Gator til I die!

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Ahh hah... There's that dumbass part of the gators fanbase. I knew something was been missing. Bashing our players publicly. Wish there was a button we could press to send your as* to UGA. My response to the article, Trask showed patience and Jones is. The reward is worth the wait.
I think LSU has gotten some passes from the refs this year due to this location. I agree that this is all bull****.
That's what i'm talking bout. SEC will be a complete GAUNTLET again. 2021 will go to SEC. Hopefully, 2020 goes to the ACC.
That offensive line for LSU has been a problem all season. If you go back and look at film, a few defenses and team’s chances at beating LSU suffered. That should not be an undefeated team by NCAAF rules and they’ve been given a pass to the playoffs by incognizant SEC referees. Ole Miss fought hard. Good game!
Goodell needs to be hit with a helmet if Rudolph walks off from all this and suits up next game. Need to set the tone those on both ends of any future situation like this. That man chased Garrett... In the military, if you have a chance to walk away-Take it! Or else you’re just as guilty.
Florida got the worst of it on both sides of the ball. This is all strange man. If Auburn kept it that close, it’s lights out if we had a fair shot.
LSU has the been the beneficiary of those non-calls in two games IN Death Valley tho That team is a sloppy mess and looks flawless in the rankings. That O-Line is horrible according to game rules.
Missed calls is how LSU beat UF... What can you do? #Moveon