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2008....what a mental case you are just like should see Dr. Phil just like Negan then both of you can cry in your milk when Bama whips your butt this year & the next 40 years....ROLL TIDE!!!!
Does anyone recognize Negan having a coronary fit anytime somebody says anything about either Georgia or Alabama? Negan old chum, get a grip on yourself & seek professional help before you get committed to the funny farm. It's only a game, not a matter of life & death as you see it. If you need Dr.Phil's number, I'm pretty sure he will take you under consideration.
This is Negan. This is drugs. This is Negan on drugs. Any questions?
Why not just settle this issue on the football field like it should be guys & gals....After all, these political views we are all hashing over will be almost like rivaling Biden vs the end it will be settled on the field & this will go into the history books as a past episode. Yes, I'm a Bama fan, but this stuff has gone on too long. Let's settle it on the field, & when the game ends, shake hands & congratulate the winning team like professionals...Let's show the other conferences we can put petty issues aside & be the better conference.
Let's start a new rumor that Arch Manning was under investigation by having Jimbo Fisher offering him millions of dollars to come play at should really get things going then....
it was probably Negan that somehow paid security off to get to talk to Saban.....what they didn't put in the story that Negan gushed all over Saban telling him how much he's in love with him & that he would do anything so he could be by Saban's probably told Negan to take a hike, then that's when Negan offered him the a piece of work you can't bribe the GOAT.... ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!
Would love for Bama to be playing a semi-final game here in Phoenix; but that would mean that they would have lost a game which I don't want that to happen.
They should've had the Alabama vs Texas game played on ESPN or ABC instead of FOX....then it would've been broadcasted & played at a decent hour instead of a noon kickoff....
I say the hell with the NIL.....let's just go play some guys vs your guys....the one who wins has the better team that day....nuff said!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!
Negan: If we wanted any coments out of you we would beat them out of you.
You need to get with your twin brother/sister Negan and go ride Disney World's "It's A Small World" ride for your brain IQ 2008....Then, just maybe, we'll let you & Negan sit at the grownup's table & learn about how to play real football if you be quiet & pay attention.....otherwise; you'll just be a hopeless run of the mill idiot...ROLL IDE ROLL!!!!!
Keep dreaming little wiggly piggly, about Arky beating Bama; but when Will Anderson & Dallas Turner come for you with the "Bad Boys" theme song playing in the background, there will be no joy in Pigville, only the smell of BBQ pork throughout the stadium at the final score 49-3 Bama wins again.....ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!
Google Danhausen to see a picture of
your subscription that you're sorry ....think Negan tried putting a hex on me......LOL
Negan: Hooked on phonics called to cancel you subsription and to tell you hat you're no longer their spokesperson....also gotta wait over another 40 years until Georgia attempts winning another National Championship.....oh, and is your brother that kook on YouTube Uncle Lou? Two inbred idiots that time should have forgotten.....ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!
Negan.....the only song you and the rest of you Georgia fans will be singing after Georgia does a LSU 2019 and falls flat on your face is Achy Breaky Heart.....Georgia....the one hit wonder of 2021 won't even sniff a National Championship again for over another 40 years or more....
If there was voting for the 1st Lady of the SEC hands down it would be Terry Saban. Nick says constantly that Miss Terry is the real head coach at Bama, and I doubt very seriously that not a lot of people would say differently. So besides my mother, my sisters, my mother in law, and my sisters in law, I want to wish every lady out there a very Happy Mother's Day, but here in the SEC Miss Terry reigns supreme as the 1st Lady of the SEC..... ROLL TIDE!!!
Dude... That burnt orange and white you smokin' has really gone to your head if you believe'Bama will always have the best winning record in the SEC
Negan I guess since your mother signed on at Georgia from Auburn then it's tampering since you coaxed her there after you contacted Kirby that yall could always use her to continue wiping the drool from your mouth because you still can't fend for yourself......Negan...... ACKNOWLEDGE THAT BAMA WILL WHIP GEORGIA'S ASS IN FOOTBALL AGAIN FOR ANOTHER 41 YEARS IN A ROW......BELIEVE THAT!!!!!
Sparky...they are all one & the same person who gets off creating hate & discontent....his or her parents didn't show enough attention to them growing up so this is how they get their rocks off by insulting people....they can't say anything nice about an opposing team so why try dealing with them is a losing effort....I would even go far as to say that they probably hate all types of sports.....IMO they are immature,never outgrown childish behavior, & not worth the effort dealing with them.....
Doesn't Negan remind you of that annoying little bug that tries its best to pester you until you finally slap the hell out of it thinking that you gotten rid of it until unfortunately you find out not only that you didn't but it also multiplied 10 times more in an hour & also developed more resistance to any thing that you got to combat him......but not to worry because once Georgia gets on its soon to be football losing streak (& it will happen very soon) Negan will be like those very quiet church mice that you see every now & then but don't hear a peep from them for fear of being found out that he idolizes Georgia & making him feel like a fool......but he can't help himself like a real Georgia fan & be happy for what they gotten & not pushing his luck & jinxing what they worked hard to get.....but oh well guess he'll have to find out the hard way like TJ LSU Dad did after LSU did when they won the national championship a few years back & Coach O got his marching papers after overloading his butt with the way he carried on.....the same will happen to Georgia unless Negan takes a chill pill NOW & repents......ball is in your hands Negan.....what you gonna do?
That is if they can afford the gas prices to be able to take them there......SO LET'S GO BRANDON!!!
This coming from a guy who still believes that Jimmy Carter was the best president of the United States & has cases of Billy Beer from the 1970's everywhere in his house.....
Why not Will Anderson for the Heisman trophy? Let's start sharing the wealth over to defense for crying out loud......He was in the running for it this year & if he has a monster year he should get it next season......He's tabbed to be the first pick in 2023 NFL draft so let's let's keep the Bama effect going & pick another Bama guy as your next Heisman; 3 Bama guys in a row!!!!
Fantasyfootballgod..... sounds like you have had too much to drink so as a leader I am cutting you off & I need you to hand me your keys to your car to save your life.... Now, aren't you glad that you have someone out watching over you when you make stupid mistakes?
You sound just like Hillary Clinton with her blame game she's playing for not being that you Hillary? Pretending to be a Georgia Bulldog fan?
To kind of taking a quote from the Nature Boy Ric Flair " To be the team, you've gotta beat the team"....."Whether you love us or hate us, learn to live with it because we're the best thing going today"........WHÃ’OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!