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As a huge UGA alum & grad and a lifelong DAWG, I can't see Coach Smart ever leaving his Dream Job at his alma mater UGA or his home state of Georgia for more challenges or $$$ in the NFL. That won't happen UNLESS or UNTIL he fails to get for UGA top 5 recruiting classes each year or is unable to hire great assistant coaches to replace assistant coaches who do leave UGA for head coaching jobs at other schools or as NFL assistant coaches. I thank Coach Saban (who is NOT a native Alabamian or former Bama player) for his revival of Bear Bryant's legend and the Bama tradition/culture for which Bama is known. He passed on to Coach Smart what he knows and also what Bear Bryant's legend and Bama fans taught him on how to excel at the highest level of college football. GO DAWGS and keep Rollin' Tide. Change is coming with further dilution of the SEC by Texas and Oklahoma and an 18 team league with no East and West divisions anymore. I agreed with South Carolina joining the SEC years ago , but not with Arkansas, Mizzou and Texas A&M. Clemson, FSU, and the U woulda been OK. But rather than Texas & OU being rescued now, I think Clemson and FSU woulda been better & truer SEC teams.
Well Paul Finebaum layed down on the grass to let UGA 10 lick, kiss and slobber all over his face. Paul's been blessed & anointed as 99.999% of the BullDawg Nation would love to be blessed. Paul's a Tennessee alum & fan. He'd prolly have have wanted Smokey to pee all over him. He faced down a lil bitty gator and he seemed to fear that lil baby swamp lizard a little lass than that baby gator feared him.
I loved seeing Stetson Bennett sporting a T-shirt that proclaimed UGA's 2 peat during the Saturday celebrations of our 2-peat. It stated "THEM DAWGS IS HELL". Rookies Brock Purdy and Skylar Thompson and Desmond Ridder did well to succeed with little experience in NFL games this year. Stet will not be a starter, but he will also succeed if his number is called on Sundays for the team that drafts him. Last year we lost 15 players to the NFL.In 2023 Carson Beck, Brock Vandagriff or Gunner Stockton will be our QB. All were highly recruited, not walk-ons like Stet. All 3 QBs and all UGA players who will return in 2023 will have bought into the UGA culture/Kirby way. It is that all players must compete with all their teammates to the best of their ability daily in practice/attitude to attain the privilege to be starting and integral players for the DAWGS. Justin Fields didn't want to work harder than Jake Fromm. If he had done so, UGA might now have 3 of the last 5 National Championships. This year we're losing 5 or 6 offensive players and 6-7 defensive players. That will be 2 less than 15 players who went pro last year.Kirby learned from Coach Saban that once you reach the top of the heap, you never rebuild, you just reload. That's what he and his coaches began doing for 4-5 years. I get pissed off when UGA is called "the New Alabama" Our University, our State of Georgia and our Bulldawg Nation is the "NEW GEORGIA". I've always respected Bama's titles & tradition since I was a kid in the Bear Bryant era thru his & Gene Stallings and Nick Saban's achievements at Bama. Georgia fans don't hayt Bama. We aspire to be the University of Georgia. WE will keep chopping wood and finishing the drill until we surpass Bama and all other SEC teams. DAWGS have been dominated by Bama in the past, but never again. GO DAWGS !!
