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Besides, Notre Dame is severely overrated also. If LSU played in the ACC we'd be sitting at 8-2 or 7-3.
John Emory had already wrapped his arm back around the ball when the Arkansas guy picked it up from his grasp. That's why there wasn't a clear recovery.
I think the reason why y'all didn't get the fumble recovery was because after the fumble, John Emory wrapped one arm back around the ball and then y'all's guy picked it up out of his grasp. I didn't agree with the tripping call on Arky and one of the holding calls against LSU. Both targeting calls were legit. Whether you lead with the crown of the helmet or not, you cannot hit a defenseless player in the head or neck area per ncaa rules.
Stop with the excuses! The ref blew calls on both sides. Remember the holding call? The no touchdown call. And by definition the targeting call was legit. You cannot hit a defenseless player in the head or neck area. Regardless whether he led with the crown of his helmet or not.
Lsu was down both starting corners and 2 safetys and had to play a freshman qb... Y'all should have been up by 4 TD's...
The offense looked really good when John Emery was in. When TDP was in they looked slower and not in sync.
You forget about Elias Rick's Interception? Brennan made a few mistakes but was head and shoulders above his last performance. He will get better with more reps and games. Next year will be a championship run.
Oh they all want him gone. Every SEC team wants LSU to go back to the prehistoric days. But that ain't happening. Brady is a dang good coach and brings a nfl-caliber offense with him. He Is going to start working on Myles Brannon next week.
Everyone knows you're a troll cuz nobody likes the tax man!!
Good prediction RTR. Hopefully we'll all get to bed at a decent hour! Roll Tide #GeauxTigers #GeauxToHellClemson
Taxman, y'all weren't sleepwalking. Y'all got punched in the mouth for the first time this year. It woke y'all up but y'all wouldn't have won without the help of the refs. How Can you call somebody irrational for picking LSU? This is all just a bunch of opinions. Lighten up bro
You know who else is on your little island? Wofford, North Carolina State, Syracuse, Boston College, Virginia, Charlotte, Wake Forest and Georgia tech. You keep talking about that number one defense that has padded their stats against the bottom of the barrel programs. Joe burrow would have 400 touchdowns if he played that schedule. You really need to come off that island and come back home to reality. Don't worry, we'll leave the light on for you!
Oskie, what you have against Marines? Is it because we rape kill pillage and burn? Or did one of us date your mom and treat you bad? Oh wait, I think I have her panties in a wad in my pocket
This was known. He cut off all communication after his Clemson visit. HE bragged on Instagram about flipping last week. He wanted to wait until ESD so everyone was giving him attention. We dodged a bullet with this one.
It really isn't a fail. Rakim Jarrett was scared of competition. He knew he wasn't going to play for a couple years. We truly didn't need him. We did however, need linebackers and defensive lineman, and that's exactly what we got. We filled the holes that needed to be filled. We still have room for three to five commits that we can sign on national signing day or we can add as graduate transfers. And that's with a top five class already. How many can Alabama add?
Tennessee's quarterback received death threats from his own fan base
Both teams did play their hearts out. Don't act like that wasn't a bad call against greedy Williams.
This guy is really throwing shade at the SEC. Clemson hasn't played a single ranked team but by your calculations they're far better than any team LSU has played...Puhlease! It must be nice to play in a league where you only have to get up, to play two games, round 1 and 2 of the playoffs, to get a national championship. Don't get me wrong, I know they're talented and well-coached but there's something to be said about running the gauntlet in the SEC.
Your bad... Plumlee runs a 4.3 40. So does his running back. Put that in perspective, only 11 NFL players have posted sub 4.4/40 at the NFL combine, ever. BTW, if Ohio State or Clemson put up 60 on LSU, how many do you think LSU will put up on them? 77? Joew Bureaux will not be denied.
Tua garnered a ton of respect also. Burrow is a freak. CEH left it all on the field. As he should and always does. Great game. Respect
He was just motivating players. Bonding with them. Huge win with huge emotions. Hats off to Alabama. Played your hearts out. Respect. Y'all kinda get used to winning everything but this was literally huge for us and the rest of the SEC. Don't hold a grudge against O for being extremely fired up.
504 yards is proof that nobody can stand up to your defense? And that was with LSU trying to run the clock out the entire 4th quarter. Run the ball 3 times and punt. Get a grip dude...
Oh please. LSU was without 5 starters on defense since their third game. They just got healthy and started to gel. If LSU takes the points instead of going for it on fourth down inside the red zone twice, and doesn't muff the punt at your 15 yard line, this game isn't close. It ended up being a great matchup of top 10 teams that has always been a slugfest. Nothing to be down about
Texas A&M only had three penalties of the entire 60 Minutes of Regulation and / 7 overtimes
You sir are an idiot. You said the replays were right? I say there were no reviews. You spiked the ball with an illegal formation. That's a 10-second runoff penalty. That's the end of the game right there
Wait, wasn't Tunsil in the 2013 class? This is exactly like a iceberg. We know how many admitted to being paid (on live television no less), and if I were a betting man I'd say there were a whole lot of others we can't see.