Don't give a damn about the SEC. Don't even live in SEC country, but close, Louisville. Just made an account to make a couple comments.

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For real. That's what I want to figure out. If he said it with the -er at the end, then I understand kicking him out of the program. But if he said nigga, which is just a slang term people often to use to even address a friend, then why be so harsh? People don't understand that not everyone comes from the same kinda places. In Oakland, CA for example, yes I know this is Georgia, but still, white people there say "nigga" and it's accepted.
Soooo did he say "nigg3r" or "nigga" because that's kinda important? One is racist and I understand releasing him. One is just a slang term even used in a friendly manner, like addressing a friend. Also, who tf is this random woman telling us what we can't say? Is this not the United States? Do we not have the freedom to say whatever tf we want?