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Really? Please go look at the list of players arrested on Meyer's Florida teams. And also look at how often their charges got swept under the rug by UF. It's not even an argument at this point, it's just fact. Was Florida really really good while Meyer was there? Yes. Would they have been had adequate discipline been used for the crimes done by players? Probably not. That's just the truth man.
I think you're exactly right. Eason always looks like he's having a hard time seeing the field. He takes way too long to make decisions. Fromm just looks more natural when he's out there. I was really hoping for Eason to show out this year, and I'm still rooting for him. With that being said, it's tough to see him getting any more meaningful playing time this year barring a Fromm injury.
Geechee Gator is an idiot. Ask anyone Georgia fan before this season if they were happy with the state of our athletics in general, and what would they say? A resounding heck no. Truthfully, I'm still not pleased with our overall athletics excluding football right now. I love the progression that Kirby is showing in year 2, and I really hope he keeps it up. Georgia doesn't accept mediocrity. However, Florida does accept criminals into their school. One could argue that if it weren't for Meyer allowing convicts to play while he was at UF, y'all would still have 1 national championship to your name. Muschamp/McElwain comes in and actually shows some discipline, and look at what has happened to UF football. They can't compete for the natty. In the words of exUF player Janoris Jenkins who got kicked off after Muschamp took over, "If Urban Meyer was still coaching, I'd still be playing for the gators. Coach Meyer knows what it takes to win." For anyone who has time, please go look at the number of Florida players who were arrested on Florida's 2008 national championship team. It will blow your mind.
Lol I figured this comment would make some Florida fans mad. I didn't really intend for this to be a slight at Florida. I'm saying that 1) The stadium looks smaller in person than you'd expect it to and 2) when the team is good and it is a good opponent, it is no more intimidating than most SEC venues. Let's just remember that Georgia Southern came into Ben Hill Griffin and pulled out the win...Look, my point isn't that the swamp can't be intimidating. My point is that it's like every other big SEC venue. I've been to most, and they're honestly all about the same when it comes to "intimidation".
Exactly. I don't see Eason staying unless he wins the starting job back. Obviously, I hope he decides to stay regardless, but I can't blame him at all if he decides to leave. As far as Corral goes, I was honestly pretty surprised he picked UF. Not because UF isn't capable of landing him, but because everywhere I had seen had him going to UGA. Then BOOM out of nowhere he commits to UF. Maybe he knew Fields was on his way to UGA? Idk, but it certainly looks like the QB play in our rivalry is about to get a lot better.
Not a Florida fan, so I'm sure I have plenty of bias behind this statement. However, I've seen Florida play in the swamp a few different times. Let me tell you that it isn't everything that it's cracked up to be. The only people that hold the stadium in such high accord are Florida fans. It may have been intimidating in the 90's with Spurrier, but it sure as heck isn't any more. They can't even fill the stands. Take a look at the Tennessee game this year for a prime example. Any time I've stepped foot in the swamp, I've been pretty underwhelmed.
The loss of Eason made Vegas put ND as the heavy favorite. Whether or not that's justified remains to be seen. However, it's an understandable move considering it's a true freshman's first ever start in a place like ND. Who cares about the favorites, let's just hope Fromm can produce enough to get us out of South Bend with the W.
"Glory glory to ole Georgia" isn't even UGA's fight song. It's "Hail to Georgia". Good try though...
This is probably why I dislike Florida more than anything...the amount of arrogance and just overall cockiness that comes out of UF is off the charts. Dear God, please someone tell UF that they're not the best at everything
Lol well you're not really better than us at football, so get that through your head. You're not better in softball. You're not better in Tennis. You're not better in golf. You're not better in swimming and diving. You're not better in track and field. Baseball and gymnastics, you're better no doubt.
We're competitive in football whether you want to admit that or not. We've never been competitive in basketball (excluding Dominique era), but we're as competitive now as we've ever been. We're a whole lot more competitive than that LSU basketball program. However, I think we can both agree that that doesn't really mean much right now. Our baseball program is in a slump for sure. We're competitive in softball, gymnastics, tennis, track, swimming and diving, and golf. Both men and women's for all of those sports. While those aren't money makers, they're still sports nonetheless.
