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Wow what a hack job 1) She said she is ok with her kids being out of the house. She was also joking while she said it. 2) Have you been to Alabama? Fans here take it too far. Go look at the Toomer trees if you don't believe it. 3) I am not sure if you have been awake for the last few years, but Lou hates Auburn. He picked us to be his upset of the week 11 times last year. If there was a way for him to take an anti-Auburn position last year he did so. If there was a shot to be taken at Cam Newton he took it. He even got in trouble for cussing and throwing a helmet when Cam won the Heisman. Feed the "pool Lou" crap to some other moron who might buy it. 4) She said her husband has had to work more. Wow Sherlock that's a real PR nightmare. I am sure everyone though that after going 7-5 that the whole staff was just business as usual. Grow up. 5) Wow his wife doesn't know football and doesn't like watching a low scoring game. What a shocker!! A little advice, don't get married. 6) The story about Cam is inconsistent? That's dead on with everything they have said about his recruiting. 7) I am not even sure what your problem was with her comments on Dyer. 8) Wow, they made a few kids "scholarship players" so they could go with them to the NC game. Call the times we have a scandal on our hands here! 9) some of this crap is so poorly edited I can't tell what she is trying to say. 10) She is talking about intelligence's in the maturity department. You do realize that right? This is not exactly a revolutionary insight that teenagers are immature. 11) Are you not aware that the Iron Bowl is a huge rivalry and that people take it too far? Welcome to the state of Alabama champ. 12) Sorry, but whoever edited this video is an idiot. No one here at Auburn will think any less of her, just any moron that can't see though this garbage.
I find it funny that the picture of the link was Auburn. I realize that in recent history they are paying for a new basketball Arena, and that has cut into its bottom line, but historically Auburn has always had a profitable athletic department.
The problem is that you can't say for sure that Bama is the 2nd best team. They only played 2 good teams, and both of them were at home. They won one of them, but lost the other. I "think" they are the 2nd best team, but thats why you play the games. If we "knew" they were the 2nd best team then why even finish the season out?
You left out the biggest edge and it will be playing @Alabama. However the edge of coaching going to Bama?!?! I realize that Saban has his name and his paycheck, but he is not as good a Les. Les has a history of beating better teams. Saban has never done it. Not once.
They will also not mess with the AU/UGA game. It is FBS oldest rivalry and there is something like 1 or 2 games seperating them in wins and losses. Besides, UGA is the closest school to Auburn. Its even closer to drive to than Bama is.
If there was a 3rd thing you could count on in life behind death and taxes, it would be that the SEC will not mess with the cash cow that is known as the Iron Bowl. Besides Auburn has been playing UGA at the end of the year forever. However, it could actually make the rivalry more heated as the teams will now have a chance to play 2 times each year. If they split the games it will create even more fighing over who has the better team each year. I would imagine that it will just incease the hate between the two school if they now have a shot at scewing up eachother's seasons at the end of the year. You would have to think that both teams would end up in the championship game a lot at the rate they are recruiting and looking at how much young talent they both have.
I have seen a few posts about this so I thought I would clear it up. I live in Auburn, go there, and I know some of the players. The SEC has already asked Auburn if they would be ok with being in the East. Considering we are the east most western team it is only logical. Besides, it would be less travel for our players. SC, UGA, FL, Tenn, UK, and Vandy would be less travel than Ark, Miss St, Bama, A&M, LSU, Missouri, and Ole Miss. They may even have done a write up about Auburn saying they would go to the East in the local paper. Besides, the East is a lot easier to win than the west. As it stands this year Auburn has no real shot to play in the SEC championship game and we are likely the 4th best team in the west. If we were in the East we would be the 3rd best team at worst. Then throw in all the extra money that the SEC would make with a second Iron Bowl. Sorry to UGA or FL fans, but there is no rivaly in the SEC that can come close to AU vs UA. It may possible be the biggest in the nation. The SEC would love to cash in on that an extra time in a year.
Your on crack. He ranked Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, and Nick Fairly in all of his big boards. They non-seniors.
Yeah or they could play the way they have and not have a single one. No QB and Richardson needs another year at least. He has not looked good.
Here are my thoughts to your lis Win Gates 1. On the money 2. Doesn't matter. Everyone in the SEC is set up to stop the run. Ark has the best passing attack in the nation. Other than LSU and Bama, no one can handle a great passing attack, and I am not even sure these teams can handle this passing attack. If it ant broke, don't fix it. 3. The upgrade from Utah St to Miss St was as huge. If you watched any of the Auburn games last year then you should know, Chizic does a great job getting his teams to improve after every game and he is going to get them better. Just look at how much better they were when playing SC the first time to playing them the second time. 4. On the money!!! 5. On the money 6. That QB is big and fast. He has great timeing and a good RB. They will run on anyone. Not like they did on Auburn, but they will do it well.
And where the crap is Alshon Jeffery? He has had a better year than 3 players on this list and could make the arguement that he is the best SC player.
Wow, no Dyer even though he has more yards off less carries for more yards per carry than Richardson. Throw in the fact that Richardson has played 2 high school teams while Auburn has played a decent Utah St and a strong defense in Miss St and it makes this list crap. Dyer has beat the bricks off Richardson (just like he did last year as a 3rd string RB) against much tougher teams.
Bama over LSU? No one outside of Alabama would put money on Bama. No QB, Richardson has been crap, and their best WR is a midget. LSU would be a 2TD favorite in Vegas if they were playing @ Bama.
