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I'm sure all the Tigers holding penalties was here more than offset by the 2 that were called against the Tigers. At 3:03 left in the 2nd quarter we were called for 15 for pass interference and at 1:41 left in the 4th quarter we were called for a low shot on the QB. Rewind and rewatch. Both calls were suckass. The ball was thrown so far over the WR he couldn't have caught it. And the was hit in the waist.
What has yet to materialize will soon be nickies nightmare. Assistants leaving bamer like rats leaving a sinking ship.
He has opinions and so do the rest of SEC fans,most the time it's like he's stirring up crap, no substance whatsoever. He should head back to Tennessee
Totally agree. I had never heard of him till the SEC Network came about. How he's everywhere
This list is like No Derek. Looks pretty impressive but.......
Another stupid article. You just keep em coming dont you. First off who can play the top 5 SEC teams on a regular basis and win ? Oregon, Ohio State, Clemson, Florida St. nope. Ohio St. doesnt even deserve to be in the top 10. Look at their schedule. I for one cannot wait for the BCS rankings to come out just to see how far down in the poll they tumble. I can make a case for Clemson because they beat LSU in the bowl last year. But Oregon, Fla. St. no way. Maybe after this weekend all the Fla. St. rhetoric will disipate and go away. I mean all year it's been Pac 10 ACC are catching up with the SEC, malarkey. As for those who grow tired of hearing SEC I would venture to say it's more the media than the college football fans. It's gottemn to where I cannot listen to ESPN much any more because of their supposed reporters hating on the SEC constantly and the sad thing is some of them played football for SEC teams. If you want to compete with the best I suggest you put a quality team on the field year end and year out. It's called Bring It. I cannot wait till next year and the 4 team playoff. Can you SEC haters(reporters) imagine 2 SEC teams playing every year for the Crystal Ball. lol
Another blunder by another writer. The only one on the list he has posted is Florida. Did you consider LSU ???
Look yall it is not the other conferences fault that they cannot put a product on the field as good as weekend SEC football. If you just look at the results of the championship games that have been played the last 10 years you will see that all the other conferences try their best but to no avail. They even go as far as to hire SEC coaches away from the SEC schools but then after being at the perspective university for a while crash and burn. The latest being urban meyer,sp, everyone is now expecting him to be in the national championshp game. I personally cannot wait. To see him and the ohio state get their butts handed to them on a silver platter. I will be a happy camper to see people like those who are on espn's college gameday crying and whinning as they normally do. Just like I got to see ole coach lou do after nd lost this past year. Him making excuse after excuse why they got beat down. It's sad to see grown men cry like that. I say man up and admit to defeat, that the other team was that much better than your team is. Then be done with it