It also includes education as a determining factor. While Georgia has been struggling in most sports lately, they still have a rich history of success. Excluding Vanderbilt, Florida and Georgia are the two best schools in the SEC when it comes to academics. So when you look at it from both sports and academics, the Georgia selection really isn't so crazy.
To all the Florida fans talking about how bad it would be to make the players leave during this hurricane and all that, I understood where you were coming from. I legitimately understood you. And then I saw where the Florida women's soccer and volleyball teams both traveled to play away games during this. So is the football team the only people that the hurricane affected? Now it definitely seems like UF was hiding from playing the game. There's really no excuse now
I tend to agree with you, but UNC will definitely not respect Lambert's ability to throw deep. Chubb may have some tough sledding when UNC has everyone loaded up in the box. But hey, hopefully Kirby knows what he's doing. We'll see soon enough
Haha in the same Georgia section, they said "If defenses scheme too much to avoid Sanders"....His own defense is going to be scheming against him? Interesting SDS..
Based off anything that insiders are saying, it seems like Kimbrough had a bit of a hot head with the coaches. I have to imagine it was pretty bad if it was enough to kick the kid off of the team
Come on guys...Chubb is better than 27. Every player/coach/anyone that has something to do with him would rank him top 15. I'm not saying he's the best, but better than 27. I think these guys forget about him because of his injury, but he's incredible.
Haha you're so right. Sometimes you can't help but laugh
Haha thank you for this laugh TClark. Looking forward to playing y'all this year and experiencing the grove. Gonna be fun!
I honestly don't know where he's getting that at. I follow recruiting hard, and I haven't seen that anywhere. I mean I would love to see it! But it's not there. There's no doubt that Kirby has a lot of recruiting momentum right now, but we're a long ways from #1 at the moment. Who knows, maybe we'll get there though
Swamp thing, why would I believe they're not over? We won 3 years in a row, y'all have won 2. So I'm just supposed to believe y'all own us? Nah. Don't act better than y'all really are
Oh wait....who holds the most wins in the series? Are we tied in wins this decade? Y'all owned us through the spurrier years, and in the 2000's. It was an impressive run against us to be sure. But those days are over man
What's South Carolina's? Sandstorm?
Typical Florida players. I'll be rooting for y'all against them this year man. Hopefully y'all and Kentucky can end their streak so we don't have to hear Florida's trash
Lol that's exactly what I thought. A 3 star recruit calling out potential Heisman candidates...tbh, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if any of the guys in that picture took home the hardware this year. And this 3 star punk thinks he's going to stop them? Oh, ok man...
If you're looking at this from a purely talent standpoint, Tennessee should win the east this year, and Alabama should win the west every single year. But that's why you play the games. I'm giving Tennessee the benefit of the doubt (for some reason, they've never given anyone a reason to under Butch Jones), and I expect them to win the East. That being said, Georgia and Florida both have the talent to win it. I really don't think the West will be close. Alabama should win, and I really think Ole Miss will be their only true competition. I think the LSU hype is undeserved and kind of crazy. Those are just my opinions though! Can't wait till the season gets here so we can find out. Go dawgs!
UGA is on the list for a lot of these guys too, including two 5 stars. It'll be interesting to see where Akers and Swift go. I would normally give Alabama the nod as of late, but with the top RB already committed, they may have trouble bringing in more top tier guys. But then again, it's Alabama.
I'm a UGA student, so I'll probably get accused of having bias, and I very well may. However, let's not all jump to conclusions here. I've been to several away venues and I can honestly say that I've been treated close to the same way. It's basically the same everywhere. I'm not going to sit here and defend anybody spitting on people or throwing bottles at people. Not my school's fanbase or anyone else's. But it happens. And any of you fans who comments on this denying it are doing the same thing the Georgia fans denying it are doing. They've got their eyes closed. It's part of it in the SEC. Like I said earlier, I've had it happen to me several SEC venues. I didnt write a letter though? Idk, I think some of these actions need to be addressed, but this kind of stuff has been happening for years everywhere. Not just Athens, GA. And anybody who wants to disagree with me is delusional