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But… if the Lone Star state wants to put a couple of Vanderbilt type wins on the schedule for the rest of us… I'm all for it.
So, it's pretty obvious neither Texas nor aTm Are ready for the big time period is it too late to kick them out of the SEC? I'm wondering, what made people in Texas think they they were ready for real football?
Hey, Sundevil, we are glad to have you, but why are u hanging out on an SEC site? Jonesing for real football?
Freakin' Mormons. They gotz to learn how to handle their liquor.
Rattler passes for 400? Is this "Bold Predictions" or "Pie in the sky fantasies"?
My not-so-bold prediction for UT-FU...UT forces AR15 to beat them with his arm, AR15 continues his slide, 4 ints, 2 fumbles, FU falls apart, UT 42-10
^^drink shooting out my nose ROFLOLOLOLOL!^^
Can you imagine Randy Moss or Terrell Owens with the portal? They both would have destroyed 3 programs b4 going pro.
Exactly. You can get talent in the portal, but you cannot get team cohesion via the portal.
I believe my eyes. So far, this season, UGa is better than Bama. That's not to say that things could not change, these are 18 - 21 year old kids after all, and fortune changes on a dime. But, so far this season… UGa is better than bama
I agree, Tim... This has rat poison written all over it. That being said, come on. This team is special. It's OK to acknowledge a bad a** as a bad a** when you see one.
Is he? I'm of the opinion he got himself intentionally fired so he could take a cushy studio gig and still get paid by FU.
I wouldn't say anything. Everything that needs to be said about him has already been said. My comment was actually directed at the vandy coach, because of course you need to know where he is at all times...of course you need to assign extra people to stop him. We have all known this for 2 years. This comment was sponsored by the redundancy department.
We got screwed in other ways on the scheduling when mizou and aTm joined. For example, we lost a home game versus Auburn, had to play back-to-back at Jordan Hare.