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I hope he keeps running his mouth about Bama's defense. The only thing he uses that mouth for more than hating on Saban is kissing and licking the asses of the brass at FOX Sports. Just go back to 2011 and hear what he had to say the entire last 45 days before Bama v. LSU in the BCS Championship. He had LSU winning by 35+. Oh wait, I forgot how he said Notre Dame's defense was the best of all time and how the Notre Dame linebacker (I can't remember his name but I do remember he had a fake girlfriend or something, shows how relevant he's been since Bama ran his ass over every other play) would hold Bama to less than 10 points in the BCS Championship the year following Bama preventing LSU to cross midfield the entire game in that BCS gsme. Bama had already scored 4 TDs on that ND defense one play into the second quarter. And it wasn't lucky big plays. It was run it right over there asses for 10-15 yards per play on 4 straight backbreaking drives. Even the ND coach threw in the towel at halftime on national TV during his on-field interview. Hey Skip, not only does Bama's defense deliver the knockout punch on the field in those games, they give them brain damage. Neither of those teams you insisted would inhialate Bama have had a relevant season since. Bama continuously beats teams on their schedule and gives them 3-4 losses. The hangover these teams get from playing Bama is uncanny. Bama beats them so bad they go into the crapper for years. Has Texas even had a winning season since getting beat in the 2009 BCS Championship?
All the SEC schools provide free entry to all home sporting events other than football. Also, just so you know TAMU isn't the only school to provide prime seating to the students. For example, the student section in The Swamp is end zone to end zone behind the visitors bench. It's so loud and rough on opposing teams they actually had to sell the visiting team the first 8 rows between the 30s because the students are so close to the bench. Classy move by UF. It's still deafening when the place is rocking. Most student sections in the SEC start on or close to the 50 on one side and wrap around the end zone. For example, Bryant Denny. The students only pay $70 for the entire season but anything in the lower level, even in the end zone, the cost is a minimum of $1750 which is face value of the tickets plus the Tide Pride donation for that seat. So Bama is giving up at least $1500 per seat for every student sitting in that end zone. The lucky ones to show up early and get the good seats, say 35 yard line, would have to pay upward of a $5000 donation to have access to those seats outside the student section. But back to my first point, Texas A&M, Florida, Kentucky, and Mizzou all place the student sections on one side of the field between the goal lines (most expensive seats). It's not just an A&M thing. And I know they aren't SEC but ND sits seniors on the 50 with the juniors outside of the seniors on down to the sophomore and freshman classes. I always thought that was a cool seating assignment. You gotta earn the 50 yard line.