I get why the schools can't pay the players. If you pay the men you have to pay the women and that would end Atheltics for a lot of schools. That being said, can someone tell me why they can't let outside booster give them something? Not millions, but at least 20k to 30k a year to live off of.
I wouldn't use the Bear as a icon for non corruption. Having a UGA symbol makes it worse. Maybe your not aware of this, but he was busted paying UGA to throw a game. UGA found out and fired the coach and his staff, but the Bear had nothing happen to him.
Although I do agree that this is none of congresses business, I had to add in that that your two jabs at them being worthless and motivated by political gain seem mild by comparison of the BCS that are motivated by greed, greed, and more greed.
I dont know about that. Considering the fact that he had his pick between Drew "Superbowl and top 3 QB" Breese and Dante "sex cruse and injury prone" Colepepper and he picked Dante, I would say that was his worst mistake.
I love the irony of you calling anyone dumb when you missed the whole point of the post you were responding to. Again, what team has Saban beaten where he was "not" the favorite? If he is so good why does he have a .500 bowl record while being the favorite in every game? Try reading my post again before you comment. I am well aware he can crush teams with far less talent. When has he won aginst someone that has the same talent than him or close to it? Great recruiter, yes, great coach, not really.
Everyone seems to be missing the 800lb gorilla in the room. None of these guys are very good coaches. They are great recruiters! How many times has Saban played against teams that has as much talent or more talent than he did? It doesn't happen often. Just look at last year. Other than Auburn that beat them at home after being down 24 nothing, their two losses came to SC and LSU. No one thinks these teams had "more" talent than Bama. People may not realize this, but he has a .500 bowl record. He was the favorite in every bowl game, yet has only won 1/2 of them. The reality is that if someone has a team that is close to as good as his and it comes down to coaching, he isnt that good. Go look at Texas two years ago. Before McCoy went down they were having their way with Bama. Texas looked like it could have gone up by 21 in the first with Bama not getting anywhere near the endzone. Then in the best gift of luck I have ever seen, the winningest QB to ever play the game and guy that should have won the Heisman, went down. From that point Saban did what all his teams do. They manhandled a team with much less talent than his own. I will be the first to admit that Saban may very well be the best recruiter that I have ever seen. Every year he has a top 3 class. He is looking to have another top 3 class next year. That talent doesn't matter in the pros.
They will walk over West V, but the O game will determine who wins the NC. They will walk though the sec and demolish Bama's inability to move the ball.
Also throw in how they are not winning. They have more talent than most of the teams that beat them, and they lead the SEC, and come close to leading the nation, in penalties. You could cry that the refs are out to get them, but they are not judgement calls, they are no brainers. How many offsides did they have last year?
No kidding, why is he the backup!?!?!
As someone that knows AJ McCarron and watched him in high school I think Bama is in trouble. He will be the worst QB in the SEC. Just look how poor he has looked in the few games he has played. With Sims looking so good I have no idea why he is a starter.
Marquis Maze is on the list?!?! He is short and slow. Yeah he catches the ball great when Julio was being double teamed. Throw in the fact that they have the worst starting QB in the SEC and I don't see how he is going to do better. Crazy!
Also with no help Richardson is going to get hurt. They have no QB, no WR, their 2nd and 3rd string RB are at Auburn and out for the season. Bama better hope their D can score because their O will be watching the game most of the year.
Are you on crack? Richardson didn't do so hot last year as a starter. He was given 5 starts and for the year he got less yards and touchdowns and didn't even get 800yrs on a run first team. Dyer got over 1k yards as a 3rd string RB most of the year. He has several games he didn't even play. When he finaly did get the start he had a QB that led the nation in rushing. As the main option Dyer may just double Richardsons stats this year. This year were going to learn why Dyer was higher ranked than Lattimore as well. Lattimore took several games (see the SEC championship) where he couldn't move the ball. Dyer didn't have that problem with anyone.
Have you been to Atlanta? I know with a name like "Tideroller" your probaly so into Bama that you helped mix the Spike 80DF with that other goober fan of yours. Julio has been under performing his whole time at Bama. He was supposed to be this beast that let up the world, yet he was often the 2nd option on his own team. With a top WR they shouldn't have had entire halfs of no offense (See Tenn, Ole Miss, Auburn, Ark, LSU, SC, and Miss St.) And sorry, but if you ever went to Atlanta you would know exactly what the writer was talking about.
@kendcopeland I am not sure what rock you have been living under, but everything you listed were reported on already and over reported. All of the above had nothing to do with Auburn. The Cam story and the HBO players story had no proof and a mountian of proof that they were made up. The Legal problems of the 4 AU players again had nothing to do with the school itself, and they were released from the school the second AU found out about it. Bama on the other hand has had its share of legal problems with its players, yet none of them even were punished with the team. Bama has been praying that they were not caught with Julio being given not one, but two cars, and his mother given a house. At this point there are way too many people that know about it. For all Bama's mug they throw, they had better pray their national championship holds up. Face it, Calloway and Cyrus are both dirty as hell, and if it comes out or the Julio story comes out national then Bama will face "real problems". They are still on probation, and have shown a lack of instutional control for years. Tons of slopy evidence left all over the place.
I find it funny that there is actual proof that he got money to go to Bama (even if it was not from an actual booster) and its swept under the rug. There is also the Cyrus recruitment that no one looked into even though everyone that knew the situation (including his own family and coach) led on that there was something fishy going on. I wonder if I will have to hear all year about their pay for play gossip like we had to hear about Cam? Hey where there is smoke there is fire, right bama?