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I respect this move by both parties. Why delay the inevitable? Why fire him last minute and leave uncertainty in recruiting. Its clear Coach O loves LSU enough to leave well.
Lets not be too hard on auburns defense… their DBs are a bunch of 3 stars too
No Georgia fan is surprised by Burton, he had a heck of a year last year… Mitchell was the buzz of the off-season. Ladd is the only big surprise of the 3….
And if Jones threw 2 picks each against USF and FAU how many will he throw against Alabama? 75?
Man… you’d be hard pressed to find a dawgs fan that under appreciated those two…. Maybe the rest of the SEC but we knew what we had in those DGDs
For what it’s worth, Wheaton College (my alma mater), arguably one of the most conservative Christian colleges in America made this same choice over 20 years ago, changing their mascot from the Crusaders to the Thunder. They saw this mascot as pointing back to a time when evil was done in the name of Jesus Christ.
They phrased this entirely wrong. 247 has a better write up on the rule that explains it better. It just prevents the scenario that happened during the Alabama auburn game where auburn got an extra field goal.