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I'm so stunned I'm not sure what to do. State fans have ZERO experience beating National Champions. HAIL STATE! My respects to LSU. Down today but never out with Coach O.
We're State fans OK. We're not used to this. *Chest pains* OMG, we just beat last years national champions. My respects LSU. I means so much because we respect you guys. I need to lie down now.
Honestly, I don't think anyone wants the Mississippi State job. Coaching in the SEC West is beyond the skills of most coaches. Coaching at a school like MSU that is middle of the pack in its best years?
Watching Moorehead's teams lose games they should win or at least be competitive in was painful and frustrating. Sometimes it looked like they weren't even trying. I hope we get someone good because Moorehead was a dud. He took a loaded team and drove it right into a ditch.
One of the reasons I haven't been hitting the SDS site as much lately is it's just a love letter to Nick Sabin. There are a few other teams in the SEC. Everybody knows Ole Miss is down. Maybe you should get on the Elephants for ONLY scoring sixty against them.
However the commie-sar can manage to do it, he going to f*-over the Saints.
UCF might not be in the SEC but, we know where the best teams come from. We've got independents in the south that bring the heat.
Auburn is looking a lot like a dream job. They were hell on wheels this season.
Best defense I've seen them play in years. I guess someone will be poaching our defensive coordinator around bowl season.
Anything can happen in the SEC West. Which is why mommy drinks apparently. MS. War Eagle is hitting the tequila.
Clemson is the defending national champion... just sayin.
An NFL career doesn't last forever. With salary caps and roster limits hard decisions have to be made.
Mullen is a victim of his own success. The success of the program over the past few years has lead to the program being raided for an athletic director and numerous assistant coaches. This has added a great deal of difficulty in continuity of coaching and recruiting. Before Mullen, MS State was terrible for a long time. We like to forget those 4-7 and 3-8 seasons but we've had a great many of them. He has restored some respect and consistency in the program. That's why the problems this season stand out. The SEC West is a meat-grinder. MS State isn't one of the big rich teams that's always in the top 25. There will be years when a team in our position just doesn't have the horses to stay in the race. Stay calm, have faith that the team will be better next year and enjoy the tailgating. We've had crap years before. We'll have them again.
I'd say so. It's 5 games in and Dallas hasn't folded yet. Better than Romo by far.
State doesn't have a very good football team this year. They have serious problems on both sides of the ball. Mullins is still a good head coach- he just doesn't have the horses. Keep in mind that the teams success over the last couple of years, Mullens assistant coaches have been poached mercilessly. Give it time, it'll work out. Enjoy the tailgating but success will be limited this yea.
When you are on a team that's umpteen deep at every position, leaving might be the only way you get on the field. This way he'll be able to play next year.
It was a great pass but it wasn't the biggest one of the game.
Win the games or STFU worthless yankee turd burglar
That's the danger of being umpteen deep at every position.
On a team like Alabama, QBs stand a chance of riding the pine and never starting.
After the way Louisville rolled Florida State, they look like a playoff team.
Go ahead. Fire a winning coach from a winning program. What could go wrong? Hint: ask the Tennessee fans.
Hard to play when you are in prison for assault.
Old footbrawl wisdom: if you are playing multiple quarterbacks, you haven't got a quarterback.
This is what teams do. There are a lot of adjustments. LSU lost a very close game to a ranked team by a field goal. It's not time to panic.