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Tennessee will finish 6-6 this year as long as they beat South Alabama and Vanderbilt.
Mullen is overrated as a coach but he's a good offensive coordinator. Grantham is a terrible defensive coordinator and that's the main issue with Florida in my opinion. Florida has great players and there is plenty of talent in the state so Florida shouldn't be struggling like they are. Florida should fire Grantham and hire Kevin Steele. He would be better than Grantham.
Maybe Lincoln Riley, Bob Stoops or Steve Sarkisian
Spencer Rattler will probably end up in the transfer portal
Well Milton is a idiot and Cincinnati will destroy UCF. UCF lost to Navy! Instead of worrying about UCF, he needs to worry about that cupcake of a team FSU that he is playing for. FSU may not win another game and Milton was always overrated.
Hunter is a great running back also but if the passing game doesn't improve it wouldn't matter if you have Bo Jackson and Hershel Walker in the backfield because every team Auburn faces will stack the line of scrimmage. The only bright spot is the tight ends. The drops and overthrows will have to stop if Auburn is gonna win 6 games this year and Auburn's remaining schedule is brutal and there isn't a team left on their schedule that you can say is a definite win. South Carolina will probably be the only team Auburn will be favored against and that's no given because South Carolina beat Auburn last year. So if things don't improve and improve quickly then Auburn won't win 6 games.
No offense to Missouri but Texas A&M will win this game easily. If Missouri had a run defense I'd say it would be close but I think Texas A&M wins by at least 2 scores.
This game won't be close at all. Alabama will win by more points than they did last year.
Air Force has the number 1 rushing offense in the country and Florida is 3rd but several SEC teams are right there with Florida.
Danny well the ACC stands for Another Cupcake Conference and who is going to beat Alabama or Georgia? NOONE! The Pac 12 and the ACC won't have a representative in the playoffs this year. I think Alabama, Georgia and Cincinnati will make the playoffs and as far as the fourth team I'm not really sure but I don't think Ohio state makes it.
I think South Carolina beats Clemson this year
If Bo was to transfer like Kelly Bryant did and leave because he lost the starting job, I'm sure Malzahn and Central Florida would take him since Gabriel went down due to injury. Just a thought
I think Arkansas beats Texas A&M.
Definitely a great win by the Razorbacks and I love the fact that they beat an overrated Texas team that thought it was ready for the SEC. Yeah Right! Sam Pittman is doing a great job at Arkansas and in my opinion this is the first of many more big wins for the Hogs.
Auburn has Tank and Jaquez, I'd take them over their running backs.
I actually like the the Hog's chances in this game. Pittman has done a good job at Arkansas in my opinion. I think the hog's beat Texas in a close game. Arkansas 27- Texas 24.
I believe Tennessee wins this game. Tennessee 34 - Pittsburgh 24
In my opinion I believe Kentucky wins this game by 10.
17Tide especially with Georgia having to use their backup quarterback due to JT being injured and not playing this week. Clark has done a good job at UAB and there's talk about them joining the AAC due to several programs in the AAC joining the Big 12.
Auburn won't lose to Penn state and Arkansas wins against Texas.
Even if Alabama loses a game I still think they win the SEC this year. It's their's to lose and I don't see anyone in the east beating them.
I'm looking forward to the Auburn and Baylor game. I really like Auburn's chances with or without Powell. I think Auburn wins by 4 tomorrow.
Clemson might as well add a few high school teams to their schedule. ACC = Another Cupcake Conference.
Really don't consider these 2 a loss. Bryant never played to his potential anyway and like some of y'all said we would have lost them anyway this year if not for Covid. I wish them the best but Auburn don't need anyone that ain't all in anyway.
That's where he needs to go. Really wasn't impressed with him at Auburn and obviously he wasn't gonna beat out Tank and when they put him in the game he didn't do much at all and couldn't hang on to the ball. At least at Florida state he will play because they are terrible and he shouldn't have a problem playing there.
Of course he's gonna say that,I'd be surprised if he didn't rave about how good his Buckeyes are. All I can say is Alabama ain't Clemson and Alabama has more weapons. Good luck Buckeyes y'all gonna need it. I'm no Bama fan but this could be Saban's best team.