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Zero to do with the fan base. Everything to do with a real life GoT going in in the administration. President rejecting signed contracts (yes plural), secret agendas and double crossing, calling potential coaches from one side or the other to undercut, etc.
The more that comes out the more twist this is going to turn. Fulmer has a hand in what is taking place. Looks like a set up but TBD on who is on what side. Game of ADs.
If it ends up being true this is the best move they have made so far. Need to purge the entire school of Haslams fingerprints. Worth nothing that Davenport reportedly allowed Haslam to walk in and simply say "here is your new AD" without objecting or pushing back. She should go too.
Supposedly a plan is in place for a predecessor; however, no one on the staff wants to be the interim coach. There are others saying they are fighting over the opportunity. Either way the internal struggle put it all on hold until Currie could work through it all.
Apparently I was wrong. Clemson was #6. Maybe I had a different poll in mind.
1991 UGA beat then #1 Clemson in Athens. It was the same day the Braves clinched the division. I was there.