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Hilarious. Sure, the SEC is the best conference, but FSU is the best team FYI--N.D. was a TERRIBLE team that barely stumbled through an easy schedule. Bama could have won that game by 50 if they didn't let up. Don't compare them to the team that destroyed Clemson (who played even with Georgia who played even with Auburn). Scoreboard.
28 points is not unstoppable. By playing nine in the box hey slowed them enough to win (if their kicker didn't miss three field goals). Again, FSU is going to score more than 28 points on Auburn's D AND they will be able to put 10 or 11 in the box.
***Before you rip me--I HATE BAMA and Mr. Whiner (Saben) 1) "Auburn's offense cannot be stopped" People are drunk off the Missouri game. Auburn was slowed by Bama (and out gained by 100 yards). 28 points will not cut it vs. FSU 2) And that was with Bama playing 2-Deep the whole game to protect their horrible corners (the same ones who were exposed in that glorious Sugar Bowl). FSU will bring one or both safeties down. 3) FSU has better players --the actually have a great defense. 4) They have an advantage at the most important position on the field--QB 5) Sure FSU played a weak schedule but they won by an average of 42. The Noles aren't a weak N.D. or OSU team that limps by against weak teams. Georgia lost nail bitters to Clemson and Auburn--and we know what FSU did to Clemson.