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Malzhan has been a great coach. We have a chance every year. Who hired Kevin steele ? Who recruited the players ? Has CGM been stubborn regarding Nix* absolutely. I'm curious to see how this pans out. My feeling is based on Bo's potential next year when we are on the road in Athens and Tuscaloosa he will have been battle tested and give us a shot to win. I don't know who is a better alternative? We are constantly getting top 10 matchups. We only lose in Gainesville and Death Valley?? Yet we should fire our coach. This has been systemic at Auburn.. Always unhappy with the coach... We have won a national championship and played for one this decade ? I realize Gus was OC in 2010. What else can you ask for as a fan ? I don't get it !
Bingo ! I am so over our fans wanting to fire Gus. It's a foolish thought process. We are starting a true freshman! The two games we lost are at arguably two of the hardest places to play in college football!
100 percent accurate ! Most don't understand the complexity of the game. Malzhan has had Auburn in a great spot. Top 10 recruiting class every year. We have not come out on top in our TWO top 10 matchups on the road ! Yet we are still the 11th ranked team in the country! If were not careful administrators will fire Gus and we could end up being Tennessee...