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That's absurd, they beat a overrated Georgia Tech team, that barely beat a struggling Florida State team. Central Florida couldn't beat any team in the current Top 10 but their the best team.
I disagree with Georgia by double digits, I think this will be alot closer, than people expect. I could see this being a 3 to 7 point game for either team.
Well if this keeps up LSU will be lucky to win 5 or 6 games. They ain't just losing players, they are losing NFL type talent. I understand alot of these players don't wanna take any chances due to covid 19 because of their families and they don't wanna hurt their NFL draft stock so yes like some of y'all have said, there will be more from other teams as well.
I have to agree with Paul on this one because the Big 10 and Pac 12 dropped the ball on this. They should have waited to see how things were gonna pan out, instead they assumed everyone else was gonna follow what they were doing and cancel their seasons as well. My first question would be, when has the SEC ever been a follower. Especially to the Big 10 or Pac 12. Those 2 conferences are kind of like the ACC, they usually only have 1 good team from each conference, sometimes 2 and I say that with hesitation. The Big 10 is basically Ohio State and the Pac 12 is usually Oregon or atleast lately that's how it's been. Similar to the ACC, who is usually Clemson but the SEC usually has several teams in contention and most years have anywhere from 8 to 10 of its teams go bowling. Yes those other conferences have several teams go bowling but not like the SEC. This may be bias but you could take usually the top 4 teams from the SEC and they could more times than not beat the best team in each conference.
I'm no bulldog fan by any means but I believe Georgia will win the SEC this year and I honestly don't know if any team will beat them. The reason I say this is because they will have the best defense in the SEC this year and if Newman does as well as some think, then watch out because they may end up being the only undefeated team in the SEC.
I don't see why not,it ain't the other teams fault these pansies decided to jump the gun and cancel their season.
Well I guess they need to redo the rankings since some conferences aren't playing this year but are the rankings really gonna matter at all this year? That's if anyone plays football this year.
Well they should let the teams that wanna play join a conference, like Notre Dame is doing this year joining the ACC for a year.
Lsu should be number 1 after beating Auburn. They have beaten 3 teams that was ranked in the top 10. I believe the top 4 should be Lsu,Ohio state,Alabama and then clemson even though they haven't played anyone.
Congratulations Lsu and Lsu fans on a well deserved victory and very classy of Coach O and I wish him and Lsu football team the best.
I disagree with a few of these. Alabama will beat Texas A&M by more than that and Texas A&M will not score 21. I also think Ole Miss will beat Missouri and I've been really impressed with Plumlee. I also think Arkansas will beat Kentucky. Florida will beat LSU and Tennessee will beat Miss. State in overtime.
Myself personally dont root for either of these teams but if I was gonna pick a team I would go with Florida. I believe their defense will be the difference in this game. I was real impressed with their defense against Auburn. My prediction is Florida 27- LSU 24
My thing is this, what's the point in having all these great recruits if you hardly use them. Recruits like Swartz, Stove and gatewood are not being used to their full potential and that falls on Malzahn.
Congratulations Florida on a well deserved victory. Y'alls defense played lights out and honestly they may the best in the SEC. Hopefully Auburn can get it together but Florida exposed them yesterday and hopefully Malzahn and company during the bye week can fix some of the issues. Right now if Malzahn can't fix these issues it will be hard for Auburn to win 8 but we will see. Again Congratulations to Florida and their fans.
Looking forward to this game,I believe this is gonna be a good hard fought game for both teams and the won who can take care of the ball will win the game. This will probably be considering how good both these defense's are, a game where a safety could decide the outcome.
You know the playoffs are suppose to be for the 4 best teams but unfortunately that won't happen because the 4 best teams would be from the SEC right now. If I had to choose the 4 best up to this point, they would be in no specific order- Alabama,Georgia,Lsu and Auburn with Florida being a possibility if they beat Auburn this Saturday. From this point forward, it will be more like a playoff every week with these SEC match ups coming up and it starts this weekend with Auburn and Florida.
I know this may come of as being SEC bias but I honestly believe atleast 4 maybe 5 teams could beat Clemson this year. I personally have not seen anything that would lead me to believe that they could beat those teams and honestly I believe they are overrated and lucky to be ranked number 2. If I was to rank them and this is only my opinion, I would rank them about 11 or 12 but at the same time I would rank a few teams higher and some lower. The only reason they would make it to the playoffs is because of their schedule. Honestly I would say at least half the SEC could go undefeated with their schedule. If they dont stumble before the playoffs, I see them not making it to the championship game.
Even though I'm not an ole miss fan, I have to admit Plumlee has impressed me from what little I've seen him play.
Some of these lines are crazy. For one Tennessee 9.5 over Vanderbilt, I believe Tennessee will be lucky to be Vanderbilt and there ain't no way they cover that but anyway I won't go over everyone of them but like I said there are several I would bet on.