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kirby hasnt put an elite qb in the NFL. Its past time. He has the talent. Stetson had a good story, but if Stetson is on Obama and bryce young is on uga the games are blowouts by extreme margins. Its time to take the final step to be able to join bama in the highest tier of programs every year, not just this one.
Jt also hurt his lat the last scrimmage of camp and had to wear a flack jacket the entire Clemson game with no receiving core and facing a top 3 defense when healthy, which they were at the time. Not to mention Jt literally slapping stetson on completion percentage, downfield accuracy, ppg when considering last year, oh and most telling, Jt absolutely murders Stetson on third-down completion percentage and conversion percentage.Critical thinking skills r important.
nothing impressive except dominating everyone the entire regular season including teams bama, who is currently the fav to win the natty, struggled greatly against auburn ark tenn etc. If you can do that, 12-0 in sec, that's pretty impressive. "Nothing impressive" uhuh ok bud.
It will still be hard for Bama or Clemson. This will be UGA best team under Kirby imo, and the last couple of times Georgia played Bama it wasn't exactly easy for the Tide