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But how far do you go with it. Last game, second to last game, so on and so on. Why not even quit after 1 big game. Wouldn't want to risk it???
I guess it depends on what his long term goal is. He should know by now (especially watching what happened to Gabbert) his longevity in the NFL depends on how good he is right away, even if it is in practice and not as a starter the first year. The window is very short in the NFL. Look at Goff, everyone was calling him a bust after one year. Good thing he got another chance. Some young Qb's never do. Ie, Lynch
Adam, Shea Patterson will not play next year unless it is with Ole Miss or he gets a waiver from the NCAA (not likely). Only seniors are eligible to transfer and not sit out under Ole Miss's probation
Yes, cause this is a real stretch...I am sure making salt crystals or an electromagnet our of nails and a 9v battery is much more accurate.
The damn eagle must be drinking the same stuff Tammy is. Time to find a mascot that ain't bind.
Waste of an article....I think you got Mizzou too low, they have won two outta three and beat Vandy and Ark. For once the West has some pitiful teams, Arky, A&M, Ole Miss, Miss State are all dumpster fires and would loose to any given East team which is a pickem league as it has been the last few years. Outside Alabama, you can say with confidence the SEC is not the best conference this year, maybe not even second
IMHO, it is smart to rest him against the patsies
Real interested to see how we play in this one.....I expected to come out and beat Mizzou, I figured players would be up and that if we could get to Lock a bit and take away Moore they really have not many other options. The offensive outburst was nice, but it was still mostly on the ground. I want to see a bit more balance, otherwise Bama is gonna stop the run and it will be same old story.
Commentator for at least a couple of years is my bet. LSU still has to pay him quite a lot unless he takes another coaching job. Enjoy the money Les, you have earned it. Can you imagine gameday with Les and Corrso?
Knockout and a choke slam in succession....get this guy a WWE contract
Sounds like a white guy speaking in Spanish on the call, what a great run though. This guy is the MVP so far for the Tigers by far. Shreveport baby
Statistically he is number 1 in Yards, TD's and Rating I believe. I like your eastern M argument, but many SEC teams have played cupcakes. His receivers did not help him out at all in the WV game. I really believe he will be up on this list as the season goes on. If that line can give him some time to make the reads and set up he throws a gorgeous accurate pass anywhere on the field. Big if though
Both teams played cupcakes last week, one struggled and the other put on a show. I know it sounds crazy, but I think Mizzou's offense is really going to be improved this year (could not be worse) Lock is leading the SEC in passing (bunch of categories actually) and looks like he is gonna be the player they thought. Georgia better come to play or they could be looking at another early loss to hurt their chances. That being said Georgia by 21 is my guess.
Way to coherent to actually be Verne, nice try though.
Hey Yall, I just saw a mass exodus of orange and white haulin ass off that hype train
Wow, I had no idea his numbers were that terrible. He probably won't see the field in SD, I really thought he had potential.
Kinda funny, no one would even know who she is still if it was not for that video. She is horrible on air. Kinda made her career, now she can finally retire.
If the combine thing doesnt work out, maybe Les can give him a call
Gotta have TBJ on there, he will be a force in his second season. Problem is there are no RB's or Receivers to be found. I am calling Mauk wins his job back though, calling it now.
So in other words he wanted to go on a few road trips and party......don't hate tha playa
I actually think the team could use him.....Lock is still no where near ready. He really showed not very much, I am not convinced he can be the guy even with a better line. Maulk at least was able to make things happen out of the pocket and he more than likely would have got a couple more wins this year.
Same story different year.....Tennessee will contend next year......after week 5 I am sure we will hear it again......"next year Tenn will be back" whatever. Prove it on the field please
Henry is a good player on a great team...and Kiffidiot gave him a ridiculous amount of carries. He is Trend Richardson when he gets to the pros. McAffery may not even make a pro roster, but his numbers are ridiculous, give him the nod