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Then explain why the sec had a loosing bowl record…AGAIN ! IF Ole Miss could have handled those teams so easily, why didn’t they beat a “lesser team” in their bowl ? sec was 0-3 against the Big XII this bowl season….
Hum, so the “star” of the sec is Alabama. Alabama has beaten OU once in the last 50 years. sec’s “star” record against OU this century….try 1-3 ! Enough of the sec koolaide
Oh the wonderful eSECpn hype machine. Start any conference with teams “seeded” near the top, and you get the same result. sec doesn’t do well in bowl games vs other conferences. Before all the sec hype pushed by ESPN (after getting the television contract) sec was so lightly regarded that their undefeated conference champ, Auburn, wasn’t even invited to the BCS. For decades the Big 8 would send their runner-up, usually Nebraska, to play the sec champ in a virtual home game in the Sugar….and the Big 8 runner up would stomp the sec champ like cheap grapes. Granted, sec had hyped perfectly, fascinating case study for an MBA, but their bowl record tells the truth.
You must be right…look at how fantastic the sec does against other conferences in the bowl games ! WAIT…the “mighty” sec had a loosing record…AGAIN ?!?
Actually it’s not fair that the sec plays a super weak non-conference slate and then so few of the top teams ever play each other. Example: UGA has yet to visit A&M. This is one reason the sec does so poorly in bowl matchups with other conferences. Play at least 9-10 conference games a year, then see how you do. Big XII plays every team, every year, then the top two teams have to do it all over again !
Interesting…but delusional ! Seed any other conferences teams near the top by default, and see how often they have two teams in the CFP. Check how the sec does in bowl competition against other conferences, and you won’t be impressed. And please, none of that garbage about “sec teams not caring about lesser bowls”. Does anyone seriously think Ole Miss, MSU, etc. didn’t want to win their bowls ?
Hate to tell you, but there’s no “recruiting pitch” to be gained by going to the sec. Conference is already too big, and play each other so seldom they aren’t really much of a conference. Schedule at least 9 conference games every year, and you might be taken seriously
That’s funny...sec teams won’t schedule tough out of conference games. Gotta save room for mighty Appalachian State. Your scheduling is a laughing stock....
Hilarious! Obviously you haven’t checked records. Texass isn’t “second best” in the Big XII, they are middle of the pack. OU has played your top teams 11 times this century, only one, LSU, has a winning record. Alabama, king of the sec, is a pitiful 1-3.
Seems like I recall a recent Cotton Bowl where an OU team manhandled a “powerful” Florida defense. OU has a winning record against SEC teams, actually pretty lopsided.
And yes. 5-0 Baylor would be top ten if they were SEC, but that’s simply because the SEC is overhyped courtesy of ESPN, who has the TV rights to SEC, so of course they are going to hype them. A&M was still top 25 sitting at 3-2. SEC plays the weakest non-conference schedule of anyone, it’s a laughing stock, so yes, you are exactly correct, Baylor at 5-0 WOULD be ranked, simply because they were in the SEC...the first games are non-conference, so that says much about SEC being overhyped.
Not everyone.....not even close. SEC’s top team(s) are good, but the middle to bottom is worse than others. SEC generally does not fair well in bowl games, which is pretty telling.
Not a whorns fan, but don’t pull “we didn’t care”. If it were true, that’s even a sadder commentary. Texass just had the better team that night.
Obviously never been to an OU v Texass game. Nothing is close, but you’d only know if you’ve been. As they say, it is much more like a bowl game that occurs mid-season. Georgia/Florida is the only thing even close with the divided stadium.
First: Get the quote correct. What Hurt’s said was he’d played in big games before. And the author of the obviously has never attended an OU v Tex game. The fact the stadium is split is exactly what makes the game so much more intense than any other rivalry. There’s a constant roar from one side or the other. Besides, these two programs HATE each other. Oklahoma and Texas are still technically at war (look up Governor Murray sends National Guard to Texas boarder). Sorry Alabama v Auburn, nice in-state rivalry, but it doesn’t come close...unless ya’ll have a literal war going on.