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No they shouldn't have. If they should have won, they would have.
Skip Bayless is not a controversial figure. Everyone knows he is stupid.
Everyone commenting on here is acting like a kid kicking another kid is some big deal.
This isn't about players that were drafted. It's about players that transferred away from the SEC.
The Bama reciever got to transfer bc he submitted a transfer request during a busy week and someone messed up and didn't deny the transfer.
1. There is absolutely no evidence suggesting that they were dealing drugs. 2. What are you a liberal? There is nothing wrong with having a gun. The issue was that they had a gun that was stolen. 3. None of those things is worse than rape.
Barnett might not even be the starter.
Saying Damien Harris had better stats than Scarborough is debatable. He had way more carries and did not get a lot more yards than Scarborough. Scarborough averaged 5.8 ypc, while Harris only averaged 3.4.
@strickbama He never said Robinson played center. He's saying that Robinson's health and who will play center are two separate issues, but are important to Bama's success next year.
Marlon Humphrey is listed under undetermined and lived up to the hype. Also, HaHa Clinton-Dix is a safety, not a corner.
I'm guessing that he's no there because he was a JUCO prospect. That's the only reason I can think of.
Robert Foster is a sophomore. Too early to call him a bust.
Robert Foster is a sophomore. Too early to call him a bust.
Vandy should be #1. They are the Commodores because that was Cornelius Vanderbilt's nickname. He was given that nickname because he was a steamboat entrepreneur.
ArDarius Stewart will replace Cooper. There is a reason why he caught more passes and had more yards than Sims and Foster
Amari Cooper's twitter is @AmariCooper9 and his name is R.I.P Freddy G. The twitter you put up there is a fake. That is some shoddy journalism right there.