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Thank you for being classy. Hope we see you in the CFP next year!
So how exactly was Georgia getting to Young for the first quarter and a half before Williams was out? And what the heck happened to that stable of 5* players we're always hearing about? And did you know that Georgia had five players out on injuries too?
Love it. I said the same thing on that last goal line stand.
You had the right idea, but not the history. It was the SEC game that was the aberration. In that game, Kirby tried to confuse Bryce Young by changing the Defensive formations over and over again. What happened was that it confused our own defense and they missed assignments and botched coverage. For the CFP, they went back to what we've done all year and played man and blitzed safeties or linebackers. That's what we did on the OTHER 11 games, not what we changed it to for the CFP.
All this isn't eeeexxxactly right. There's been a lot of talk about how Daniels should be playing instead of Bennett because of the feeling that Daniels is "elite" and Bennett is not. It's really been much more pro-Daniels than anti-Bennett. A fine distinction I know, but the distinction is there. The people who want to see Daniels feel that Bennett is a great backup, but not the elite QB needed to win the Natty. They've seen Kirby put Fields on the bench over Fromm and they're seeing the same thing with Daniels on the bench instead of Daniels. For the record, I support going with Bennett. I don't think he's "elite", but I don't think Daniels is either. Our loss was a loss by our Defense. The defense is what got us here this year and that's where the failure was.
Don't give the gators and vols a hard time. Their season was over weeks ago. Razzing Georgia is all they've got this time of year.
Officially, Carson Beck is #3. Personally, I'd rather see Vandagriff if he had to go to a backup, but Kirby hasn't called for my advice.
I agree about Alabama, but I'll insert Clemson into that "Auburn" spot and move Auburn up to hate beside Florida. Tech has ceased to be relevant for years.
I agree. That's like hating Arkwright Grammar School's team.
Why would you hate Alabama when Florida and LSU are around? Alabama's record just makes it sweeter when years like this one roll around.
New guy (at least temporarily) is the RB Coach. I suspect you're going to see a lot more running against FSU than you've been seeing.
I dunno. You're right about LSU winning the last three and all three of those coaches are goooonnnne. If winning the National Championship doesn't get you a little slack, what does? If I were an aspiring head coach (Dan Lanning for example), I'd think long and hard before taking a school like LSU where I'd get a bad rep in less than a year and be looking for a job.
His track record in the past isn't what got him. It's his projected record in the future. The comment he made about it not being recruiting season was the nail in the coffin that killed him. Florida is a top 10 recruiting school. Georgia, Alabama and LSU are top five recruiting schools. Do the math (they DO teach math at Florida, right?). Kirby and Saban will continue to get stronger while (under Mullin) Florida gets weaker. And here's another nut to chew on...Steve Spurrier still commands a LOT of influence in Gainesville. How do you think he took the dance routine after the "win" at Samford?
Sorry, but no, you won’t. Mullen started well because he started with players Jim McElwain recruited. Whoever gets hired will have to start with the players that Mullen recruited and his lack of recruiting skills is one of the big reasons he was fired. Florida may be fine, but not soon.
Well, I think I can speak for all Dawgs in saying that Florida did the wrong thing. They should’ve kept him around for Kirby to have a reliable chew toy.
I think it only fair to remind my Gator friends that Ed Orgeron is looking for a job.
Well that's true.. Except for those 2 minutes and 6 second, we didn't have to play well either.
Any other year, UK goes to Atlanta. every year you get better and better. But next year, its's gonna be tough. Auburn and Tennessee are improving a lot. If not for the "gimmie games" like Vanderbilt, Missou and Florida, next year would be tough.
You guys have just been spoiled by Steve Spurrier and Urban Meyer. Take those two guys out and the history of the Florida Gatos is one of being the doormat of the division. You're about where Georgia was when we hired Ray Goff and then Jim Donnan. You'll win some, but don't expect to see Atlanta very often.
He did transend. I don't know anybody ho fumbled then threw two interceptions back to back.
Mullen's been out of his league since day one. He's been handed player that were spectacular (will someone please tell my why Kyle Trask was riding the pines when Felipe Franks as throwing interceptions?). He won't recruit and when he does recruit he doesn't stay in contact with them so they decommit so a coach who does. Mullen DOES develop players well....but he really has no choice. And let there be no doubt...he's vindictive. Starting Richardson tonight and keeping him out there to get shelled was nothing more than a big Mullen "FU" to people (especially media people) who kept saying he should start. "Okay, I started him. Happy now?" This is a man who doesn't care about Florida and never will.
I kind of agree. Both sides get fired up for this game. But Mullen doesn't seem to. In 2019, Georgia wasn't all that strong. That was the infamous year that we lost to South Carolina. But Kirby brought his A game to Jacksonville. Florida was never really in it and I wondered why Mullen didn't prep better. He's only done well against Georgia when he had a clear talent advantage. He's played better against other teams than he has Georgia. It's not like Spurrier, who didn't seem to care if he won the rest of his games as long as he beat the Dawgs.
Injuries are part of football. They'll be facing us without Blaylock or Pickens for sure. Probably without Robinson, Burton, Rosemy-Jacksaint and Smith too. We've been battered all year. So has other teams. It's part of the game.
I think Jones too. The one thing Mullen has to avoid at all costs is giving Georgia turnovers. A couple of early interceptions could send the Gator fans home before halftime. He has to protect the ball and that means Jones. Mullen will depend on stopping the Georgia Power Run (Georgia runs almost no counters...which is what LSU used so effectively) and making Bennet go to the air. If that strategy can keep Georgia in 3rd and long situations it might make for a long day with the Dawgs. If that happens, expect to see JT Daniels come back on the field. Likewise, if Florida starts to fall behind badly, expect to see Richardson behind center.
Heh-heh-heh So would Dan Mullen after he's turned into the next doggie chew toy.
Iiiii dunno. Every other team seems to enjoy QB competition and we've definitely seen what happens when the QB goes down. I wouldn't think any school (Kentucky?) with one decent QB being out of the Rattler Race.