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Ever notice how someone comes along and everybody is like, "shut up and go away". Or, "your crazy dude, he is a stud". Well I've been wrong 3 times in the last 40 years, that my friends can point a finger at with our Vols. So I get to the point. 21 games, inconsistent as any ever from management to execution. But no Qb in Vol history has gotten half as many chances to succeed as JG and failed. IF, he starts and takes us through the first 3 games. You will all see this fact, he cannot understand Chaney and is way over his head. If our other 2 backups are close, a change is not only needed but badly warranted, justified. Rewind each game, each snap. Give him credit on a play even if it is close. This should not even be a discussion because it is that bad. The O&W game, the media, Vol media saw "a good and promising performance by JG. I saw him go the 1st 3 series without a positive play, 3-16 passing with 3 min to go in the half. Guessing like BJ and going through the motions. This is where the predictions are. IF, we find a scrappy manager of the O who can play head games with the D and start running it aggressively. And our DLine comes to life, finds itself with a good rotation. We can shock the world. If we stick with JG and he doesn't get a lot better like the media said he would. And the D upfront just can't handle the load 4-5 games, we will be in trouble. Regardless, I love this coach, staff and can live with any outcome and have all my life although it can hurt. Proud to be a Tennessee Vol !
The mere fact you even brought up JG, 21 games, 14 losses, 5 of his 7 wins were over UTEP, ETSU, Charlotte, Chattanooga, UMASS. Have you people lost your mind ? I m a born and raised Vol from the 60's. NO Vol Qb in school history has ever been given 21 games and lost so much, NONE ! Average athlete at best, can't read D, progress past the 2nd read on receivers, management skill, poise. TWENTY-ONE games having lost FOURTEEN games and won 7 with 5 over lesser opponents. The Orange and White game, it took him 4 series before he had a positive play (Callaway). It was with 3 min to go in the half and the starting D was making changes. Credited for a long scramble up the middle that was NOT so. DTaylor had slapped him on the hip and quit, they blew no whistle. First long pass to Callaway was covered by an unlisted Cb. Both Maurer and Shrout deserve a a chance. As for JG's experience, what has he learned ? How to not see unblocked/uncovered Defenders lined up and evidently coming, yet he never see's/feel's/becomes aware of them and gets blasted and he gets up. LOOK, the Vol Media has brainwashed you dumb football wise people. They did the same to you with BJ. I screamed for 4 years, now its evident. JG is NOT an SEC caliber Qb. He has had too many chances and failed too many times. He is right there in the Simms, Crompton, Peterman and Worley bunch and may be the worst. NO MORE opportunities until Shrout and Maurer fail. THREE games start us out, 3 very important games over lesser opponents although BYU who had a losing season last year could be dangerous. In the last 60 years of my life, NO VOL Qb has had this many chances and failed. No Excuses, the Vol OLine was not great but JG was not either. I am an old Vol who has kept up with every Qb since Bobby Scott. I have watched every single play of JG's the last 2 years over and over. HE IS NOT the answer. And if asked by the media, what should Peyton or other former Vols say ? They want to support and not contradict the program and coaches. NOW it is like the Vol Media is FORCING us to go with JG whom they have chosen (John Adams = idiot).