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I agree that UT can't have a typical slow start against A&M. I think the Vols can win, but we'll need a complete game to do it.
If you want a good meal off the beaten path try Chandler's Deli or King Tut's.
No doubt the pressure is on for next year. I agree that it's likely he has someone in mind; the decision a few weeks before NSD cost us a top JUCO commitment. I hope Jones knows what he's doing.
Good point. I think Tennessee will improve next season and be a top-tier team, but the passing game will need to improve if they want to compete at an elite level.
I had the same reaction. The hype will be big (as it was for this season), but a Top 5 preseason ranking is a little much. Top 15 probably, though I could care less about preseason rankings. We need to close out tough games.
I was thinking the same thing about Fuente. I'm not sure about his recruiting track record, but he's working miracles in Memphis with 2-star players. Imagine what he could do with an SEC-caliber recruiting class.
I'm with you guys. I try not to read too much into the conference vs. conference narrative, but a loss would be a huge blow to the Big XII (possibly negatively influencing playoff voting for them), which would be delightful.
I know what you mean. They've got me clicking on anything in the off-season. Here's to substantive stories this weekend.
I see what WeagleinTexas is saying; I agree that all the ingredients are there for a breakout 2016 season, and everyone knows it. I still need to see a dominant win against a top-notch opponent before I'm dancing in the streets, though.
This is more in line with my expectations. Nine regular season wins with possibly a 10th win in a bowl game.
Agreed. I think the high expectations for next year are warranted, but winning the East (which is the prediction here) is at least a year off, IMO. I think the Auburn and Alabama predictions are spot on. Either way, things are looking up for the first time in a long time. GBO!
Well deserved. Congratulations to the Hogs fans. It was frustrating to see the obvious progress and not the results in the win column.
I agree. Bielema has Arkansas looking the best they have looked in three years. His luck, in terms of the strength of the SEC West, has been terrible. If he had pulled Mississippi State's East rotation, he would probably have at least two SEC wins this season. He will, however, probably need to translate that improvement into some wins next season.
Everyone keeps repeating the "first bowl game since Kiffin" thing in regards to Tennessee. It's nothing to write home about, but the team played in the 2010 Music City Bowl in Dooley's first year.
I thought that Zach Azzani said that, while Pearson may dress for the game, it was unlikely that he will play.
I hope this hate isn't coming from the Big Ten, barely squeaking by McNeese State, Ball State, Western Kentucky, and Howard in week 2. Not to mention losing to Central Michigan and Northern Illinois.
I haven't talked to a single UT fan who has a "It's just Utah State mindset." If the (often delusional) fanbase is respecting the opponent, you know the players and coaches are.
I think you mean Butch Jones, not Butch Davis.
I don't want to speak for all Vol fans, but as far as trap games I'm a lot more concerned about the Utah State opener than a late-season game against Kentucky.
Agreed. I'm always partial to the classic look; a little skeptical about the Hail State thing, though.
His autographed arrest record will be $249.99 at T-town Menswear by Monday.
That was my thought. I don't think they can sell 160,000 tickets, if only because certain seats in the lower levels and "end zones" of the stadium will have unworkable sight lines. I do think, however, that this will crush the 115,000 record for the Michigan-ND game. If the teams make some progress between now and then, it could end up being a really big game.
Jon, you didn't mention Tennessee's and Mississippi State's probation status. Any thoughts?
I don't know that Tennessee should be on this list. I (and most Vol fans I know) aren't reading anything into the 2-0 start. I am still uncomfortable with Worley's arm strength and consistency, as well as the defense's ability to prevent big plays. I agree, though, that Florida will be a good barometer of the quality of the team. GBO!
I'm a UT fan, so I was glad to see Tennessee in the Top 10. That being said, omitting LSU from the list (and really from the Top 10) pretty much invalidates it to me.