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Just curious...why in the world would anyone listen to your political opinions when you clearly don't even understand the difference between football and politics?
All the comments about how this will be a blowout for the Dawgs WOULD be true if not for the fact that we already know nine players who won't be suiting up and some of them are starters. If Cincinnati has the same sort of attrition, it should be okay, but so far I haven't heard of any of their players saying that they won't be showing up.
Geeeee Waycross. I wish I had 20/20 hindsight like you do! I bet that would really bump up my coaching quotient.
Much as I hope We have finally found a decent QB, I think it’s way too early to coronate JT Daniels. Mississippi State’s game plan from the start was load the box, stop the run and make Georgia throw against man coverage. So JT had the perfect defense to throw against. He had the good fortune of playing against a defense geared to stop Stetson Bennett and D’wan Mathis. Let’s see how he does against more balanced defenses, now that everyone knows downfield throws are back inGeorgias arsenal.
You're just cocky because you don't have to play Georgia State this year.
He's playing the long game. He knows that QB room won't stay full. Jamie Newman, Carson Beck, D’Wan Mathis, J.T. Daniels and (next year) Brock Vandagriff aren't going to sit on the bench. They might for one year to get Newman out of the way, but after Kirby picks his starter for 2021, the rest are going to hit the transfer portal so they can go somewhere to play. That's going to leave players like Muschamp a shot at the backup.
Man! I'd really love to get a few questions in to Kelly when he talks about what Kirby does. Is he basing this "not complicated" on THIS year or from watching how Kirby does it over the long haul? Surely nobody thinks Kirby would throw in all the bells and whistles against Vandy, Murray State and Arkansas. Of course what they've done so far is unsophisticated...but a guy like Kelly would know that. Love to have him expound on what he said.
I'm probably one of the older fans you know. First you tell me that we came within a play of beating Alabama for the National Championship...then you tell me I'm the only fan upset that we lost the OC that took us there. Coley MAY be a good OC, but telling me that we're going to become "Air Georgia" without a single receiver from last year doesn't sound like a plan to return to the NC. I'll grant that Mel was probably not going to stay, but the handling of Justin Fields was terrible. Just to mollify a freshman with a mouthy dad, it screwed up Fromm's rhythm and never let him develop the consistency needed to beat teams like Alabama and LSU. Yeah, that was on Kirby.
Maybe, but Kirby's been improving every year. Gus has been going down every year. That would keep Kirby's rating up and tank Gus'.
Probably not. I have my concerns about Kirby's on-field coaching abilities, but there's no arguments about his skills as a recruiter. With the kind of players that Kirby brings to UGA, it's hard to imagine not being in the hunt every year. Mark Richt is a fine man and I'd never personally say anything against him. Let me just say that I wished him all the luck in the world IN MIAMI. As for Malzahn, I don't think anything can better illustrate his coaching abilities than the 2017 season. After beating Georgia (as well as Alabama) he came to the SEC Championship with exactly the same game plan he had three weeks earlier against Georgia. I just never seemed to occur to him that Smart would address the areas that he attacked in the first game; that Georgia would adapt. I found that telling. Auburn just never seems to find "that guy". The Tigers have had great teams in the past, but as you say, they were based on great players like Newton and Jackson rather than great coaching.
From a favorability standpoint, I'm not in love with Kirby. He blew 2017. He REALLY blew 2018. He's let his Offensive Coordinator go to Tennessee and his Defensive Coordinator go to Colorado. He's a tremendous recruiter, but I'm not a fan of his on-field recruiting. The way he handled Fields and Fromm was terrible and I think contributed strongly to blowing the LSU game. When your recruiting class is the 2nd best in the nation, you should be at the last dance.
As an old Dawg, I agree with Cox's rating of Kirby, but not exactly his explanation. I really don't expect much in 2019. Too much turnover at receiver, linebacker and Defensive line. If Kirby takes the East, I'll be happy. But IF he can keep Fromm from going to the NFL in 2020, then I better see a championship or I'll be wanting some new blood. Close, isn't close enough.
I agree. Justin Fields seems to be the same sort of player we see all too often unfortunately. A player with fantastic natural ability but one who feels he's so good, he doesn't need to work at it. That works fine in high school, but when you get to college, the top tier schools are playing 5-star defensive players who are just as good at their position as you are at yours. The difference there has to be technique, knowledge and experience. If you're just using natural ability against those guys, you're not going to be successful.