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Colin CowTurd can go to hell!!! He hates Bama, so what. Nobody likes his boring @$$ talk show, he just talks smack trying to get his own lousy ratings up. If winning is boring so be it, but who cares about his opinion? ROLL TIDE 4 LIFE!
Oh Colin, the Crimson Tide's defense will rip your beloved Ohio State to pieces this year and Henry will run all over their defense just wait and see.
Woohoo, a fine! What? $100,000 fine is pocket change to these guys, set an example and kick him out of football! What happens if player has domestic violence charge outside of football? What is the difference?
Maybe one of these years after all your good recruiting classes, y'all (TN) will actually find yourselves in some games late in the 4th quarter! ROLL TIDE!
My thoughts exactly, but if they enforced a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty EVERYTIME a bell was shaken during this time frame of play it would silence the bells!!!
Oh yeah 1 more thing...I am sure the pride of your defense Shane Ray wasn't targeing either was he?
And if Auburn grads could count past 2 they could claim more than they actually have! Roll Tide 15 and counting or 13 and and counting who cares....still way more than y'all will see in your lifetime!
Not a good argument. That is like saying y'all (Ole Miss) beat us (Alabama) therefore y'all should be ranked ahead of us. If y'all had the same record you would have more of an argument, but then again look at TCU and Baylor.
You sir/ma'am are making some pretty big statements. "In no way is Alabama beating state"? I will take that bet straight up no point spread any day!
Notre Dame wanted Bama, Texas wanted Bama, etc....USC wanted Bama and they getting it in 2016 to kick off the season.....better not get us on the big stage BYU or you will regret your wish! But hey get your Athletic director to contact our athletic director and make it happen, and y'all can cry allllll the way home! ROLL TIDE! Hope to see y'all in January!