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Man, an untold number of items like that Georgia littered my bedroom in high school. Every time I'd to a camp for a sport, I would t-shirts, hats, etc. Not to mention things like promotional giveaways where you can also acquire items like that. I think this story is about nothing. kid just grabbed the closest towel on top of his bag before he walked onto the field. This one just happened to have "G" on it. That's all it is.
There is nothing head scratching about penn state's ranking at all. In fact, nothing could make more sense. L'il 10 understands that perception plays a very large role in these rankings, and if penn state is perceived to be a good team, that helps OS-Who and Mich.
I think its pretty clear that Beck is better. Much as I love & respect SBIV, I was always nervous. I was always just waiting for that backbreaking Pick 6 or a strip sack fumble. I dont feel that same level of nervousness. Then again, that may be a function of having 2 natties courtesy of SBIV in my back pocket. B2B natties do wonders for the ol' nerves.
Its not rocket surgery. Look at CKS when he came to UGa and did what? Turned a former home-grown walk-on QB (Fromm) to the NC. Then what did he do? Took a second former walk on quarterback and won 2 national titles. Why is Smart not recognized as the world's greatest QB-Whisperer? Kiffin takes an Uber-talented 5* Matt Corral and gets a lot of stats, hailed as a QB genius. Smart takes 2 players with a COMBINED four-stars, goes 2-1 in NC games. You think players do not notice that? How do u think we held onto Beck, VDG and Stockton? Players know at UG a, they will get developed. Even if they get less playing time than they would have somewhere else, they will be better-developed players at UGa. I can think of multiple players who would credit coach smart with making them better. I cannot think of a single player that CBN has taken and made better. In fact, the jury is pretty unanimous that he has misused and made a lot of them worse.
DISCLAIMERS: 1) I'm UGa, all the way 2) I have only seen UF play UK, UGa, and Ark That said, I have not seen the fight in the Gators that would indicate change for the better is coming. There is just no enthusiasm on that sideline. You can learn x's and o's, you can learn how to recruit... you can't learn charisma. You can't fake whether players love you. Jimbo and Beamer show you can fake it for a while...but eventually the steam runs out.
Re: Kiffin success in the portal: "story of finding gems amid the unknown" Translation: Luck
Yes, they are on track to lose 2-3 games every year. My point exactly.
I think he is a classic Richt-type, was my point. Always close, but never there. The lesson he took from going 12-0 in the Midwest to then getting the snot kicked out of him every year by a team from the South was that as long as he could coach in the South with access to the recruiting pool in the Southern states, then he could win the national championship. That was the wrong lesson. See, he forgot that even though he now has access to the very fertile recruiting grounds in Louisiana and neighboring states, every other coach in the SEC also has access to those recruiting grounds. Kelly will never win a natty anywhere.
Does Ladd McConkey have a nickname? If not, I'd like to nominate: "Ladd-iator"
I have a question for my fellow Dawgs. When our C1 is asked how to spell his last name, does he answer: "V-A-N P-R-A-N hyphen G-R-A-N-G-E-R, but the 'hyphen G-R-A-N-G-E-R' is silent" ????
If that is all it is, then Arky is in a good spot. It's a lot easier to learn how to hire good coaches than it is to learn how to be the type of coach for whom players want to fight.
Kelly has had 3 undefeated regular seasons: 2009 Cincinnatti...FU waxed them in the Sugar Bowl 2012 ND...Bama waxed them in the BCS title game (but only because Mantai Teo was mourning the death of his "girlfriend") 2018 ND...Clemson waxed them in the Cotton Bowl
This Nabers kid is the best WR I have seen since AJ Green. I did not mean to make that rhyme, Just worked out that way.
Question for all of our Cajun friends, has the sheen worn off of that bright, shiny Bryan Kelly trinket you guys bought yourselves a couple years ago? Seems like his record is remarkably consistent, always with 2 or 3 losses, regardless of the name of the team he is coaching at the time.
This seems to be putting the cart before the horse. Yes, Milroe played well...against one of the worst defenses in the SEC. So, let's just say I'm swallowing my grain of salt...now.
Much respect to Arkansas, and Coach Pittman. They have lost 6 games. And this team is still fighting for every yard for Coach Pittman. Nuf said