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Gotta love puppy fans. Never seen another fan base talk so much smack when they are 8-22 against a team in the last 30 games.
I find it amusing that UGA fans seem to post more often on the UF page than even Gator fans. Seems like they should be more interested in their own team. But, alas, I understand its more fun to troll your rival than seriously debate why they can't seem to get over the hump and turn their recruiting prowess into a NC.
Couldn't agree more, except I hope my Gators win!
It's refreshing to see two fan bases make valid points and not just throw shade! I think this will be a great game. As a lifelong Gator fan, I hope our offense can show up and protect the ball. LSU's offense is absolutely dynamic...and will test our defense for sure. Can't wait for Saturday night!!