I'm 69 years old and a UGA alum/grad,Class of '75. Georgia born and raised and an eternal DAWGS,FALCONS,BRAVES and HAWKS fan. I was in the upper nosebleed seats @ the Nawlins SuperDome to see my Herschel-led DAWGS win it all in '80. I was watching on TV,but not present in '95 and '21 when my ATL Bravos won it all. I saw on TV my ATL Falcons lose 2 SuperBowl games. I've gloried in watching my beloved DAWGS 2-peat as 4 time college football CHAMPIONS. I may live to see my Falcons win a SuperBowl,but I doubt my ATL Hawks will ever win an NBA Title in my lifetime. IDRGAF where my DAWGS or other SEC teams or my Falcons, Braves or Hawks are ranked for 2023-24. I'm takin' everything as it comes (my Jerry Jeff Walker theme every year)
Kirby and his coaching staff seek kids with talent,academic desire and CHARACTER who are willing to work hard to become men and NFL players by competing against their brother DAWGS teammates and earning their playing time. Other schools tell kids they'll start immediately and have their positions handed to them. Look at the rosters. For every blue chip GA high school prospect who goes to Bama or Florida or Clemson or Auburn, Kirby gets three or more bluechips or 4 stars from Florida, South Carolina and Alabama. That's on top of getting the majority of elite talent, intelligence and character from GA high schools. Saban will retire soon. Alabama football faded into mediocrity for 11 years after Stallings left. Even if Dabo or Billy Napier replaces Saban, the same thing will happen again. Kirby will be at Georgia and surpass Saban until he's Saban's age. The pendulum has swung. GO DAWGS !!
This time, please Dan Lanning, don't blitz 1 or 2 linebackers on every passing down ! We telegraphed to Wilson who was coming and where they were coming from. Let'em drop back into coverage as we did all season. Let our front 4 do their jobs pressuring and use the backers sparingly for edge pressure and blitzes. We saw how brilliantly Bryce Wilson read our defense. Wilson will make mistakes on his own if we give him time to think about it when our linebackers are helping smother their receivers on short and medium routes. Our secondary will have less pressure and will make the deep plays as they did all year long !
Please gators! Hire gator weenie Cris Collinsworth as HC and let him bring Al Michaels along as the gator announcer. I bet NBC would pay UF to get them outta the broadcast booth. Hell, I'd kick in a few dollars myself. Forget Kiffin...he's going to Miami. I bet Sark or Franklin or Riley or Coach O or Scott Frost could be lured to Gainesville. GO DAWGS !!
I may've already posted this on a different thread. But Bama has been the epitome and gold standard of executing on O and D from start to finish. Bama's opponents,including my UGA DAWGS have doubted and have been intimidated by knowing their teams must play a flawless game to be the man that beats the man (as Ric Flair famously said). It's not that way now. Bama has naked+obvious and exploitable flaws on O and D this year. They don't inspire fear or intimidate teams as in the past. It's the man Nick Saban who's gonna have to win out and then beat the NEW man Kirby Smart TWICE to be the man again.
The DAWG NATION and our DAWGS coaches and teams have never feared Bama. But we've all been aware and respectful of Bama's tradition and ingrained relentless execution on O and D. Coach Saban and his staff have been the BEST for many years in coaching and getting that kind of execution on both sides of the football. The pressure on our teams and on DAWGS fans was in believing we'd HAVE to play flawless football in order to beat the Tide. We all had doubts we could do it. That slight doubt and lack of confidence hurt us and we were not relentless. This year chinks have appeared in Bama's execution on O and D. Georgia has a few kinks & chinks on offense right now, but our defense has been near flawless. Coach Smart and his staff are now the BEST. They got LS Who, Arkansas and Auburn left to play. AU has Tex A&M, Miss. State and Carolina. DAWGS are in the SEC title clubhouse. It's Bama doing the doubting now and Auburn they fear. G-DAWG
I've said it b4. Dan Mullen, you are no Steve Spurrier no matter how hard you try to emulate him. You're both in the same category of unsportsmanlike, classless loudmouth a-hole head coaches. But gator fans loved him. They hayt you for trying to be Spurrier 2.0 and for your epic fail in bringing UF back to Spurrier 1.0 levels. Despite his success at UF, gator fans never got used to "Corch Ervin Myers" because he wasn't as cocky and sh*t-stirring as Spurrier 1.0. The bad-spirited good karma that went around UF successfully in the Spurrier era has come back around to UF as 5-fold unsuccessful bad karma now ! GO DAWGS !!