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I wonder how many will go to the game period. It will be a pitiful game. Who even wants to root against the Ch. Sou. I don’t see how any highly, ranked 1-A school can schedule a lower division school and still start their A team players~! Now of they get far behind in the score then yeah, bring’em in.
Eason starting only means he is getting game time experience. This is to be expected~! The next game after will be another evaluation.
Y’all are all wrong. Richt got fired when TN punted the ball deep in Ga territory with Richt standing right beside him and he let the guy catch the ball instead of letting it go into the end zone. The guy had no chance. It was a terrible call for anyone. Hell, a kid could have called it better than that. It looked like he was praying on the sideline with the ball coming down the whole time~! I guess he thought it would be Divine intervention~! Seriously~!
I want to know whom made Herbie, king of the roost~!
Many Bama fans with their high noses in the air can be so sickening, to be around~! Not all of course, but certainly more so than most. IMHO~!
Cowturd has always been boring to me. Look at his picture, ever seen a person as plain and boring as Cowturd. And is he smart, if you don’t think he is just ask him. Yeah Cowturd, that SEC sure is overrated this year for sure~!
What about Fired, do some of you not understand?
Richt was also released account the program had grown stale. Richt letting his punt returner whom was right in front of him, return a punt against TN at the 4 yard line and was gang tackled a few feet later also hurt him. I turned the TV off at that point and imagine many others did also. The QB situation was a total fiasco~! These Coaches get paid millions of dollars, they leave teams for more money also. It is the nature of the game, like it or leave~!
This is more fun than watching two ladies fighting over a man~!
It will be a little interesting to see when he goes if he sells his house in Athens. He is recently on record as saying they love it there and want to forever remain there. I really can't see him retiring in a city like Miami.
Most every time a Coach changes jobs. They get more money and benefits. I don't know about the retirement benefits at each place. They never speak of that.
Getting a new HC will be exciting in itself, win or lose. Right now, I quit watching the games already. I guessed that they would be bad, and I guessed right. I'm not a glutton for punishment~! I have better things to do. No, I didn't watch the Fla. game, I knew not to. That says a lot in itself~! Don't even mention the last Tech game that was thrown away, by who?
Ga, has one of the best recruiting areas in the country. Always top five talent. The winning record is way below that level.
How do we Dawg fans know it is time for him to go. Most all of us knew we didn't have a chance in hell beating Fla. Sometimes people just need a change. Nothing is guaranteed. The program has grown stale, the dawgs have not scored a TD in the last two games~! Recruiting will fall off, and will continue to get worse. Sometimes, everyone just needs a change of scenery~! A breathe of fresh air, whatever~! He will get another job if he wants it~! Someplace else~!
It's plain to see that Coach Bobo was a big influence on the team. His departure has left a void that is not being filled for whatever reason. Head Ball Coach's future depends on if he is man enough or tough enough to handle the situation. Kinda hard for a very nice guy to handle~!
I think the guy is right on. I also think the Alethic Director plays video games all day~! I mean, does Ga even have an Alethic Director? I bet they pay someone for the position.
The job pays millions. I think the fans deserve a chance for a top qualified Coach. I believe the best Richt has ever given the team is about 75%. He always manages to lose at least one game to a pasty team a year by not having his team up for the game. Especially Fla. Last losing streak we had to them under Richt was broken by a player, whom fired up the team in the locker room, not Richt~! He has made enough money to last a lifetime.
The Vols are coming off against a huge win against Ga. Everybody and anybody is beating Ga~! Not only beating them, but physically punishing them.
TN is not man enough to play with Bama~! Everybody in Ala. is saying that~!
SDSouth, please never use or repeat that ignorant term, "someone felt disrespected". That is ghetto Gang talk they use as an ignorant excuse to kill someone~!
O come on, he barely touched the guy. The guy just fell awkwardly. Nobody does cheap shots like TN over the past several years. We don't lose running backs there every year for nothing.
Smart hands down. He can relate to young recruits and had/has, the best teacher in college football to train him, Saban~! It's time SC expects the best and goes for the best. This is their time, now~!
The article says a year ago he said he would be here another 5 or 6 yrs. Maybe pressing issues have changed his mind.
"With a fast defense like Ga's" ...... Don't make Bama fans laugh~! Don't brag on Ga the rest of year. The fans are sick of it~!
I predict TN will be Ga. Hell, Ga's second team can be Ga's first team, at least they aren't scared~!
MarK Richt just happens to have the only major Team in the state of Ga that is one of the best recruiting states in the country. Yet he can't bring not even one, national championship. His only competition is Ga Tech, an engineering school. Plus he gets a top ranked class each and every, year. He has no excuses but his own ineptitude. This is fact, not opinion and can't be disputed.
This just in: //////// Mark Richt also hit one of his lineman for being late to worship~!!