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What kills me is if any other coach had that much talent they would beat Bama, Clemson, Ohio St., any of the power houses. Sure the QB talent isn't as good as the RBs , secondary, WRs, O line , the Dline/ edge rushers, the linebackers are a little thin but they got Beckwith. If Jimbo Fisher had came in last year (like they were going to do before they decided it would cost to much), LSU would have killed Wisconsin. If Miles would hire a young smart oc and let him have control of the offense, Miles would not be about to be fired. He won't though, and that is what kills me. Miles knows the offense is why about got fired that's why he keeps lying say there will be offensive change.
There is plenty of talent everywhere except QB. The defense is pretty good. But the biggest problem is Les Miles offensive scheme is the equivalent to a dinosaur stuck in tar. Old and ain't going nowhere. They need a new offense, a modern offense it doesn't have to be a spread but just a modern offense. But if I was LSU keep Aranda as long as possible. Heck make him the coach and get a smart oc.