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Taking A&M is FREE MONEY.....why? In last 30 years, a Top-6 meeting has only happened 4 times with a line greater than 2 TD....'01 Fla -16.5 v Ten L 34-32 '96 Neb -17 v Col W 17-12 '94 Fla -17 v Aub L 36-33 '94 1 FSU -16.5 v Neb W 18-16 Alabama vs A&M would be the 5thThat said, not only did ALL of the underdogs cover, but 2 of them won outright! (and the largest margin of victory was 5 pts!)
Chalk it up as just ANOTHER excuse for why the Big XII fails to beat the SEC
How Is Ben Malena's hit on Josh Evans (which broken bones & knocked him out of the game) not on this list?!
How can you leave Brandon Williams off this list for Texas A&M?!!
How can you leave off Tra Carson & Brandon Williams in this analysis?! Two players (Scout Team MVP last year) who had to sit out a year after transferring from Oregon & OU respectively....they might pull ahead of Ben Malena & Trey Williams!