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after the fake punt against Bama should't your new name by Kirby Dumb?
If UCF was in the SEC, it would put massive amounts of money in their pockets, help them recruit four and five star athletes, help them expand their stadium or build a new one and in a decade or so they would be kicking the crap out of just about everyone. How do I know this? Because I'm a Florida fan and it's exactly what happened to us. Bear Bryant used to say that we were a sleeping giant and one day when we get our act together everyone else is playing for second. And for two decades that's exactly what happened. I see a ton of similarities with UCF. So be careful what you wish for.
and if you think Florida is going to offer them a 60/40 split in Gainesville, you are just dumb enough to believe al this crap ESPN has been feeding you. First off, Between students and season ticket holders, a HELL of a lot more than 60% of the seats are already spoken for. If the two sides really wanted to get this done there is obvious middle ground here. Two games in Gainesville and one at Spectrum. But UF wants no part of that for the reasons I just gave. OR one game in Gainesville and one at the Citrus Bowl. That is a fair deal for both and I think UCF should take it. But UCF is under the delusion that they rate a home and home. They don't. And UF should NEVER agree to that. So it's not going to get done. Who's fault is it? It's BOTH of their faults and it's NEITHER at the same time. But it is NOT UCF's fault, which is what ESPN and this site would have you believe.
Because there is no upside to going to Orlando and playing them. Not at their house. At the Citrus Bowl? Sure. Gator fans can flood the Citrus Bowl. You don't want to go the their place. If you win nobody is going to say "oh, what a great win". It's UCF. Big deal is what they will say. If you lose, and there is a very real possibility you would lose. You just got Ohio States fate. It's a Purdue loss. It's an Iowa loss. It disqualifies you from the playoffs even if you run the table and win your conference. Texas went down there and nearly got beat. South Carolina went down there and nearly got beat. Miami went down there and nearly got beat. Missouri went down there and nearly got beat. Pittsburgh went down there and got their doors blown off. So if you're Florida, and ypu think you could possibly be a playoff contender, are you going to go into that place? It's a no-win situation that could cost you HUGE. South Florida plays at Raymond Jaymes Stadium. It's a place where Gator fans can overrun them. That place will be 75% orange and blue.Plus, it's an inferior team. So it's no big deal. You give the little guy a chance. You kick his butt. Nobody accuses you of ducking anybody. Everybody wins. UCF is a trap. Florida isn't stupid enough to take the bait.
OK, first off, you need to get your facts straight. Instead of being a lazy "journalist" like the guys at ESPN, do your research. Florida DID NOT offer UCF the same deal they gave USF. Florida is ACTUALLY going to play at USF's home field. Florida wants to play the Orlando game at the Citrus Bowl. That is NOT a two for one. That is a 2.5 fo a .5. If your UCF and you see they gave USF a 2 for 1 and that's the deal they offer would you do that? I sure as hell would not. The truth is UF wants no part of UCF. Dan Mullen was asked if he would want to play them. Wha's he going to say? No we're afraid we might get beat? Of course not. So UCF heard what he said and the AD called UF's AD. So what do you when you really don't want to strike a deal? You make your terms so ridiculous the other guy will never agree to it. And that is what happened. Nothing to see here. Move on.