceptance rate of 53% compared to Mizzou’s far-from-selective acceptance rate of 75%. Bama also posts a higher percentage rate. Also, there are just as many hillbillies interbreeding in the Ozarks as any other state in the South that you might feel like insulting. I look forward to watching Mizzou play in the Independence Bowl this year.
Chill’ax everyone. It’s July, and fall camp is still a month away. That’s why the games are played on the field and not on paper. Heck, some of these teams’ success hinges on the health of one or two players. A single pre-season injury to the starting QB knocks more than one of these teams out of bowl contention. Move along. Nothing to see here.
You’re delusional, Wolfman. Let’s put a pin in this argument for now and come back to it in December. If I’m wrong, I’ll eat my words. Something tells me I won’t be.
It is what it is, and right now the “it” is that Mizzou has had a very poor showing against bowl eligible P5 opponents (especially SEC opponents over the last three seasons). They’ve only gotten worse since Pinkel left. I’ve said it many times, Drew Lock is a talented QB, but he’s 7-17 in league play with only two of those games against bowl eligible opponents. That 6 win streak at the end of last season after they’d been smoked by all of the good teams on their schedule was smoke and mirrors. Texas was hot garbage last year, and they basically made Lock and that entire offense look as inept as they did during the first half of the season. Fortunately for Mizzou, they have just enough weak opponents on the schedule this season to make one of the lesser bowls. Unfortunately for Mizzou, this will likely be just enough for Odom to keep his job for one more year. After Lock leaves, Mizzou is looking up at Vandy, and Odom is gone. It is what it is.
Yeah, the OL great against Purdue, South Carolina, Auburn, and Texas last year, and the DL looked great against, well, nobody really.
I do know “squat” actually. Mizzou hasn’t fielded a team worth watching since the season before Pinkel’s last. In the last three seasons, Drew Lock has directed the team to exactly two wins over bowl-eligible conference opponents. He’s 7-17 in conference play, and five of those wins have come to fruition simply because Mizzou played teams that were actually worse than them. The reason for that... ...he’s the only thing the offense has going for it. That’s why it comes as no surprise that Mizzou’s “high powered” offense struggled so mightily last year against P5 teams that ended the season with 6 or more wins. Mizzou has been “kinda” awful against good teams. Clemson, on the other hand, has been a regular contender since the CGP. Alabama will be playing reserves after the half, and Mizzou will look a lot like they did against Purdue last year.
I recall a playoff game last year where an Alabama defense absolutely manhandled a Clemson offensive line that was exponentially better than anything Mizzou will field this year. Clemson’s skill positions may also have been, maybe, just a smidge better than what Mizzou will bring to this game. I don’t even plan on tuning into the Mizzou v Bama game. It will not even be entertaining.
I don’t see SCar beating UGA this year, but I also don’t put a ton of stock in Vegas either. A few predictions were spot on, but Vegas also predicted Florida to win 8, TN to win 7.5 and Arkansas to win 7 last year. Likewise Miss State and SCar were both predicted to win 5.5.
Wolfman, what color is the sky in your world today? Seriously man, where do you dream this stuff up, and what the heck does your last sentence even mean? "Let cardiovascular and local muscular fitness prevail?" Mizzou beating the heck out of weaker opponents while getting their taints handed to them against good programs has almost nothing to do with conditioning and almost everything to do with talent gap. Drew Lock is a stud. I've said that a dozen times already, but he's surrounded by 2 and 3 star players. I know. I know. It's a ranking system you don't believe in; however, Mizzou's recent body of work overwhelmingly proves otherwise. Mizzou hasn't "played like national champs" since the '16 game against Delaware State. Heck, Missouri State went 3-9 last year and the 43 points they hung on the Tigers was their second highest scoring game of the season. There's a chance that Mizzou heads into the Kentucky game on a 5-game losing skid. I doubt that's the case though. I think they'll win one or both of their match ups between Purdue and Memphis - probably Purdue. Mizzou lacks the depth to run the UGA, SCar, and Alabama stretch unscathed. I just re-watched the 2018 Sugar Bowl. The abuse Bama's D laid down on Clemson's O-line and QB made me hurt 6 months removed.
To be fair, though, pretty much everyone beat South Carolina that year.
That’s a good point. I think with a favorable bowl matchup, 8-5 isn’t impossible. Sucks for them that the schedule is what it is this year. That stretch of Purdue through Bama is going to be tough, and nobody should sleep on Memphis.
Great get for Mizzou. Best of luck to the young man.
I don’t want to keep beating a dead horse, but if Mizzou is going to reach 10 wins this year, they’ll need to field a completely different and vastly improved squad (all around) from last season. Their defense was basically hot garbage and they return nearly everyone from an offense that averaged 18 points per game against P5 teams who ended the season with 6 or more wins. The Tigers actually have a respectable OOC schedule this year, and they finally get a big time cross-divisional opponent. Throw in some unfavorable road games, and Mizzou’s likely looking at a 7 win ceiling if all the cards fall the right way.
This may not be any indicator of how he’ll perform against SEC defenses at Arky, but, in his four seasons as OC at Clemson, he got the chance to square off against their instate SEC rival every year at season’s end where his offense averaged a whopping 20.5 points per game. This head coach hire was almost as puzzling as Mizzou’s hiring of Dooley as OC. In my humble opinion, both were desperation hires.
“They’re just like us.” Sure. Historically, kinda. Both are historically mediocre with some recent statistical outliers re: SCar during the Spurrier years and Mizzou backdooring into the SEC championship game thanks to a couple years of favorable schedule and a very injured UGA roster. However, SCar appears to be trending upward in terms of coaching, recruiting, and facilities, and that’s translating into more quality wins. Mizzou is still kinda on the outside looking in... ...in all of the above mentioned areas.
From a strictly W/L viewpoint, Stidham will have the better season, but I still like Lock better overall... ...If we could just pluck him out of his current dumpster fire and plug him into a better roster for his last year...
That’s a pretty bold pair of statements, friend. While Bentley has been a lot more successful than Lock in the wins/losses column, a lot of that has to do with the personnel around him. Lock’s in the unfortunate situation of being a great QB who just happens to play on a bad team; however, there’s good reason for all of the Lock hype this offseason. That being said, I think Bentley has a chance to narrow that gap this season, and maybe position himself for similar hype going into 2019 if he decides to stay at SCar for his final year. Also, while the Gamecocks will be their strongest in years in 2018, I don’t see a trip to Atlanta in the cards. I see slight improvement in their overall record but a repeat 2nd place in the East.
C’mon Wolfman, are you serious? If the worst case scenario were to happen and Lock had to miss any significant playing time, there’s no other QB on that roster right now who’s ready for SEC play. We must have watched two different spring games. While Wilson and Lowary looked okay going 5 for 8 and 5 for 6 respectively, Powell went 5 for 18 with an INT and Scott went 1 for 7 with an INT- and that’s against the Mizzou defense in a spring game where defenses are basically playing “handcuffed.”
Mizzou went on a 6 game tear against a bunch of 3 and 4 win teams before a mediocre Texas squad handed the Tigers their taints in a very one-sided bow game... ...so, yes, my point holds true. There are a bunch of 4* and better teams in conference who will continue to out recruit, out coach, and outplay them. They will long remain a mid-level conference team.