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Things like this are what make the SEC great in general. The rivalries between pretty much every school, and all around togetherness of the conference.
Dream scenario 6: functioning offense Seriously, if the offense even a shows signs of consistency and efficiency, at least it’ll be FUN to watch again. Fingers crossed hard, go gators!
Hopefully Georgia can make it through without injuries, but they seem to injure themselves fishing lol. But in all seriousness, Georgia has a lot to look forward to this coming year. Funny how some of their disaster scenarios involve situations we’d be lucky to have, like a tie breaker for the east. Must be nice to have a functioning offense to watch!
I like to think it’s the years of average teams, the credit card fiasco and new coaching. He did decently in holding over the 2018 class, but I wouldn’t expect big recruiting jumps until 2020 or later if they start doing better.
Georgia is on some kind of recruiting roll here. Wouldn’t surprise me if they roll to another #1 class again
Funny because I thought it was mostly a thing that happened with UF, but I guess every school has some essence of this too.