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Agreed… d-line is by far the biggest area of concern. He totally missed that for a whole bunch of other nonsense
Seriously does this author even know Georgia? At WR no mention of Kearis Jackson, Gilbert OR Blaylock? The “area of concern” is that Smith has been prone to injury???
This article really started with a flop. How is Georgia losing 1 DB an “area of concern”? Plus not even one mention of All American DB in Tykee Smith coming backZ Lovasea was moving back to RB anyway. So the big “concern” is that Kendrick is gone?
Except Georgia offered him a scholarship later than Alabama….
You’re like 10 years behind on the rules. Defender does not have to be set, just has to beat the man to the spot.
Haha ole miss fans are delusional. It’s no crazier than the son of a Ole Miss legend going to say…. Tennessee? Sorry if that’s too soon.
OOO this is good. By 4 or 5 you mean 2? Clearly the SB for JT Daniels swap was the right call. Soooo Justin Fields and Jacob Eason are the only other 5* QBs “replaced”
Sheesh… Florida fans have quickly changed their tune in Pitts and Toney.
Chillllll bro. Banter makes this site fun. Clearly I don’t think Stetson Bennet is the best quarterback.
Tough to call that better, let alone “significantly better”
Cool then compare stats… Trask had 2 more TD (with 37 more attempts) BUT had twice as many INTs, less yards, and a lower QBR. I’ll take Macs stat line over Trasks for my QB any day.
Are you referring to one of his ten fingers that lacks a championship ring?
I think Bama, Gators and Dawg fans can all agree that Stetson Bennet is better than both Trask and Jones though, right?
Trask was way better in 2020??? He was 4th in the heisman voting, right behind…. Mac Jones.
Stetson Bennet couldn’t average more yards per completion (15.5 yds/a) than Bryce Young (13.3 yds/a) if Georgia didn’t throw to all levels. These SDS folks are just playing into group think. Not saying Bennet could’ve put up Young level numbers, but the total yard difference between the two had more to do with Georgia putting teams away early and less to do with the offense being truly run heavy.
Cool list. Still waiting to hear how that makes Alabamas schedule/resume weak and makes Baylor, Pitt or Utah more worthy of making it than Georgia or Alabama….
How many teams in college football add more than 1 quality OOC game? Alabama played Miami, what else can you ask of them? You argued Pitt should be in the CFP a second ago… their big OOC game…. Tennessee, that’s it. Baylor added BYU. Why arent you dogging on their schedules too? Gotta love how those SEC teams Alabama rolled over are quality OOC games for the teams you want in the CFP but they are easy games for the team you’re jealous of
Baylor who beat Texas state by 9 and lost to TCU? Pitt who lost to Western Michigan? Utah who lost to Oregon State and San Diego State? Consider me one of the fools who doesn’t seem them belonging in any playoff conversation
A balanced league record proves the depth of talent, especially when the SEC dominated outside of the league I’m bowl games.
The system didn’t get drafted in the first round, the players did. It does still prove that a player can transfer and be successful. So many people here are arguing that transfer QBs are just chumps that aren’t good.
Logic is hard. Weigman and Johnson are going to be breakout players…. Because Johnson is going to have great chemistry with his brother, who won’t be playing since Weigman is the breakout player….
I think you’re projecting the old world forward. I get that I’m hypothesizing, but I think scenarios like Ewers, Gabriel and Johnson transferring earlier will become much more common. Intriguing part about these 3 is that all 3 had clear paths to playing time on our “normal schedule” (or were already solidified starters in the case of Gabriel). I bet you’ll see a lot more QBs try their hand at a top end school and then transfer out if they don’t see quick success, or if they get beat out by a guy that may have 2 years of eligibility left (a Fields Fromm scenario). I don’t agree on Rattler “bottoming out.” The media blew that narrative one out of proportion because of Williams comeback against Texas (his stats the rest of the way were pretty stinking volatile). That Oklahoma team clearly had bigger issues than just rattler. I think Rattler is still a low risk high reward player for a school like UofSC, and a much better option than what they could recruit from high school. Don’t confuse turnaround for immediate contention for a national championship. Rattler helps them tremendously even if it’s giving better teams some form of a game. I agree that QB alone can’t do it, but it is probably the hardest position to turn around quickly, unless you have somewhat of a known commodity, and high school QBs are drawn to a proven track record at QB, which otherwise may have been hard for a guy like Beamer to accomplish, without a guy with elite potential like Rattler. Not saying it will work, but I think it’s a lot more likely than if Beamer waited on one of his lower rated and inexperienced QBs to be a diamond in the rough. When Beamer sits down with a recruit and puts on the film, I guarantee it’ll be more compelling with Rattler on the tape than Zeb Noland
I don’t think the different system negates the point that there can be value in transferring. The hard part is there is no way to prove better/worse outcomes for these guys if they hypothetically didn’t transfer.
QBs shouldn’t care about playing time in college, Matt Cassel made it to the NFL without a college start!!! These Tom Brady/one off examples are completely anecdotal.
I think you missed the biggest win for all of CFB: program turn around. Coaches struggle to turn programs around when they struggle at QB. Getting “your guy” at QB can take several years (recruiting and developing). Time which most coaches aren’t given. No guarantee it works out but you have to believe Beamer stands a better chance of turning UofSC around quicker because of Rattler. Not only turning around to a winning program but to becoming an elite program. If a transfer QB performs well, a coaches sales pitch to the next 5* just got a lot easier a lot faster. I expect to see a lot more volatility with the top tier teams because of transfer QBs (even if the core stays the same).
De’Jahn Warren… not White. And sorry, but georgias secondary was “leaky” in 1 game. Not convincing me that a guy who only started in 6 games at JSU would have made a difference against Williams busting free for 2 big plays.
I'm over the Heisman. It's just an award to the player who has the ball in his hands the most for a team that runs a lot of plays. I'm not even saying Davis should win it, just hard to take an award seriously that effectively says 21 of the 24 positions are incapable of being the "Most Outstanding Player" on the field. Disrespectful to these players and the game of football.
The last 2 years are enough evidence for me. Watching Mullen in a year of success and a year of adversity, shows his lack of ability to lead. It may seem subtle but his emotional nature comes through in his players. The shoe incident and this years quitting was behavior they mirrored from their coach.