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That was the correct call. Dan "bad call" Fouts only looked at the part of the play in the end zone. The called 'hold' occurred before Gamble got to the end zone and the replay Fouts looked at didn't show that part of the play. That's not even counting the earlier 3rd down where they blatantly held Gamble twice on the same play. Had that been called then OSU wouldn't have punted and would've ran out the clock. There are photos online showing this and it's plain as day.
Apparently my comment is waiting for moderation due to it containing a link to SI. After the game, the referee said this: “We had a lot of good looks on it,” (referee) Williamson said. “We put it on fast motion and slow motion. The player did not complete the process of the catch, so therefore the pass was incomplete.”
The replay ref looks at slow motion so it matters. 3 steps with full control is a catch.